RonovanWrites Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge #37 Foul & Sweet

I don’t Reblog every entry that comes along but I thought y’all would enjoy this one, especially soccer fans.



that was uncalled for
Belgian kung fu kick to face
foul! that wasn’t sweet!


he tried to be sweet
hit himself with other’s arm
foul and trying hard!


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Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge 37 – Foul & Sweet

I am sOOOOoooooOOoo happy to have Ritu join in. So much support in visiting my blog. Make sure to go and give a big welcome and click like. I am truly, truly happy.

But I Smile Anyway...

Well, I thought I’d give the Haiku challenge by Ronovan Writes a go!

Haiku Challenge Haiku Challenge

With your smile, so sweet,

You manage to cover up

Thoughts so foul, behind…

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Episode 243 : Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge ‘Foul’ & ‘Sweet’

Thanks to Hugh we have a new lady joining this week and she nailed it perfect the first time out. Awesome! Go and say hello and like her Haiku on her site!

Edwina's Episodes

After a lovely conversation with Hugh last night, he mentioned that he participated in Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge and encouraged me to have a go. Now I know what a Haiku is, kind of, but have never, ever had a go at writing one. However, I normally like to have a go at something new, so am happy to try my hand at a Haiku!

The ‘prompt words’ are ‘foul’ and ‘sweet’

His breath was so foul

after eating some garlic

He wanted a sweet.

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My Blogging from AtoZ Challenge Theme Reveal.

a to ze blogging challenge image

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The Annual Blogging from A to Z Challenge. What was I thinking? Me? Confined to a set schedule and theme? Me joining with over 1000 other Bloggers around the world, sharing our posts and blogs?

Would it be poetry, the most likely choice of all for RonovanWrites? Would I do a poetry theme where I had the titles all begin with a certain letter, or each line begin with that letter? Could I do something like that? Well of course I could.

Nah, too easy, right? Although, thinking about it, hmm. Maybe I could do two A to Z Challenges? Do you guys think I could handle two at one time?

For now my idea is to share creators of a type from around the world. We get so caught up in our own little worlds that we forget there are creators out there from places we may never have even heard of.

I wanted to do something different and completely fun for me but also informative and revealing. Something that would be just a joy to research, get into, and just geek out on. Imagine it, from A to Z of creators of Awesomeness. The most Super creators ever. Awesome. And then that poetry idea I have in mind. Hmm.

Not enough of a reveal? I think it’s all here. Hints, clues. I wonder if I need to draw a picture? Hmm.

Want to see all the Blogs involved? A list I mean. Click the link below.

Two at the same time? Can I do it?

We’ll see. ‘Nuff Said.

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RonovanWrites Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge #37 Foul&Sweet

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haiku title image

Challenge 37

Welcome to another Haikuventure.

I’ve been seeing some mention of not knowing the structure of Haiku. If you are such a person, please scroll down the post until you see the section that I have given the color red this week. It has not been that color in the past, but the section has been there none the less. In that section is a link to an article titled How to write a Haiku Poem in English Form. Oh, what they hey,  click here for the article.

Now to get the party started.

Welcome everyone to the Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge. You may have found your way here through The Daily Post pages, the WordPress Reader, Twitter, Google+, or however you found us, we’re glad you came. I’m not just saying that. After you have been with us for a time you will realize we aren’t just a place to share a three line poem. We are a community of friends here. That doesn’t mean you have to talk to us. Just visit the various Haiku and click Like if you actually like something.

I created this challenge to have a place for people to share and gain a little exposure to other readers they might not have otherwise. We all have different people who visit our blogs.

Provide your Twitter Handle if you have one. I usually can get it from sharing your Haiku through your Twitter sharing button. If you have a Twitter and don’t  have it linked to your account don’t worry you can still have the share option work with the handle. If you are reading this if you include the word happy in your post somewhere, not necessarily in the haiku, I will reblog your haiku post to my blog and then my readers might visit you that way as well, but don’t be obvious about it. This is a little game I’ve started. Click here to find out how to have your Twitter Handle show up in your share option. You know. I have a how-to article for just about everything. If not? Ask and I’ll write one. Also it is helpful if you have Google+ to follow me there by clicking here so I can include you on the Weekly Review when I post it there.

 Foul & Sweet

Another week where you can guess where the words came from if you wish to. I know. Lucky me, right?

My Example

A foul Remembrance,

Are you with each word written,

Forming a sweet ode?

A foul remembrance are you with each word written.

Are you, with each word written, forming a sweet heart?

So you’ve written the  Haiku and you’ve created the post. Now what?

  1. You can put a the link of this post in your post and it should, I say should, do a ping back to this post and I and others should see it.
  2. I recommend as well for you to copy the link of your post once it has been published in the comments of this post. That’s a guarantee for it to be seen and I will be certain to include it in the Weekly Review.
  3. Visit other people’s Haiku.
  4. The deadline is Sunday by Noon EST. That’s New York City time.
  5. Shortly after Noon EST the Weekly Review with the names of each blogger, their site names, the name of their Haiku and a link to that Haiku will be published, along with my thoughts, and the Twitter Handle of each person.
  6. The Weekly Review is then Tweeted. The ‘Choices’ are tweeted with the first Tweet. I then continue to tweet the post until every person’s twitter handle has been mentioned.
  7. I also Post the Weekly Review on Google+ with the Twitter Handles and if I am your friend on Google+ I include you there as well.

What’s a Ping Back?

A ping back is when you place the URL from the address bar of this post into the post you write your Haiku on. It will look something like this,

You also have to make certain the link is actually in there by clicking on the add link button which is next to the right alignment button for WordPress. To me the add link button kind of looks like a diagonal paper clip. It’s the fifth from the right in the WordPress post editor. Click here to find out how.

For a full refresher or How to write Haiku in English click here. But you can use whatever Haiku style you want to. As long as you, do a Haiku.

For Tips and Guidelines refreshers click here.

 DEADLINE: Noon on Sunday New York Time.


There are TWO “CHOICE!” recipients each week. One for Humor and one for something more Serious. The Haiku are quite good each week and I am having to turn to the structure guidelines of a Haiku at times to help determine my selection.

Really each Haiku is a choice of mine, and I’m not just saying that, so I feel a bit odd even having something called A RONOVAN’S CHOICE, but hey, it’s a thing, right? And it does make it kind of fun.

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