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How to do a Ping Back.


WordPress has changed a few things on the tech side since I first wrote about doing Ping Backs 2 years ago. I’m also more serious in my approach to my Tip Blog Posts, so here’s an updated take on things.

What does a Ping Back mean?

For our purposes a Ping is when one website speaks to another website.

How does that conversation take place?

You take the URL from one Blog Post and place within the content of the Blog Post of the other website and make sure it is active/live/working.

What ways can you do a Ping Back?

  1. Make the actual URL active within the post.
  2. Place the URL within a word of a sentence of the content of the post.
  3. Place the URL within an Image of the post.

WordPress Ping Backs Image

Numbers 1 and 2 are done the same way.

  1. You highlight whatever it is that you want the reader to click on in order to go to the other post.
  2. You then click on the Insert/edit link Icon.
  3. You place the URL within the Paste URL or type to search field of the pop up box.
  4. You then click the blue box with the white arrow within it.
  5. You are done.
  6. Extra-If you want your link to open in new tab click the Gear next to the blue box with the white arrow and check the box that says Open link in new tab then click Add Link. (Why do this? You don’t really want people to leave your site. So if the link opens in a new tab, they still have your site up and you have a good chance of the reader checking out other things on your site.)

For an Image.

You click the image and then repeat steps 2-5 above.

Why do a Ping Back in the first place?

The Ping Back will appear in the comments of the Post of the other site, letting the owner as well as any other readers aware that you have participated or made some type of comment regarding the post. This will encourage Traffic to your blog.

I ask for people to do a Ping Back in the various challenges I host on my blog. Some blogs receive hundreds of extra visits each year because of doing Ping Backs.

There are URLs that won’t send a real Ping Back to the original Blog.

If you were to use the URL of my Blog’s Home Page or the Category Page of one of my challenges, the reader of your post would be able to click the link and visit me, but I would not receive a Ping Back. If you think about it, it makes sense. There isn’t a comments section on a Category Page nor a normal Home Page.

Much Respect


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WordPress Post Editor Changes.

“There is nothing permanent except change.” – Heraclitus

With that being said, you may have noticed the changes in your WordPress Post Editor.

Let’s look at the two obvious ones.

First up, Text Color.

Font Color ImageI like it. Now I can see the colors more easily. There were a lot of shades before, which some may have enjoyed. Sure I did too, but now we have the added option of the next thing.

Custom Color

Custom Font Color ImageYou can change the numbers or click in the rainbow like color bar and then use your cursor to move around within the color box to find just the shade you like. We may have fewer shades preset but now we have so much more available to us.

Next up is the one that freaked me out at first. Yes, I got freaked out. Okay, I didn’t but it was weird for a moment.

Link Insert

link insert image

When you clink on the Link Icon up in the tool bar of the Post Editor, you now get that lovely little URL Box you see at the bottom of the image. When you are inserting a URL link in your post, like you might do with my Haiku Challenge, you highlight the words and click the Link Icon and then click the little left facing right angled arrow next to the URL box, it’s called Apply. You see it above in a blue box with a white arrow. A little round spoke gear looking thing is just to the right of it.

But you might need to insert a URL into a word or into an image. That’s what we look at next.

The Gear Box

Link Gear Box WordPress ImageThis isn’t all that complicated. It’s just an expanded version of what we had before. You get to this by clicking that little spoke like gear next to the Apply arrow I mentioned before. I like this because you get to see a list of recent posts you may want to link to, and it has that nice Search box as well.

Hope this helps someone. If you have any questions, leave them below in the comments, or fill out the comment form.

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New Additions to my Site!

Have you seen the two new additions to my blog?

Check out the first image in the sidebar to the right. It’s my facebook like widget. Ronovan Writes fb like imageYou don’t even have to leave the site, visit facebook, or anything but click ‘Like’ in the image to actually LIKE my facebook page. Awesome, right?

Below that you’ll see an image you can click to get my debut novel for free in an eBook format. By clicking the image you go to the CLICK IT and GET IT page. freeFill out the form and I’ll send you a personal email with the eBook format of your choice, well one of the choices I have available in the form.

Hate clicking the image? Click the CLICK IT and GET IT tab above us and you’ll end up at the same place.

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Two years and counting.

What does two years of blogging get you?

I guess that all depends on what you’re looking at. Some might look at numbers, and I did out of curiosity. I was going to post them here but thought that a bit mundane.

Looking at views and then thinking how many likes you get on the same posts can be very telling. I’ve never been fooled by it. I know 50 likes doesn’t mean 50 views. It means about 30 views and the other 20 are mixed between people just clicking like in the WP Reader or on my Home Page. It doesn’t bother me either way. I stopped caring about likes a long time ago. I just share what I have and go on my merry little way.

Again, what does two years of blogging get you?


Friends from all over the world.

A network of people for my Book Review site that I never would have thought of if not for this blog.

A published book that is receiving great reviews. (And you can get for free by signing up for my newsletter.

And finally I got a better version of me.

Before beginning this blog I was in a bad place in regards to health and mind. Now I’m still in a bad place health wise, but my mind is not so depressed as it was before. I realize I can do something on my own schedule which is whenever I have the energy. You may have noticed I apparently don’t have that much energy lately.

I want to thank all of you that are my friends. You know who you are. I thank all those who visit my blog each week and enjoy what they find here.

Much Respect


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HOW TO Indent in your blog posts.

         As some of you may have noticed, I have begun a new feature here on RW called Ask Ronovan. You can ask anything. Normally I wait a couple of weeks and put out the answers on a Sunday with the next Ask Ronovan post. However, a question was asked I believe needs answering now. Do you wonder how to indent in your blogs?

         Here is the request:

Name or Identifying Name (Think something like “What’s Cooking in Columbia”.): Ann V. Friend

Website (Not required.):

Your Question for Ronovan: Hi Ronovan

Can you point me in the write direction for html code to align my acrostic poem below?

Can’t align in WordPress.

         I’m not including the poem here but I’ll create one that will do much the same.

we go to Look at the view
because beauty is sO rare and few
i haVe never giVen you your due
today I give my hEart to you

         Obviously the word here is LOVE but the letters are not lining up. Let’s see what I can do. If you’ve been paying attention, you realize I am able to help Ann.

         What Ann is asking is how to indent like we do in Word. Here in WordPress and other blog platforms, everything is aligned left to be flush with the left hand side of the content area. I’ve been indenting during this article so far. In fact I am using one of my favorite pieces of HTML script. I’ll type the characters out separately since I am typing in the TEXT tab of the POST EDITOR. If I did the script all together, you wouldn’t see it.

& n b s p ;

         You see 6 characters above. Delete the spaces between the characters and then put the combined script before the first character of your sentence. For example, here in this paragraph as well as the ones earlier, I used 9 of these to create this many spaces.

         Let’s try making the poem I wrote line up properly.

                   we go to Look at the view
 because beauty is sO rare and few
        i haVe never giVen you your due
     today I give my hEart to you

          It works. The best thing to do in order to check you are lining up correctly is to use your preview button and check it out. REMEMBER with HTML if you switch to the VISUAL TAB during the creation of the post, you lose your script and have to start over. Until you hit PUBLISH, you will lose your script if you switch over. That’s why I typed the code above with spaces. I’m in the TEXT TAB.
         You can also use this SCRIPT inside of a sentence. Sometimes I’ve wanted to have things space just a touch bit different in a sentence. It’s like the POST EDITOR wants things to line up a certain way and hates me. Well, you can place the code like so a n d have it do what you like. Now that may look just like a normal space, but how often have you seen something you do and it just won’t take the normal space bar space? Well, use the script and it’ll work.

HTML Indent Script Image.
Ann, I hope this helps.

Much Respect,

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Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling Review Image.

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