Do you need help with Twitter? Try #TweetJukebox. And come and share some Tweets!

Here is a very good article from author Olga Núñez Miret, one the LitWorldInterviews Team. Great information and I’m going to be looking at this option more myself.

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Hi all:

Today I’m sharing a post that I published in my own blog last week. Sorry to those of you who might have read it already, but people seemed quite interested, so I thought I’d share it with you too.
I know we’ve all been told we should use social media to promote ourselves, our businesses, blogs, books, painting, whatever we do. And I know we all have our preferences, or sites that we understand better, or we find more useful, or that don’t give us a headache.

I must confess I quite liked Twitter to begin with, when I joined a few months before I published my first book. I would follow people I found interesting, read their Tweets, and be excited if somebody decided to follow me. I read about the subject, I tweeted quotations, ideas, suggestions, retweeted interesting things…

I’ve met many interesting people through Twitter…

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Adding the Twitter Timeline to your Sidebar.

People like to see what you are doing. Your website is you. It is the center of your universe. This is where people can go to know what they want to know about you. One thing people want these days is ‘what is this person doing on Twitter?’.

Adding the Twitter Timeline to your Sidebar

by: Ronovan

The following steps will help you get your Twitter Timeline on the sidebar of your blog. People can even click it and choose to Follow you on Twitter. Don’t worry about the  number of steps, if you’ve been through any of my how to do things before then you know I make every single thing a Step. 1-5 are simply clicking on the things you find in your Dashboard. 6 is finding something on the page and 7 is where you actually start doing something for real and even that is just a lot of words describing mostly easy things to do.

Step #1

Click on your DashboardTwitty Bird


Step #2

Scroll down and click on Appearance


Step #3

Click Widgets


Finding Twitter Timeline WidgetStep #4

Scroll down and click on Twitter Timeline


Step #5

Choose Default Sidebar and then click Add Widget







Step #6Default Sidebar

Now look at the top and middle of your screen for the Default sidebar area and you should see Twitter Timeline.


Step #7

I am going to only talk about two areas within the Twitter Timeline box at this time. This will get you up and running.

  • Title-Name What you want the heading to say above your Twitter Timeline, think the heading. Some say My Tweets. Mine says Follow me on Twitter. Be cute if you like, whatever fits your page and personality. Maybe you want it to say TWEET TWEET, or TWIT TWEETS. Whatever you type will appear in capital letters.
  • I lied there will be three areas I talk about. The next is # of Tweets Shown. This is your own preference. If you already have a somewhat full sidebar you may want 4 or 5. If you just love Twitter, crank up higher.


Widget ID

  • Now onto the Widget ID. There are 3 things to be aware of here. The create a widget at Twitter, Widget ID field, and Save all of which are circled.Widget at Twitter Configuration
  • Make sure you are signed into Twitter when you actually start this part of the process, because it leads you through it. When you click on create a widget at Twitter another window will open for your Twitter account and look like this. Just make sure your Username is correct. You can choose to Opt-out of tailoring Twitter at this point. That’s up to you to explore. Then click Create widget.
  • Then Save or Save Changes.




Twitter ID Number

  •  The ID number you need is in the address bar at Twitter where you saved you just created a widget. You’ll see it in red in the image above. Of course mine is marked out here. But you just need the numbers.
  • Once on the next screen you need to get the actual Twitter ID number.  It will be in an address bar with /settings/widgets/then a lot of numbers. You just want the numbers as shown above. Copy and paste those numbers into the Widget ID field. Then click Save. Or you can always just write them down and then type them in, save your keyboard keys, right?
  • Once complete click Save and you are done. Open up your Main Page in a separate window and see if you are satisfied with your Twitter Timeline location. If not satisfied simply drag the Twitter Timeline within your  Widget area back where you added it to where you would it to appear in order on your Default Sidebar.


Now whenever you Tweet something it will show on your webpage. Also it allows people to Follow you on Twitter with a click. Make it easy as possible for people to connect to you.


If you have any questions. Let me know.

Much Respect



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How to get your Twitter Handle to show when people Share your blog articles.

You ever notice how when your blog gets tweeted by someone that it says ‘by @wordpress’? You want it to say ‘by @yourtwitterhandle’, well not actually the words yourtwitterhandle. It would actually be whatever your actual . . . um, you get it.

Why is this important? Each time someone clicks the Twitter option to share your blog article you want your name attached to. That’s advertising, that’s credit, that’s what you deserve. When I share an article of a blog I like and the Twitter Handle isn’t in there I go looking for it either on their site or on Twitter itself and replace the WordPress with the real thing, but I don’t know if that’s just me or not.

How to get your Twitter Handle to show up when your articles are shared in Tweets.

by: Ronovan

So you’ve connected Twitter to your WordPress blog and you are even Publicizing up a storm and you go look and is says ‘by @wordpress‘. Blogger say what?

Do this:Twitty Bird

  1. Click your Dashboard
  2. Click Settings at the bottom
  3. Click Share when it appears under Settings
  4. Scroll down the page and find “Twitter username to include in tweets when people share using the Twitter button.”
  5. Type in your Twitter handle, without the @ included.
  6. Click Save Changes.

To check and make sure it is working properly, go to one of your blog articles and click Twitter. Your Twitter handle should now appear. Now whenever anyone Shares and Tweets your blogs your name is attached and you get a bit of name recognition out there. If it’s not showing sign out and back into WordPress and possibly clear cache. I haven’t had to do that myself but those are things to try just in case.


Hope this helps.


Much Respect


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How, What, and Why To Create a Twitter List

Creating a Twitter List

by: Ronovan


This is going to sound strange to start off talking about making Twitter Lists before some of you even have Twitter but believe me this is when you want to know. Otherwise you will end up putting out a blog article asking people to let you know if they have Twitter so you can put them in a group AFTER you already have hundreds or thousands of people to sort through.


By starting now, early on, you can put them in a group as you add them. In other words . . . you’ll do it the easy way.

Creating a Twitter account itself is simple in that all you need is your name, email, and a password. The signup process walks you through the steps.


Today I want to talk about the Twitter Lists options.Twitty Bird

First up: Why?

You want to add your Followers or the people you Follow to certain lists based on what they are to you.




WordPress Bloggers




Just Cool People

Good for RT Info


You can see there are various things you can come up with. Basically whatever helps you to remember. Also each time you create a List you get to add a description just in case you forget the reason for the group.


Second: What?

Once you have a List what do you do with it?

This is what I do with it so for any Twitxperts out there bear with me, I know you have your ideas.

  • I use my WP Bloggers list to find my WP Blog Friends and ReTweet (RT) any of their things that look cool to me, even just basic Tweets. People love personal funny sometimes over information article Tweets. It gives people a bond to you.
  • I use it to keep tabs on Literary Agents/Publishers to see if they have anything going on like a Tweet Pitch of your Manuscript (MS) coming up. Sometimes they will say for these two hours Tweet a Pitch of your MS. You have the 140 characters to use, part of which is the lit handle name. Go ahead and work on a pitch so you are ready now.
  • I use it to keep track of my Friends from school or home.
  • And I use it to actually see WordPress blogs that come out. With so many people I follow, the Reader in WordPress can be difficult, but on Twitter I can easily see who has put one out recently, if they have Twitter attached to their blogs.
  • And you can put those Companies that Follow you in a List along with those who want you to pay for Followers. Just so you have those annoying people out of the way.


Third: How?

So how do you set up a list and how do you actually use them? First off there will be those who tell you about TweetDeck. TweetDeck will allow you to set up all sorts of things, but for me, I like just clicking on a List and seeing what I see. I may go into TweetDeck in another article, but for now I will stick just with what Twitter itself does. Just give me the basics. I like basics.


Step #1

You are logged into Twitter and now you see in the top right corner, as of the writing of this article anyway, a little round Gear shaped icon. This is the ‘Settings and help’ icon. Click this and you will see a drop down box open, click ‘Lists’.




Step #2

You are now on the Lists screen and you should see on the right a box that says ‘Create new list’, click it.




Step #3

A box should now be on your screen with a ‘List name’ field/box and a ‘Description’ field/box. Type in the name of your List. You can also fill out the ‘Description’ if you like. I don’t always do that part. Once you have done this part you will choose if you want others to be able to see your List or not. So you choose ‘Public’ or ‘Private’ under the ‘Privacy’ section in the box. In all honesty I don’t want people to see my WordPress Friends list because I don’t want them using it to spam them for followers or with Tweets/messages about products.


Finally click ‘Save List’ at the bottom of the box.


Step #4

You want to add your Followers or those you Follow to a List.

Add To Twitter List

  • Go to a person and click the ‘Gear’ on their page. You will see ‘Add or remove from lists’.
  • A ‘Your Lists’ box will appear and you will just check which list(s) you want them to be in.
  • Then click the ‘x’ to close the box.


Step #5

To use your Lists just go to your ‘Gear’ and click ‘Lists’, just as you did in Step #1. Not only do you create Lists here but you also can see all of the ones you have made and the number of people in each one.

Then click the List you want to see. You could just stay on this list the entire time you are on Twitter for the day and only see Tweets from those people.

Maybe one day you just want ‘Inspirational’ Tweets because you need a pick me up. Make an ‘Inspirational’ List.

And remember, people can be in more than one List. I have a WordPress Friends list that everyone that follows me and has a WordPress blog, or that I follow for that matter and has a WordPress blog is in.  But some of those may fit into other areas. I may put some into a list like ‘Great for Editing Information’ or ‘Photography’.

You may be thinking “Why the bother, why not just look at all the Tweets?” You will want to support people on Twitter by following them, but you may not like their Tweets. You could just have a ‘Yes’ List and a ‘No’ List. One to view and one not to. That simple. And you can change the person from one to the other any time you like.


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