#BloggersForRaifBadawi #BloggersForFreedom begins now.

I don’t know how to start a Hashtag Trend. But I am going to start a Hashtag or two and see what happens. I am really upset about the cruel treatment of the Saudi Arabian blogger Raif Badawi. I wrote about in my Sunday Thought, 50 Lashes Against Freedom. Read it and see. I am too angry to write coherently right now about it again. Links to what is going on to him are there as well.

The hashtags I want to use are #BloggersForRaifBadawi and #BloggersForFreedom I don’t know if either will catch on but I am going to begin using them every day in some way. Join me if you like. You don’t have to but this is the only way I knew to really let people know what I want to do. Seriously, you do not have to join in and I will not think any less of any of my friends for not doing it. It’s just something I feel convicted to do.

bloggers for raif badawi




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13 thoughts on “#BloggersForRaifBadawi #BloggersForFreedom begins now.

  1. I don’t think much of “point and click activism” and have even made fun of it on my own blog. But since I respect Ronovan and place value in what he says, I will go along with this.

    When US Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmoressi was jailed in Mexico on baloney charges, I wrote several blog articles about him and started an email/letter writing campaign to pressure the Mexican ambassador to the US to intervene. I don’t know how much my personal effort mattered, but Tahmoressi was eventually freed relatively unharmed and sent back to the USA.

    If there is a government official, judge, prosecutor, or whoever, we can appeal for help for Raif Badawi, then that info needs to get out on the internet as well. Trading hashtags and nice thoughts between ourselves on Twitter is ok for what it is, but in the end you have to reach out to someone who has the authority to make something happen.

    My blog is at http://www.twentyfirstsummer.com

    Peace be with you!


  2. This is a good idea — thinking about this case makes my blood boil. I’d support it from a human rights and freedom of speech standpoint. Terrible stuff — a heck of a torture this man is enduring.


  3. I will re-tweet them all. As for writing articles on the matter…. there was a piece i did two weeks ago that fits this subject matter. Will tweet with that hashtag. Serious it is horrendous. Will see if I can’t get a few more people to join in the cause?


  4. Reblogged this on Serins Sphere and commented:
    Dear Bloggers, Dear Friends. Too long have we remained silent. It is thus we need to start a new trend. Stop Oppression! Stop injustice against religious freedoms! Stop oppression against freedom of speech! We are the voices! Together we can make a change. Hashtag #BloggersForFreedom lets speak up. My own article to follow soonest on this subject matter. As anyone who has read my blog knows I don’t tolerate oppression of any kind. Let’s make a change. You and Me, we can make a difference.


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