The Saint to the Honeymooners to Northguard. Quebec gives birth to creators.

Qatar is not the place to really go looking from Graphic Literature in the vein in which I am interested in at this time. I therefore headed to Quebec. I thought about provinces in China, but I thought a little closer to home would be easier. Have I ever told you how foolish my ideas can be?

Did I tell you I tried creators from Queens, New York? Not so easy either.

Canada went through some interesting things during WWII much like other parts of the world. Oddly US books were banned from being imported for economic reasons, but could be reprinted. This allowed for a  Golden Age of comic books in Canada. Canada also went through the 1950s censorship issues much as the rest of the various Western Hemisphere.

Golden Roy

I want to start today with a man named Joseph Michel Roy (1921-1996), better known as Mike Roy or Michael Roy. Researching about artists born in Quebec had been tough until the wee hours and I found this man. And did I find a creator or what?

Born in Quebec he headed south where he ended up in New York at the School of Industrial Art, also known as the High School of Art and Design. For those outside of the United States, think ages 14 or 15 up to around 18. The school produced several comic artists from this time period. During Roy’s particular time he was the first to get the break.1

In 1940, while still in school, Roy writes, pencils (draws), and inks the short story Tigerman2 in the comic book Daring Mystery Comics3.  Daring Mystery Comics was produced by Timely Comics, the predecessor to Marvel Comics.4

The only image of Tigerman I could find. May or may not be Mike Roy’s.
Daring Mystery Comics #6









According to a high school friend of Roy’s, another Timely Comics artist Allen Bellman, he recalls Roy working on a Sub Mariner comic will still in high school, although it is not mentioned in a list of his works. The incident sticks in Bellman’s mind because Roy was then a big shot and hero because he had actually done what they all wanted to do.5 One thing to keep in mind is, Roy went to work for Bill Everett as his assistant and that may be why we don’t see Roy’s name on work for that particular issue. Or it could be that issue has slipped through the cracks.6


Roy did a lot of Timely books, Captain America #60 being of course being of interest to me where he had the lead story. But there were later books I found insanely amazing to find he worked on. Jackie Gleason and the Honeymooners from the 1950s. The Twilight Zone from the 1960s.  Buck Rogers and the 25th Century in 1980.

gleasonAll of these are interesting and great but then we have a few things where Roy stands out.

Mike Roy’s Comic Strips

Roy has a tie to one of the most famous detectives in literary fiction, Mike Hammer. No, you won’t see Roy given credit for Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer, but you will find his name with the comic Mike Danger in 1947, the first go round of Mike Hammer. It failed and Spillane, in three weeks, turned out I, the Jury.7

Crime Busters story.


We then find Roy on The Saint comic strip which began it’s run on Septemeber 27, 1948, written by Leslie Charteris. Yes, The Saint as in Simon Templar with George Sanders in the old movies and Roger Moore in the TV series.8

Saint Comic-Strip 1948[6]

Then we see him once again, in the detective genre with the Nero Wolfe comic strip from 1956 to 1958.9

Nero Wolfe 19570415-17

Mike Roy’s Native American Interests

Mike Roy was very interested in Native American culture. His strip Akwas from the 1960s showed this. It was set historically pre Columbus. He attempted to keep the strip in print by giving her super powers toward the end but it didn’t save it.10


Screaming Eagle, a graphic novel was Roy’s final work, published in 1998 after his passing.

“SCREAMING EAGLE tells a mythical version of Native history—from the early pioneering days to the end of the Indian wars. Not coincidentally, that period coincides with the life of the story’s fictional hero.

At the onset, white trappers shoot a bald eagle, then the boy Screaming Eagle. The eagle’s and boy’s spirits merge and Screaming Eagle comes back to life. He now has the power to turn into his namesake guardian spirit.

Screaming Eagle becomes the focal point for this simplified version of events. He’s there to counsel people in war and peace. He’s the embodiment of all the great Indian leaders, from Tecumseh to Geronimo.”~Robert Schmidt.11


Mike Roy also co-founded a museum of Native American and Eskimo art.


To end I will mention a creative duo specifically for Canadian Graphic Literature. writer Mark Shainblum and artist Gabriel Morrissette.  They are at least close to today but their work on specifically and obviously Canadian superheros is why I want to mention them.

The two created Northguard, an almost accidental hero in the fact he was really just doing his job and ended up being a costumed hero. The book was a serious effort during the 1980s to have home grown superhero comics with heroes having Canadian identity throughout, not just in name only. He also had a partner called Fleur de Lys from the emblem on the Quebec flag. The two appeared on Canadian postage stamps.12










There are successful Canadian comics but rare. With the amount of American comics and with a population that cannot support so many comics it’s difficult to create and maintain a publishing system. There are efforts and I may talk about them another time. But that’ all for today.
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Click the link below to learn about comics in the Philippines. Did WWII help or hinder their comic book culture? How about the rule of Marcos?

Can a part of Filipino culture come back to life?

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8 The Roger Moore Handbook-Everything you need to know about Roger Moore. By Emily Smith Page 418. Tebbo Publishing Feb. 28th 2013

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”Not Every Man is Threatened by the Rise of Sassy Women’ : A Young Woman’s Perspective

akriti-mattuWelcome a new author here on Ronovan Writes. Hope you enjoy these looks into the world by a highly intelligent, business minded young woman from India who is striking out to make a name for herself in a new country. Her’s the first article here on Ronovan Writes by Akriti Mattu. For her personal blog, click here.

Diverse Creations

An Indian woman is one of the most diverse creations of God. Endowed richly with diversity and culture, the 29 states of India have women that vary greatly from one. However, one thing that is common to women across cultures, religions, and ethnicities is the shifting power dynamics of the man – woman relationship in contemporary India.

In the last two decades, India has witnessed a massive leap in science and technology. As with many societies with such advancements, people have become more aware of themselves as individuals and of their rights. With this new awareness has come a gradual change in Indian society itself. This gradual remodeling and restructuring is having a huge impact on the average Indian citizen, especially young women and men from my generation.

The Modern Woman

A modern Indian woman can be liberal and sassy. She’s not afraid of being herself anymore. Being aware of her identity as an individual, she does not want that identity to be masked by roles of a mother, a daughter and a wife alone. She wants to be known in the world for who she is. Her true self is what matters now. Good thing is many Indian men are not lagging behind the times.

Parents are becoming increasingly supportive of educating their daughters and making them at par with their sons. They are realizing the importance of education and financial independence of women. The literacy rate in India has shot up to 74.04 % from 64.84 %. For women it is 65.46 %, as compared to 53.67% previously.

The Fear

However, as women are becoming increasingly independent and conscious of their rights, there are some people who are not responding well to this transformation. There is a section of men who feel threatened by successful, educated and well aware women. They even go to the extreme extent of claiming they feel emasculated in the presence of powerful women. A powerful woman by their definition is any woman who is independent, educated and hence successful. They are conservative in the context of not liking women to be given any freedom or liberty. I call such men threatened.

For hundreds of years when women were subjugated and denied even basic rights, men like these were in their comfort zone. They were at the top of an imaginary pyramid with the excellent support system provided by the woman at the base.

But now? The pyramid has inverted with the base at the top and the peak, with the man, at the bottom. Therefore this reversal is seen by some as a dangerous trend. Not only do they feel vulnerable, they don’t like other men endorsing this change.

At one hand where we see a rise of a new India with women earning well and advancing in their careers, topping entrance examinations, making it to top positions of private companies, public sector units, bureaucracy, defense services, aviation, technology etc., at the other hand we see a dark reality that cannot be ignored; the reality of trepidation and fear is still being instilled across quarters.

I’d like to point out this gap in India does not really lie between the rural and urban India but with the mentality – Archaic versus Modern. While there are people in rural India who are well aware of the gradual change, there are literate people in cities which shame us. No wonder it is said that literacy and education are different concepts. They are not mutually inclusive.


A short but powerful documentary was recently made by a British film maker – Leslee Udwin, and was aired on the BBC. It is a re-enactment of the brutal gang rape of a 23 year old girl whom India calls ‘Nirbhaya’ (It is the Hindi word for fearless). This brutal gang rape happened on the 16th December, 2012 in the heart of the Indian Capital – New Delhi. This young girl, Nirbhaya is representative of the contemporary Indian woman. In fact she epitomizes the changing ‘power dynamic’, I wrote about before.

As a young girl of 23, like many other young women, Nirbhaya had high hopes and aspirations. She wanted to make an impact on the world around her. She wanted to contribute her bit to society and be a part of the ‘changing India’. She did make an impact and she did contribute to change – After her death.

The innocent young woman was so brutally gang raped she succumbed to internal injuries and died. The perpetrators were such predators they even took out her intestines. This incident shocked the nation and men and women across India came to the streets. Candle light marches were held. Protests were made. Pain was felt. Empathy was spread. People across castes, class, creed, age groups, professions and gender came as one. Nirbhaya united India.

Men across quarters fought for the spirit of the brave woman who died and for the women across the country. Nobody asked these men to fight for women’s safety. They did it on their own. This is one of the biggest signs of seeing an evolved male mentality. It was a proud moment. Not only did men become a part of the protests, they took a vow to not even eve-tease women for the sake of fun.

The brutality of the sexual assault on Nirbhaya made men cringe and bow down their heads in shame as men. They wanted to prove that, “all men are not the same” and they did. This is just one recent incident but there are many others. Every time a case of sexual violence, female foeticide, dowry death, honour killing comes to the fore, the modern Indian man extends full support to their female counterparts. It makes them feel sick that society treats women unjustly. Men like these are secure men. They don’t feel emasculated in the presence of powerful, liberated women. Instead, they take pride of having such women around as role models.

The Hurdles

However in spite of men like these, the ‘dark reality’ will do whatever it takes to hold back the women in their lives. They have an outmoded mentality, where the mere thought of a free woman is seen as a threat, a danger.

These are the kinds of men which take resorts like throwing acids on women when they turn down their proposals or indulging in sexual crimes to shame a woman, as a way of revenge for being free. They are the kinds of men who force their spouses to abort female fetuses in the womb itself. The mere existence of a girl child is undesirable to them. It is because of men like these that some places in India are now facing skewed sex ratios. Saddest part is that these men are ‘educated’ men. They consist of lawyers, bureaucrats, technocrats, even teachers and doctors. This is the section of society I personally despise.

I have always been a free spirit, therefore when I see people with such dogmatic attitudes; it comes across as an alien concept. Women must stand up against such rigid attitudes. They must start the process of empowerment within and most importantly, make ties in solidarity with other women who suffer. Only then can India rise and shine, and live up to the dream of being a progressive nation in the true sense.








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First one in! Sue Vincent. Remember she has a brand new book on Amazon. Oh and a Haiku for the challenge. I get excited about new books by our Haiku Family members!!!!!

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

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RonovanWrites Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge #41 Want&Tatters

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Challenge 41

ronovan writes without pants comic strip

Welcome to Haiku Fu.

Yes, it’s on like Diddy Kong. The battle to the finish. Who will remain standing as we Haiku Fu you? Everybody was Haiku Fu Fighting. Who will be fast as lightning and be the first to post and be reblogged here on RonovanWrites?

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As the love I have for her is new each morning.

Welcome everyone to the Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge. You may have found your way here through The Daily Post pages, the WordPress Reader, Twitter, Google+, or however you found us, we’re glad you came. I’m not just saying that. After you have been with us for a time you will realize we aren’t just a place to share a three line poem. We are a community of friends here. That doesn’t mean you have to talk to us. Just visit the various Haiku and click Like if you actually like something.

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Want & Tatters

My Example

This hunger in me wants,

A fine meal of you to devour,

Tattered tacos yum.

This hunger in me wants a fine meal of you to devour.

A fine meal of you to devour, tattered tacos yum.

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There are TWO “CHOICE!” recipients each week. One for Humor and one for something more Serious. The Haiku are quite good each week and I am having to turn to the structure guidelines of a Haiku at times to help determine my selection.

Really each Haiku is a choice of mine, and I’m not just saying that, so I feel a bit odd even having something called A RONOVAN’S CHOICE, but hey, it’s a thing, right? And it does make it kind of fun.

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Without Pants-Tattered Tacos by @RonovanWrites.

ronovan writes without pants cartoon


Welcome to the first published Without Pants comic strip by me, Ronovan. Yes, creator and all. A comic strip created almost 20 years ago or more, and I’m finally going to do something with it here. And yes, that is a Haiku.

More to come.



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RonovanWrites Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge 40 Review


Week #40 Haiku Challenge Review of the Words New & Time

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New This Week

rose-KRose of Bohemian Nerd: “I’m a practicing bibliophile who seeks refuge among dusty paper magic and the Dewey Decimal System. I’m an inspiration pack-rat always looking for my next “information high.” I lust for linguistics and daydream about the likes of Susan Sontag, Philip K. Dick, Neil Young and Aerosmith.”~From the About page. The Haiku: Teacher or Student. Hmm, interesting, interesting. Could be read as one whole sentence or two. Hmm. As fro the photo here. I had a few to pick from but this one was just awesome.

cjSo many names to use. Miss O-CD, Geeker, Noisy Dancer. Maybe she’ll tell us what to use. But her blog is Dancing Echoes: Beats Stumbling Around in Silence. “I am a scientist by trade and artist by soul. My creative outlet used to be dancing but due to injuries and age, I must now find another path. I am hoping my writing, poetry and photography can be this new path. Picture straightener.”~Her About Page, Her Twitter. Possible tattoo on her foot says O-CD Rules, it does, I say it DOES!  Yes, I’ve been at this for hours now and I think I am a little slap happy. On to the Haiku: Empty Nest. Mix of the use of life and nature. Cool. Liked it.  


First to Enter this Week:

edwinaEdwina of Edwina’s Episodes: A New Spring Outfit. Staying with nature. And staying with her theme of, well her theme of entertainment. I’ll put it that way.


Ruth of Mad Meandering Me: Hangover…  Yeah, it’s about someone else. Mhmm.

Mira of They, You And Me and To Wear a Rainbow blogs:  Your Beauty. Very much seems to have played off of my image Haiku. Liked it. Then she gave us another from her They, You And Me blog, Forget Me Not@BediMona

Sandra of Wild Daffodil: Emotion. You have to go see. It’s never just a Haiku when you visit Sandra. Photography, now with Friends and a story to go along with it. I enjoy those. You get a piece of life along with a pinch of it you get from a Haiku. I love having her in the Haiku Family. Yes, I as going to say Haikumily.

Meredith & Martha of Meredith’s Musings Antiques and Son from Meredith then Golf and Friends from Martha. Good ones again. I liked Meredith’s Antiques. And we see where Martha’s passion lies.  @Meredithlbl

Ritu of But I Smile Anyway…:  Beauty Queen and Standing Still. We have two. One a commentary I do believe and the other a thinky piece. She has two minds I think. And who does not love her Twitter Handle? I mean, seriously.

Sacha Black of Sacha Black: New Bum. Um, I’m not sure if this is a self help tip or what. If anyone tries it, let me know if it works.

SW ysobel of Spunky WayfarerWho? Yes? What? No, Who.. Who is right but you have to go and read to find out what I am talking about. Well, we were told there might be a second one. A Vegas Love Story. Ha. And so many did not go and read this one. I am ashamed. Tsk Tsk. @SpunkyWayfarer

Elizabeth of Tea & Paper: Spring powerCan you tell what part of the world some people are in by what they right? @TeandPaper

Rachael Ritchey of Writing Rachael Ritchey: Before It’s Too Late. I like this one a lot. MUST READ. Remember to check out her book The Beauty Thief is available on Amazon with great reviews.  

Greg of Potholes in the Road of Life: Springtime. Greg gone Nature. I think he and Elizabeth were on the same page.  @greg_wolford 

clickerwriter of Captured by Aishwarya: Cure for the pain. Do you agree? Do you not agree? Go find out what you are agreeing to or not agreeing to.

Felicity of The Dark Night Chronicles: Brutalized Blossoms. She went high tech this week. She put her Haiku on an image. From the likes, people like it. Felicity is also one of our Authors. You can get her book Erotic Passages at Amazon by clicking here.

Khor Hui Min of Project Prose:  You got to move it, move it. Image and Haiku go perfectly together. The one makes the other work and makes you want to well, move it move it. @MinKhor

Nato of Chasing Life and Finding Dreams –  Longing for Love. Tsk tsk tsk. You keep looking in the wrong places. Do I have o draw a map? Geesh. 😛 And don’t forget that Michelle also has something else other than great writing talent going for her. Visit Michelle Lunato Photography. @MichelleLunato

Daleen of My Grandfather was an Undertaker: Clock Face. Hmm. Giving a somewhat inanimate object human characteristics. Interesting. Nice.

Serins of Serins Sphere: Has Been. Sometimes you get a message that may not be the message but that’s what I got. Maybe I’m past my prime and need to be silent. @SerinsSphere

Geoff Le Pard of TanGentalTimes and Tides. Two this week. I definitely like the first which he has called untitled. Great imagery with that one. Go to Amazon to get Dead Flies and Sherry Trifle. I don’t know who Sherry is but I mean what’s she doing with the dead flies? But yeah, click here for Amazon UK and here for the US. @geofflepard

Rajani Radhakrishnan of THOTPURGE: Time & Again.  oooo, very nice ones. Awesome. Must Reads.

As a side note, are banana flavored popsicles not like so awesome?

Alyssa of Battered Wife Seeking Better Life: Heart & Soul. Three this week from the mystery lady. Yes, mush for certain this week. But we have some mushy parts to us at times. No comments from anyone, please. She was concerned her third Haiku did not use the word new, however I think she missed the fact the use of the last four words in the third line infer something new is about to happen. So she got it. Those of you who have not been visiting need to start. Each week has a post of its own and her Haiku have come a long way from where she was. Hmm. I think that speaks to a lot of things about her perhaps. @BWseekingBL

Marjorie of Kyrosmagica: New Life Replaces Old and New Life Surrenders. Two Haiku both with different environments and meanings. I liked them a lot. As always perfect images to go with them.

Colleen of Silver Threading: Poof, You’re a Fairy. Does the title have anything to do with the Haiku? Maybe. Perhaps. A little? A word maybe? You have to go see to know for certain. @ColleenChesebro  Also remember to drop by the LWI site and read Colleen’s Book Reviews. She is excellent. Click here to see everything she’s written.

Steven Walsky of Simplicity Lane: Seconds Pass. A serious one from our often times humorous friend. Anyone else been concerned about our missing maestro of merriment?  Simplicity Lane is free, go here for where you can get it.  Through a Stranger’s Eyes here and Résumé for Love for free here.

Claudette of to search and to find happiness in every day: Glory. Always has me thinking with these. Okay, as I am thinking I think I thought thoughts that were not thought of as this was being thought out.

Marigold of Versus Blurb: It’s Raining Men. That has nothing to do with her Haiku, but the little image at the top instantly brought that to mind. No idea why. But who knows what was going through her mind to make her so sun shiny at the time? Go purchase Marigold Deidre Dicer’s book The Black Swan Inheritance from Smashwords, Kobo, Barnes and Noble or the iBooks store or purchase it from Amazon on Kindle by clicking here. @MarigoldDicer 

Florence of Meanings and Musings: Coffee Time. I based that title on her first Haiku. Read it, think about it, and you’ll get it. Maybe I’m wrong, but maybe I’m right. Also it was her birthday when she posted so go wish her a belated birthday. @FTThum

Vashti Quiroz-Vega: Let Me Go. At first when I saw the title I thought she meant she wanted me to stop the fan mail I send each day. Then I read it and I think it still might mean that. Either that or it’s a new theme song for a Disney movie coming up. You decide.. Get Vashti’s current book, The Basement on Amazon by clicking here.

E. Rawls of E. Rawls: Author creating stories and art: Here One Day, Gone the Next Very good with the nature, use of time very well done. I think the best would be to her book page on her weebly site,  

Canaf of Faithful Devotionals: All Things New. Good message. Not surprised there. Peace.

Melissa M of This, right now: Start Anew. Awesome. So many of us need to follow this, and read it every day. A Print It and Pin It for the Week.

Prakash of It’s PH:   Time Keeps on Slippin’ Slippin, Into the Future. Yes, that’s the words to an oooold song, but fits the Haiku. Go check it. @itsPhTweet

Melissa of The Aran ArtisanBlackberry Bliss . Ha. Sweet Haiku, the Ha is for the photo. Yeah, that’s Bliss for certain. @thearanartisan

Alka Girdhar of Magnanimous WordAll Powerful Time. Three from Alka this week. Reflective Haiku this week. Enjoyed the middle one a lot. @girally

Evolving Ruminations: New Moon.  A science lesson as well as a Haiku. Gotta love it.

laughter-lines-sue-vincentSue Vincent from Daily Echo: Tides. Okay, the first line, the first word. Is she like trying to show us up or something? Sue is one of our resident authors with a LOT of books on Amazon. Click here to check them out. @SCVincent  But Check out her NEW BOOK by clicking the image. Available in Paperback and for Kindle.



E. Rawls of E. Rawls: Author creating stories and art: Here One Day, Gone the Next Very good with the nature, use of time very well done. I think the best would be to her book page on her weebly site,  





ronovan writes humor haiku badge


Meredith of Meredith’s Musings Antiques She doesn’t need any help or saving. I think she’s perfect as is.  @Meredithlbl

And the Closing Haiku:

New is not better,

When it comes to lover’s arms,

Time will tell the truth.



Let’s connect.






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