Improve your Blog’s Reach

To improve your Blog’s Reach try these Hashtags. If you forget them, they are on my sidebar. Add them to yours so your followers and friends will know as well.

For those who apparently think for some reason I haven’t given credit for this image, I thought the URL at the bottom showed who created it. Also if you click the image you go to the creator’s website. But to clear it all up, below is a link to the creator’s site. I got the image from Twitter when she shared it on my #BeWoW day.



Much Love, Success, and Respect


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22 thoughts on “Improve your Blog’s Reach

  1. Hello 🙂 I’ve just discovered your blog and have been going through all your posts on Twitter. I am one of those people who is terrified about the thought of setting up a Twitter account lol but you make it sound not stressful at all. Love your blog! Lots of great tips and advice.

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  2. Great tip Ronovan! Going to keep this list handy. One question though, does the hashtag need to be in the title of the post or can it just be used in the tags or body of the post? I never was too certain about that.

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    • When you tweet it you just add it to the tweet. It doesn’t have to be in the body or the title. I do at times put the #BeWoW in the title, since that’s the blogshare I created, but that’s just me.
      Sometimes Hashtags in titles doesn’t look very professional.

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      • Okay, thanks Ronovan! I appreciate you taking the time to explain this to me 🙂 it always confused me since my posts automatically go straight to Twitter upon publication.


  3. Hey, how you doing. It’s great to see Kimmie’s image getting some more recognition. She worked so hard at designing it, especially when I asked her to add my two memes to it at the last minute. Bless her.

    I am a little confused though, as to why there isn’t a link back to her blog, as she is the creator.


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