Sands of Our Lives




Think to yourself, do you know what I’m asking
Do I give you your dreams, through your rose colored eyes
Clearing your mind, with each breath that you’re taking
Can you break with a smile, through the sands of our lives

Hearts are breaking, in distant worlds of wonder
Why does it have to be, though for years it has been
Shaking the hold, with a moment of thunder
Can you see the days, know you always will win

Temporary moments of silence and solo
Does it matter if quiet rules over the day
What does it matter as long as we both know
We’re going together in the same along way

I want the minutes to pass like lightning
With seconds non-existent in time of the realm
Reality breaks me into pieces somewhat frightening
But I pull myself up nothing to me overwhelm

You may miss the every second of every moment
When I fall down and cannot get up to stand
But don’t worry about me breaking I’m only gently bent
I’m fine as long as there is a glimmer, a hint, a strand

Hope is the future of a wasted past’s happenings
Future is the hope of a today’s receding sands of the shore
Never give up on me as I ramble in blatherings
I’ll be here and there through the music of our hearts’ beat score


Much Love, Much Respect


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To your whim. (A Poem)

Desire falls to whim

In a heart’s beat symphony

I am all with you.

Let’s connect.






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© Copyright-All rights reserved by 2015

An Ode to you

There are moments of peace that spread through space and time as if the finger of destiny were in control.
Sounds swirl around in a chaotic symphony to create a web of melody to nest and harbor ones soul.
For some this eye of the storm may be a calm achieved in a place of choosing and alone.
Me, I, can only attain this much desired anomaly in time and space by looking outside me to a crone.



Alone in a dark room with the sounds echoing from one wall to another and another and yet another,
I find that my only hope for survival is to rely on someone so dear whom I fear I might smother.
My irrational mind asks questions of ruin and brings images of disaster and torment.
There is never a moment, even when in happiness, I do not realize I am a fragment.



Rather a fragment than nothing at all, yet where does this peace come from that I began about?
How can peace be attained when there is a shattering of the very bones that make me cry out?
Because you say you love me.





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I love . . . no regrets.

I love.

Magnolia Blossom.jpg
gettyimages © Original Photo by Diane MacDonald

Two little words of forever

Wrapped within walls so clever

Longing to be opened by your yes to sever


I love.

More than feelings of  a foolish mind

Thoughts shared of  a similar kind

Ignoring obstacles to enjoy the togetherness you find


I love.

Painful moments of distance felt

A smile of an image that pain it does melt

Mattering not in what realm that image does dwelt


I love.

More than feelings of skin on skin

Thoughts shared intertwining in more than sin

Ignoring obstacles just to hold the presence of you within


I love.

You have not found it yet

I say to you, you’ve met it I bet

Merely consider what it is you are willing to let


Four last words.


I love.


No regrets.



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