Meet Me: A Robin Williams

Today was the day we lost a world of genius and inspiration. It inspired me to write something back then. It still applies today.


“Suicide is called the cowards way out, the most selfish act. Suicide is the irrational, desperate scream for help of a mind that does not know what it is doing. A mind that is so deep, deep down in the bottom of a pit that light cannot pierce the veil of deceit over the mind’s eye.”-Ronovan

Robin Williams is dead. Preliminary reports say self asphyxiation is the cause. Whether this be accidental or intentional has not been hinted at, but the overwhelming thought is intentional due to his history of instability and depression.

A man full of so much in his mind that it had nowhere to go with them. A man who was so full of emotions he could not express them all. A man who was brilliant in so many ways that few new.

Some will now label him coward and selfish. To all of you I would…

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One thought on “Meet Me: A Robin Williams

  1. I would never call suicide selfish or cowardly, though I’ve been judged so, when failing to complete my own attempts. Christians are the worst judges–they forget about “grace” while ranting about our responsibility to honor the life God gave us. God knows us better than anyone, and HE LOVES US no matter what.


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