#Help for RonovanWrites deadline

Well it has to happen… there must indeed be a deadline to the campaign to help Ronovan.

Ronovan thanks everyone who has supported the campaign for a new laptop so he can return to writing, blogging, and being with his blogging community.  He has asked me to end the fundraising at the end of Tuesday, 11 August, as he wants to get back sooner than later even if the goal amount has not been met.  He will purchase the best he can with the amount raised.

Psst, I don’t think he likes the idea of needing help and wants this to end soon. Now someone find me an emoticon for ‘rolling her eyes’ on WordPress? 🙂

Anyway, there you go people, you have till the end of Tuesday, 11 August to help in whichever way and in whatever amount you can.  Click on this link to contribute and read the full story of why he needs his laptop. It’s not just for blogging.

Don’t know what I am talking about? Read this post and help out.

Thanks everyone!

– FlorenceT

7 thoughts on “#Help for RonovanWrites deadline

  1. Reblogged this on Serins Sphere and commented:
    Please go check this out and help if you can. Ron is one of my favorite bloggers without whom, I certainly would have quit writing a long time ago.

    He blogs despite of some very difficult health conditions. His blog is usually filled with encouragement, humor, useful information and poetry amongst others. He also hosts the weekly haiku challenge.

    Additionally he started The Lit world interview blog on which you can find Author interviews, book reviews and other useful writing tips.

    I’ve picked up quite a few tricks from this guy.

    And most importantly, the thing is I’ve really been missing his voice in blog land lately. I really do hope he can get a device / laptop that despite his fibro will allow him to keep on blogging in the least painful manner.

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