Is it in your head or in your . . . What’s up with Sex?

Go check out my insanity on Florence’s Blog! Yes, the one that writes in our weekly Haiku Challenge.


My name is Ronovan and how did I get here and get talked into this subject? Florence gets a little busy in her world and she looks to me and says, “Hey, want to do a guest blog for me?”

“Sure, what do you want me to talk about?” I ask all innocently thinking it would be a poem or something. You know, trusting my friend Florence would go with my strengths. Nope.Man_Worried_Face_Reference_by_ahtibat_stock

“How about . . . is virtual sex comparable to physical sex and you can run with it however you like?”

There went my agree first ask later policy. You know I help out when people get busy with life and can’t do their Blog World the way they would like. So here I am talking about . .  .

Virtual Sex versus Physical Sex: Which one is more fulfilling?

I actually searched to see…

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