1 Key to Help People Find Your Blog.

I visit blogs.

I read comments.

In those comments I will find someone I am interested in checking their blog out. They may have made a great comment, or maybe I was doing a guest blog and they commented on my post. Maybe they just looked way out and interesting. You know the type I mean. The kind you just have to discover more about.

So what do you do?

You click their name or picture.

You end up nowhere. End of attempts. I actually do some extra work at times, but most of the time, that’s it. Click. Click. Boom. Game over.

Why is it game over?

I end up at the Gravatar.com site with their lovely image and there are no links to their blogs or social media. There is no way to find their blog.

Over the time I’ve been blogging, I have literally clicked on hundreds of people and ended up not finding a blog. All because a few clicks were not made.

When I sign into Gravatar.com and click My Profile at the top, I get a list of links on the right of things I can do.

One of those things is called ‘Websites’.

Once there I can click on the icon that’s labeled ‘Add Website’ or the one labeled ‘Add WordPress.com Site’ and simply add the URL and Title I want to appear. Once I click ‘Save’ people can then find me.

Right now, I have my three WordPress sites on there, my Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon Author Page. I did have a couple more, but I wanted the focus to be on those for now. Click HERE to see my Gravatar profile.

All very easy and in a simple place at the click of a picture.

For those who have a name different from their website title, which would be most people, this is the easiest way to make certain you are found. Not everyone can have a name like Ronovan. It does make for an easy to remember blog presence. I still have a secret disdain for the one who came up with it. Okay, maybe not so secret, but it’s starting to come in handy these days.


Please, do me a favor, want you? Add your website to your Gravatar.com. I would love to visit you.

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How to Survive the Blog Life.

I think we need to get a few things straight about blogging. Blogging isn’t what it started out to be. There are very few blogs in the true sense of the word any longer. We have become a world of almost websites. But we are called bloggers because we don’t have a company or whatever.

I’m cool with that. I’m a blogger. I’m a blogger in the 21st Century definition. Why did I explain all of that? Because I want to talk about . . .

How to Survive the Blog Life.

There are some people that don’t realize what goes into a lot of our blogs. The hours of writing, researching, networking, formatting, web layout designs and much more. I don’t really know of anyone that just throws out some words and that’s that.

I’ll make this simple:

  • Write what you like-If you are trying to write in a style you don’t like or are not comfortable in, then you’re likely to feel that eating at you. Maybe it’s just me, but when I am writing, I will just stop even at the end of a 1000 word article if I am not feeling it and trash it.
  • Only write when you want to-Don’t force yourself to write just because you feel responsible for it. Or you want to have content because you are afraid people won’t come back if you miss a day or two. If that’s true then they really weren’t into your site in the first place. Not to sound negative there, but it’s the truth.
  • Be nice to people-There is no reason to be mean to anyone. If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say it. If you don’t want to interact with people, don’t have comment boxes on your posts where people might ask you something. You don’t have to respond to every person, but you can some at least.
  • Set your boundaries-Make your life easy by setting some rules for yourself about interacting with other bloggers or readers. They are your friends and co-workers of sorts. Keep it that way. Makes for an easier life for you and keeps you a  lot happier in the long run.
  • If you like it you like it-Only click like on things you like, and if you really like it then reblog it. Some don’t like to reblog because it doesn’t look good on their blog or reblogs don’t work that great for views and traffic on average. So what?

There is something that I didn’t mention. It’s the most important thing to remember in order to Survive the Blog Life.

Don’t worry about success.

If you ever start worrying about success go to one of those 5 things and see which one you are missing out on. You see, being you, just being yourself is enough. You don’t have to do gimmicks.

I give tips about how to increase traffic to blog sites, but I don’t use them all. You see, I just like giving the tips because I know that a) some people are after success and b) some people just like to use different types of things, okay and c) I just like to share/teach. Sorry, it’s in the blood thing. Once a teacher always a teacher.

You now I added the star rating to my posts a while back and no one really uses it. But yesterday for some reason someone decided to put a 1 on two of my posts. One was my Autumn post and the other was my Haiku Prompt Challenge post. You see if it had been just the Autumn post then fine, but then when it was the Haiku Prompt as well I realized it was someone just being mean.  But I’m good with it. I’ll take down the star rating eventually anyway because it was just for a change and no one was using it anyway and it doesn’t really go with my new theme and layout.

But don’t add things like ratings to your posts if you are sensitive and care what people think. Just sayin’. Oh, and no worries. I know the deal, so I’m good.

So everyone, remember, forget about success, write honest, and take some breaks.

 As a companion to this article you may wish to read Blogging Personality: The Key to Success.


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