Ronovan’s Hard Drive Crumble

I’ve sneaked in here…without Ronovan knowing so all of you – his followers, friends, readers – know of this.  Any help through contribution on Indiegogo or sharing would be most appreciated.  – FlorenceT


How hard does a hard drive crumble? What are friends for?

Hard it would seem… So for many of us and the writing community who have enjoyed Ronovan’s (fromRonovanWrites) posts on WordPress, benefited from his tips, supported from his friendship, it is TIME TO SUPPORT RONOVAN in turn.

Ronovan has fibromyalgia and other associated ailments such as chronic fatigue syndrome which prevent him from being suitably employed. Despite it all, he continues to pursue his writing and blogging, and these ailments did not stop Ronovan from being who he is, caring and supportive of his friends.

Due to his debilitating illness, Ronovan’s primary connection to his world is via his laptop –with the community he has built, grown, nurtured… and we have all benefited from this incredibly resilient and tenacious man. Blogging and writing are therapeutic for Ronovan, so a dead laptop is significant.

Yes, Ronovan’s laptop…

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