FREE eBook Project-Haiku Poetry

The FREE eBook Project for Haiku Poetry Project is an idea that came about to share the work of those participating in the Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge in a format each of us can take pride in for our friends and family to see. This only applies to those filling out the form below and agreeing to it, otherwise keep writing and enjoy the challenge as is.

The work of the individual signing up would begin from the date the form is submitted, unless one specifically states otherwise. Some have said to use any poetry that has ever been submitted for the challenge.

How it will work:

The idea is to have several books. Some will vary in theme, some may be purely nature, or romance, or humor, etc. The book will first be published as an eBook for FREE on Smashwords. After a period of time, the eBook will then be put on Amazon as well.

Why this way? Amazon price matches. If the book began on Amazon, there would be a price attached to it for a period of time before a price match would be made in relation to the Smashwords pricing. I do not want any money attached to this project. This is for a sense of accomplishment for each writer involved, something to share with friends and family, and a way to publicize our various platforms (blogs).

If you sign up and then change your mind, you would fill out the form below and answer NUMBER 4 with a YES. Any Haiku used in an eBook prior to the changing of your mind will remain published.


If you’ve filled this form out before, in its prior location on the Challenge Guidelines page, there is no reason to do so again.

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