To the Stars-Robots on the Loose! #Photography

Not long ago I was doing some photo shooting of a sight that occurs in my Southern Romance. I wanted some pictures I could use to capture the true imagery of the place. I love old tin toys that really do work. So does my son. He passed this one up because he had a specific toy in mind he wanted on this trip. I was going to enter this in a photo challenge of one of my friends but I was a bit too late. Instead I think it fits well for Throw Back Thursday type post.

Tin Toys of the type I’m talking about came into being around the middle of the 1800s from Germany. Original Tin Robots are some of the most sought after. Obviously this is not one of those. Click HERE for a great article about the history of Tin Toys on a site I found.

The photo was taken with my little LG phone.

If this guy is around the next time I make it through there, I think he’ll be coming home with me.

The stars the limit,

When you are wound up too tight,

Children push buttons.

For more entries in my 82nd Haiku Challenge featuring the words Star and Child, click HERE.

Tin Toy Robot Photography by Ronovan Hester

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8 thoughts on “To the Stars-Robots on the Loose! #Photography

  1. We have a really cool tin rocket that moves, and even opens a hatch to drop down a ladder or something to climb in. Pretty sharp edges and kinda scary to imagine a kid playing with it unsupervised though! Nice haiku!


  2. A good post, i can’t remember any “girls” tin toys other than a money box which ate any pennies I’d save; needless to say i didn’t like it very much. Boy’s it seemed had a bigger choice, cars, engines, soldiers, robots and Tin Tin we must never forget Tin Tin. Strong haiku. 😇


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