What super power would I want? Heart surgeon…sort of.

If you were given a chance to be a superhero…what power would you want and why?

This was a writing prompt from WOW.

I read on AARYA‘s site about wanting to be a certain superhero. Check it out!

But that reminded me of a question I was asked by another blogger about what power would I want and so here it is.

Grinch Head

I would want the ability to turn the hearts of people from the dark to the light, from bad to good.


For understanding, peace, love, and shared humanity.

I’m sorry it’s no longer than this, but that’s pretty much it.

Much Love and Respect



© Copyright-All rights reserved-RonovanWrites.wordpress.com-May 12, 2014.


11 thoughts on “What super power would I want? Heart surgeon…sort of.

  1. Dang!
    You chose my superhero.
    I never even had a chance.

    Maybe I could be someone who sees a psychopath coming in time to warn others.
    Whaddaya think?

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  2. Hi Ronovan! That would be an incredible power and one that would put all other superheroes out of business. You’re a great guy. Here I was thinking that I would love to have a combination of Superman and Mystic’s powers! Ha,ha! Awesome. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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