A NeW feature on Ronovan Writes!

It’s time for something a little different here on the blog. We have a poetry challenge, a fiction writing challenge, and I co-host the Writer’s Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge on another blog with Colleen after we both felt a need to retire our individual Wednesday challenges and combine them to keep the big picture going while making it easier on us as hosts. I’ll tell you, hosting three challenges each week on your own is tough, so co-hosting one of them makes a huge difference.

I also backed off doing the reviews for my challenges. It’s not something I’m happy with, but if the challenges were to continue, that’s what had to happen. I was very close to stopping all my challenges until I decided to try the ‘no review’ option. Not as many people are involved but we still have people writing.

As I said in the beginning, I want to try something new. Every other Sunday I’ll put up a post called Ask Ronovan, beginning with this post today. You ask whatever you want in the comments or a form I include. You can ask me anything, about anything. It can be funny or it could even be about writing or blogging. How I answer will be the entertaining part. On the next Ask Ronovan post, I’ll give the answers to the best questions.

I went over this with a friend and I was told I should choose only a few or maybe even one because I have a tendency to talk, to elaborate, to keep on keeping on. I have the gift of gab, the magic on the mic, the wizard of words. Do you feel me? Just imagine if I write and edit what you see here, what must the original look like.

If that doesn’t give you a hint as to how I plan to answer your questions, you’ll have to wait to see.

I want to stretch my creative wings a bit and shake myself up a bit. Y’all can help me with that.


  • Life
  • Love
  • Blogging
  • Writing
  • Parenting
  • Cooking
  • Friendship

And so on, you get the idea.

Ask Ronovan Image

I’m looking forward to what you have for me.

Much Respect and Love




8 thoughts on “A NeW feature on Ronovan Writes!

  1. Ohhh nice! I used to have a feature such as this one for my retired blog. It was great fun writing. But alas, the interest died out too soon and I could not continue writing them. My blog readership was not big enough at the time. … Ah maybe one day I can bring it back.


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