Wisdom in Silence.

At first I was not intending to do a post for today but when I read Hold yourself in silence… by Florence on her blog Meanings and Musings thoughts went somewhere.

Is the expressing your thoughts and engaging in debate a sign you are wise?

She means a cultural aspect to this concept. I think quite often people are trained from an early age to speak up and give the answer, to show off they know, be the first to raise their hand in class. But is that the way it should be? Is wisdom a race?

Now, Florence does not talk about wisdom being a race or contest, her article simply led my mind somewhere and then it raced off in this direction as I thought of my son and then the world in general.

When I read her article the first thing that came to mind was the following.

proverbs-17-27And Thenproverbs-10-19And My All Time Favoriteproverbs-17-28

Words can be twisted, even well intentioned words. Those who hold there words in the heat of emotions and when goaded into a battle of words has more power when they do speak.

Look at politics. Let a candidate speak long enough and they will eventually shoot themselves in the foot by saying something like let’s put a colony on the moon.

Today is a good day to practice silence. Silence, such as as the unheard tremor deep in the ocean or the blowing of a wind can create a powerful force over time. Hold. Silence. Then when released? Power.

Here are a few currently free e-books on Amazon I saw today. I picked ones with plenty of good reviews. Some humor, some wisdom, but all will give you wisdom in some way.

charles-bridges-proverbsSelected passages with explanations by Charles Bridges from 1840. C.H. Spurgeon commented upon it-“The best work on the Proverbs. While explaining the passage in hand, he sets other portions of the Word in new lights.”


rosie-blythe-being-a-cat“Rosie Blythe has obviously been owned by a princess cat. She knows the world of cats and explains how you can channel your own inner cat too. This book is cute and funny and pretty creative. I especially loved the section on how to spend a day as a cat. Mostly you will laugh as you read this. If you have cats and know cat behavior very well this will totally amews you.”~The Rebecca Review

Yes, it’s a humor thing but I thought some would enjoy some fun.

tai-sheridan-buddha-in-bluejeansPoet and Zen Priest Tai Sheridan’s ‘Buddha in Blue Jeans’ is an extremely short, simple, and straight forward universal guide to the practice of sitting quietly and being yourself, which is the same as being Buddha. Sitting quietly can teach many ways to accept life, meet pain, age gracefully, and die without regret. The book encourages sitting quietly every day.

lon-g-stewart-walking-with-jesusDr. Stewart spent a total of fifty-nine years preaching in eighteen different countries, as a pastor of three different churches, and teaching an adult Bible class. He and his wife Lorrie live happily in Gilbert, Arizona; and as this book is going to press, Dr. Stewart is working on his fourth book! He is happy to give God all the praise for his very fulfilling life.

Much Love, Success, and Respect


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RonovanWrites Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge #51 Future&Give

Make certain to look up those definitions this week.

Challenge 51


I created this challenge to have a place for people to share creativity and gain a little exposure to other readers they might not have otherwise AND of course to enjoy Haiku. We all have different people who visit our blogs, so this way we get to meet new people. Just so you know, this is a community. You will get to know the people here and make several new friends along the way.

First one to submit an entry gets reblogged here on Ronovan Writes. But go for quality, that’s the important part.

First of all, if you don’t know how to write a Haiku in English format, don’t worry, there are links below to articles I’ve written to show you how. Or you can click that link there. They are easier than you think. And to be honest, as for the challenge, I don’t really have rules for people sticking to formats unless it comes down to having to decide between two people for one of the Choices of the week. Choices are the winners, my selections, for one Serious and one Humorous Haiku each week that just gets me. But staying to formats does make you a better writer of Haiku. And with practice, it becomes second nature.

So you write a Haiku, what do you do with it?

  1. You have the Haiku as a post on your blog.
  2. Within that post you can put one of the two links you will find below under “Use One Of These Links in Your Blog”. Just copy and paste and make sure they are active/live. That’s called a pingback for one of them, but not the other. What’s a Pingback? How do you do it? Click here to find out how if you don’t know how.
  3. If you don’t do the real pingback link, which will be called “Pingback Link” below, then make sure to put a link to your post in the comments of this Challenge post so we can all go read your Haiku. Either way is cool with me. Or you can do both.
  4. The Challenge Post is published each Monday at 9 AM Eastern Time, or New York Time for those like me who get confused with all those easterns  and stuff. Don’t know what your time zone is compared to New York Time? Click here for a Time Zone Map showing times as of right this moment.
  5. You have until Noon Eastern New York Time Sunday to submit your Haiku. You may submit as many as you like, even multiple ones within the same post if you like. There is no limit.
  6. Why submit? We have several members of the challenge family and they visit other members, also people visit the challenge specifically to see what people write, and I do a weekly review of each and every Haiku written and put that out Sunday afternoon or Monday morning, depending on how much time it takes. That Review then gets shared on Twitter. I do at times keep tweeting the Review until I have included every Twitter Handle of every Poet who has participated, but I don’t always do that these days as the number is beginning to get big. But sometimes I do anyway.

Note: If you do both a Pingback and a Comment with a link, you will at some point notice the pingback on the Challenge Post here will disappear. I’ll be doing that to make it easier for people to visit each of you and not click on the same person twice not realizing the pingback and comment link are the same person. 🙂 I can tell the difference but when you are casually reading, who wants to bother with that, right? But don’t worry, the link is still active/live in your post.

One easy way to read the Haiku from the Challenge Post comments area is to right click and open the link in a new tab or window. That way you don’t lose your place in the list and you don’t have to keep revisiting my blog. Yes, it would give me a lot more visits but I know all those visits are all of you reading each others Haiku anyway.

People like to try different ways of doing Haiku and below are links to how to do some different kinds if you are interested.

Want to know How to write a Haiku Poem in English Form? Click here for the article. Also here you have an article that shows you a little about Haiku used in Haibun and Tanka as well. Haiku in English is the primary form for the challenge but you can use any of them. This is about being creative and pushing yourself to share a message or image in very few words.

The Prompt Words

Future & Give

My Example

The future holds me

Safe like a baby’s blanket,

You give me love’s warmth.


The following is how the sentences should read.

You hound forever, the gates to my secret place.

The gates to my secret place, kiss to gain entry.

You do not have to include the sentences within your post, but it does help others understand how Haiku works if you do.

Use One of These Links in Your Blog

Ping back Link


Non Pingback Link (This link will take a person to the category page for the Haiku Challenges. That page shows the most recent challenge at the top. It will not show as a pingback in the challenge Post. If you use this make certain to also leave a link to your post in the comments of this Challenge post so we can visit you and I can include you in the review.)


Remember you also have to make certain the link is active/live by clicking on the add link button which is next to the right alignment button for WordPress. To me the add link button kind of looks like a diagonal paper clip. It’s the fifth from the right in the WordPress post editor.

For Tips and Guidelines refreshers click here.

 DEADLINE: Noon on Sunday New York Time.


There are TWO “CHOICE!” recipients each week. One for Humor and one for something more Serious. The Haiku are quite good each week and I am having to turn to the structure guidelines of a Haiku at times to help determine my selection.

Really each Haiku is a choice of mine, and I’m not just saying that, so I feel a bit odd even having something called A RONOVAN’S CHOICE, but hey, it’s a thing, right? And it does make it kind of fun.

ronovan writes humor haiku badgeronovan-writes-serious-haiku-badgeserious haiku badge






Much Respect


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The Unknown by @bwseekingbl

First in this week with a very good reminder in many ways and a great image chosen. Hard to believe how fast some have become at putting all of these together.

Battered Wife Seeking Better Life

Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #51

Prompts: Future & Give
Give faith a fair chance,
Believing in the unknown,
Can bless your future.

Give faith a fair chance, believing in the unknown.
Believing in the unknown, can bless your future.

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