Man in pain beside poem on right.

Stuck in a rut with no way out.

Opening my mouth but you can’t hear me shout.

Locked here in this world alone with my doubt.

Directions to safety keeps telling me to reroute.

My positivity has been my fingertip of hope.

Lately I’ve been sounding more like a garbage eating billy goat.

I keep slipping and sliding up and down a well traveled slope.

My plans so sabotaged I feel on the verge of a Virginia Woolf note.

The love for life counted down till it came.

And all those blissful imaginings… went up in a flame.

The clock hit zero and that pain I’ve held back…my brain is lame.

My mind limps and stumbles with fatigue and shame.

To change the world takes so much of your light.

You pull yourself up but find you haven’t enough fight.

You claw at limbs to see the white light.

Try as you may you just don’t have the might.

I still hang on to one thin strand.

Feeling the whole time that I wait on grains of sand.

My heart burns and it aches with each weak demand.

When I last close my eyes I hope to be in a new land.


Now you know.

One of my favorites back when I knew how to write what I called lyrical poetry…or poetry of any kind at all.


Slippin’ into sideways single again, thinkin’ I know what’s the best thing for my friend.
Never seein’ I’m the one playin’ a fool, keep trippin’ into a funk deeper than a city cesspool.
Do you ever think you want your own time, oh but you keep missin’ when she’s out of your line?
Then you look into her eyes, her heart and you play it off like a chump, thinkin’ you’re so cool.

Love’s not a playground for the child or the immature clown painted on society’s scripted scene.
Expectations of your world can bring you down to your knees and shatter your deepest dreams.
Where do you go from here when all you know is the beaten down lovers lost melody hit machine?
Words rhymed and bought to break your heart and rip your pockets for every cent at the seams?

Fill your heart, feel the steam.
Let it…

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The joyful thaw.

Sometimes I cry, but not because I’m sad.

It’s because when I met you my heart was frozen.

You’re the one who warmed me through and through.

You brought this strange thing called love into my world.

And tears of joy, that come from the melting ice.

Saturday Share-Incomplete.

Everything you say

Everything you do

Is what’s missing from my life.

Atonement For A Nation

I look upon the face of our nation

The creases of strife and hatred etched as stone

I look in to the eyes of damnation

The years of a democracy perhaps overthrown

I look for the spirit of liberation

The pain of the hopeless is ours to atone

Atonement image.