Easy Connecting and Disconnecting: The Problems.

They come and go, sometimes without our even knowing it. The social connections, the tangible next door friend and the stranger a world away who friend in a click and are gone in another. Do people disconnect on a whim or is it for a real reason? What has the ease of Online Social Interaction and Easy Connecting and Disconnecting: The Problems.Disconnection done to us socially as a society and perhaps even morally?

Thinking about things like this puts a knot in my stomach I can’t get rid of until I sort it out through words. Admittedly when I have someone disappear from my social network of “friends” I don’t always ask why. I know the coming and going is a part of the world and of this modern way of forming connections. But sometimes I do wonder.

On Facebook you must deal with people you’ve allowed into your circle of reality. When those people decide to drop you, then you wonder what happened. There is no explanation and thus the knot in the stomach begins. And dropping is the feeling that one may feel.

“What did I do?”

That’s the question that comes to mind first. For me my online social connections are my lifeline. When I lose one it rattles me somewhat and I dwell a little bit.

For someone like me, when someone, especially a female, decides to no longer be a friend you then wonder that very question above. Then you wonder what has been said. I’m a pretty appropriate guy when it comes to online social communications. Maybe in the past I’ve had moments. You would have to ask that old me. Like the one from a few days ago. That’s about how far some of my memories go.

Those social contacts keep the memory lines open. A lot of people don’t realize it but for some of us we may visit various social platform profiles in a rotation to keep people familiar to us. For a memory problem sufferer it can be important. A disconnect can throw things haywire in a major way, especially for someone who is sensitive and has actual feelings.

What has easy detachment brought about in society?

For one there is a lack of working through a problem. A person now unfollows a person and the argument or discord is over. Or it is as far as the un-follower is concerned.

In the celebrity circles it’s an easy way to get publicity and start a celebrity feud to drive up public interest in yourself. Pick the popular flavor and attack them and people will then take notice of you if you have begun to slip in notoriety. VMA awards anybody?

But for the rest of us it is more than a platform. We may have thousands of “Friends” or “Followers” but we have a lot in the offline world, the online world may at times be like a phonebook of all our old and new friends. Facebook is like that for me.

With the not needing to finish a conversation, or work out a situation, society is slowly becoming less and less able to resolve conflicts to the needed end. They still float around and build up into a frenzy. You can look at society and see how things spread like wildfire but no one ever took the time in the very beginning to try to stop it from happening—they went straight into the fire.

When once we had the chance to think overnight and arrive at some common sense we now have people go off onto Twitter or Facebook and speak emotionally.

I mentioned morality.

The ease of online sharing of EVERYTHING with ANYBODY has brought about many problems, even its own show—Catfish. If you have one person you share something with because of distance, I get that. Some relationships are separated by miles because of many reasons. And I do believe there are cases where online capabilities has made for some relationships to stay close and survive instead of drift apart during times apart.

But online has given some this sense of power and invulnerability that one can say and do anything without repercussions. They carry that over into offline life and you can see in society how some things spread and get out of hand. When certain agencies need social media experts just to do their jobs properly I think we have a problem.

I am thankful for online social connection. But I do have problems at times with the Disconnectors. But I suppose we all do it at some point. It’s easier than facing someone and telling them whatever the problem is. If you ever get disconnected by me, put it down to a memory thing. I pretty much stay connected to everyone. Well, unless you are like an uber-jerk. You know who you are. Muahahahahaha.

(Um, that last part was a joke people. So stop thinking it was you I was talking about. Paranoid much?)

There of course is the idea of Ease of Social Connectivity leading to Societal Disconnect. That’s another topic my thoughts are circling around and I may discuss another time.

What do we do?

Keeping a protective barrier is one idea. By barrier I mean have emotional security checks in place people need to pass through before entering that real Easy Connecting and Disconnecting: The Problems.“Friend” circle. Not everyone will hang around but using our mind and not heart will protect that heart. Yes, I know…sometimes that heart is going to take over. And sometimes it will be correct. But with the majority, treat your heart and self like you would treat a child in your care and who you would allow them to be with. In other words, Guard Yourself by taking your time in who you let into your private circle of true friends and remember that social network is like social anything, it’s just an every now and then thing. Just like social drinking though, it can get you in trouble.

Oh, and write a lot about a lot of things. That always helps. I mean who can socialize when they write all…the…time. I’m looking at you, and you know who you are.

Much Respect


Ron_LWIRonovan is an author, and blogger who shares his life as an amnesiac and Chronic Pain sufferer though his blog RonovanWrites.WordPress.com. His love of poetry, authors and community through his online world has lead to a growing Weekly Haiku Challenge and the creation of a site dedicated to book reviews, interviews and author resources known as LitWorldInterviews.WordPress.com.

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Tips For Gaining Twitter Friends

“Social Networking and the writer…phooey!”


Yes, that’s what all of us really think about it because it takes away from our writing, but it’s a necessary evil these days, IF you want to intentionally bring people to your blog. You might be surprised about something though. I’ll tell you about that in a moment.

For now I want to talk about gaining followers on Twitter. I know everyone has a way to do it, but this is how I do it. Since I am writing the article, I get to write what I want to. Yeah, I’m being professional now. If you look at my Twitter numbers they are not huge, but I gain an average of 100 a week since I have started and I am not an active go out and get them type. I’m too busy writing.

Twitty Bird

First off, DON’T PAY for followers. I won’t comment on that any further. If you need me to do so then stop reading now and move on to some other article. Okay I will comment. You don’t pay for followers because they are usually one person with as many as 20,000 accounts. How do I know? I get the Direct Messages in Twitter asking me to buy their follows. I used to. They’ve stopped recently. How many out of that 20,000 followers will buy your book or go to your blog article? You got it, ONE. You want real people who want to follow you.

Why do you need Twitter followers?

This will expand your web presence and bring more people to your blog. Agents and Publishers like a web presence for their authors. The larger the expanse the greater your free advertising for your work and thus the better your chances of getting published. They Google you!

One thing some people will tell you is that when they look at their Twitter numbers for clicks on articles they post they don’t see much response. Some people won’t click a link to save their lives. They right click and open it in a new window or tab. That doesn’t register as a click or as a Twitter hit on your WP stats. How do I know? I’ve tested it. Yes, that’s the 11 years of Data Analysis guy coming out in me from a marketing background.


1.     Tweet your Blog articles properly

  • Make sure to use the proper hashtags. If you don’t know what a hashtag is it’s the # symbol followed by a word with no spaces. One to be sure to use is #Blogs. #Poetry #Haiku #WritingTips #WriteTips #MondayBlogs #SundayBlogShare are some I use. Simply go to the search field in the top right and type something and see what comes up, like #Friday and see what might matches up with a Friday thing you can use. For Authors you would use things like #Amazon #Kindle #BYNR #Books #Romance. I think you get the idea.
  • Include a bit of humor or something relevant, so it doesn’t look like you just did an automatic Tweet from your scheduled Blog post. One way to be humorous is with the hasthtags, like I will put how I am feeling at that moment, #FeelingConfuzzled or #IDidNotJustSayThat. It doesn’t mean people are going to search for those hashtags but people out there looking around will see that and just think it’s funny then click favorite or ReTweet (RT) you and then more people see you. Also you can do a little message or something that is kind of your trademark.


2.     Go to the hashtags in the Search Field that you are interested in and favorite things you like and even Follow people you find interesting. Some might follow you back. Only do this honestly. You can get crazy with it if you like if you are just after Followers but I wouldn’t recommend it.

3.     This is a fairly sneaky way to do it. People to follow if you just want a follower are people with about the same number of followers as followings. This means that they either auto follow back or they just do it themselves when they see it.

Fun Smiley

4.     Put content not from your blog in Tweets just for fun with one good hashtag that is popular and one personal hashtag that’s a bit funny or just your personality, like I mentioned earlier in the first suggestion.

5,     Have fun with it. Don’t take this too seriously expecting thousands or even hundreds of overnight Followers. Set a reasonable goal for yourself if you like, make it an average.

6.     Don’t get to crazy with it. Don’t go out and just start begging for people to Follow you or look desperate with your attempts at the humor. Just be yourself and let your personality do it for you.

7.     Get involved with hashtag wars. One way to let your personality out AND be crazy is in hashtag wars. Look for them in trends on the left hand side or watch your fellow writers’ Tweets. Hashtag wars are when you do something like “#BadBeatlesSongs Help Me I’ve Fallen And I Can’t Get Up” Help is the actual song and you add some crazy stuff to it. It gets you involved and people see you’re not just around for business.

8.     ReTweet or RT as they say things you like, especially other professionals. You can make lists inside your Twitter to put people into. I have different lists and one is for people that are good for RT purposes. These are people that have great writing tips, expressions, quotes, or articles I can RT to my Followers. Does it get me more Followers? I’ve seen some people RT my RT and then Follow me.

Free Kindle Books

9.     ReTweet or RT great advice from people or Free downloads such as e-books/kindle. I like to RT anytime I run across Free Kindle downloads. Does it get me Followers? I don’t know, but my Followers get a chance to see something they might not be looking for. Also I have ended up with favorites and thanks from the authors offering the free downloads and sometimes they will Follow knowing I do RT like I do. I of course Follow them back.

10.    Follow fellow bloggers on Twitter. This isn’t a method really but I often times like to ask a female if it’s okay for me to follow them on Twitter. I don’t want them thinking I am trying to be weird. Even if it’s available on their blog I just sometimes want to make sure depending on the articles I read from them. Some have content that signals they are open to whatever in followers. But some have blogs that I just feel like it is best to ask first. But with people that Follow your Blog take time to see if they have Twitter. Which reminds, me I need to do that soon.

11.    If you run upon a WordPress blogger on Twitter you like, follow them in Twitter and WP and mention it in a Tweet to them. Yes you want to be courteous. I am not sure courtesy is a method. It’s just what I like to do.

12.    Follow regional people from where you are or like the same team you like. This is a part of having fun and having a personal interest in Twitter outside of it just being business. Sometimes people with a shared connection like this can be your most faithful Followers, because they are not following you just because of a professional reason.

Love my computer13.    Keep your Followers. You are going to lose some Followers so don’t worry about it. Just net gain more than you lose. I like to try to RT and Favorite something from as many of my Followers as I can if I can that is. I don’t do it unless I actually like something though. If I don’t like it I don’t do it. My Twitter policy is based on honesty and courtesy. It is just like my WordPress Following policy. I won’t Follow you unless I like something I’ve read or I like your About page.

The surprising thing I mentioned earlier is how being limited to a certain number of characters challenges your writing. I write poetry, haiku, in Twitter and find it fun. Sometimes I even end up using those poems or thoughts for blog content.

Twitter also allows you to talk to your fellow bloggers freely without doing so on your blog replies. I sometimes will shoot a Direct Message to a friend of something I saw on their content that formatted wrong. Best of all you get to bond with your fellow bloggers.

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How is Bloglovin’ doing for me and some other ideas.

Have you ever checked out where your views come from? If you are like a lot of bloggers you are just happy people show up to read what you offer. For others that are perhaps looking at this as a career thing they are more into details.


I come from a data analysis career. Not that I was one by training or choice, I just somehow had a knack for it and thus there you have it. The reason I look at the statistics we have available to us in or blogs is to see if I am wasting my time with some of the things I do.


I recently added Bloglovin’ to my blog. For those of you not aware, you can connect your blog to Bloglovin’ and people that don’t have an account with your blog world can follow your blog there instead. It’s a pretty cool set up. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now.


If you go to your stats page on WordPress and I suppose other blog platforms are similar you will find a ‘Summaries’ link to click on in the ‘Referrers’ section. This section lets you know where your traffic/visitors are coming from.

If you click on ‘Summaries’ in WordPress you get to see the totals by ‘Referrer’ for the last 7 days and you have other options a well. Well I wanted to see how my Bloglovin’ was doing bring traffic in. The reason I wanted to know is because I go through the trouble of putting the little ‘follow me on bloglovin’ image in each post I do and include a link to my Bloglovin’ page. You don’ t have to do it that way but it’s a way for a reader to see it for sure. Now if there isn’t much traffic coming from it, then why bother, right?


It turns out that Bloglovin’ for the past 7 days is the fourth largest ‘Referrer’ to my blog. The WordPress Reader is first, then Search Engines, then Twitter, then Bloglovin’.

What this means to me is, Bloglovin’ is worth it. You see, you may not have a lot of followers over on Bloglovin’ but people still see your posts and can click.  As i get better and better at blogging, at writing better post Titles and content then Bloglovin very well could move up.


One other thing you might won’t to think about is Google+. I have my blog linked all over the place. When a post goes out it also goes to Google+.  Here is the problem though. Now I’ve been looking for it and maybe you can help with it, but when you send a post there it is automatically set to private and just your circle of friends sees it. Great right? Sarcasm there a little, actually a  lot. So what I have to do is then go in and share it as public. I can’t find a way to set it to be default Public for my posts coming in from my blog.

google+If you are writing a post in Google+ and share it as Public, then your next post you write in Google+ is supposed to be Public. I think I’ve tried that and it worked. It’s just any scheduled items don’t do it. Is it worth it? Well I only recently noticed this problem was happening and really only recently connected with Google+ so I will have to get back to you. I have had some visitors though.


Happy Dancing Twitter Bird

Twitter is my third place provider of ‘Referrers’. This takes no effort really other than typing in some hashtag words in my ‘Publicize’ box  in my blog post editor. That’s right, I don’t even have to go to Twitter.  As long as I am connected to it, I’m good. I’ll give you a couple of cool tips for Twitter another day. I know people are scared of Twitter, but don’t be. It is not difficult at all.


So kick back and enjoy some simple ways to make your blog work for you.

Well that’s about it. Use what you want, ignore what you don’t, right?

Much Respect and Love to Y’all



And hey, wait a minute. See that  image over there? Click it and follow me on bloglovin’.

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How to do Bloglovin. It’s pretty easy.

Bloglovin’ It

What is it?

First, if you are a Blogger then you can break this up into three parts to make it less work for you at a time, although it’s not that much work. For some of us it just takes time away from blogging itself. And it LOOKS like a lot of work.

Let’s look at two basic purposes:


Just to Follow blogs

For a lot of people that either don’t want to sign up for accounts with a lot of different blog providers just to follow a blog, or don’t want to subscribe by email, Bloglovin’ can be a great alternative. Simply go to Bloglovin.com, sign up and follow any blog that’s on the site or add a blog to the site. These blogs are from every imaginable blog provider, from blogspot to WordPress. I don’t mention those to promote those but one is toward the beginning of the alphabet and the other is toward the end.


As a Blogger

For bloggers this is a great way to have people follow your blog without  having to do blog accounts or email subscriptions. Even I am hesitant to do the email and I am a blogger. I do follow a handful that way but I receive enough email driven from my own blog to keep me busy as it is. Okay so I don’t get that much from my own blog but it’s still email to go through. And the more email you have the more of it that turns into junk for you, my blog included.

Once you register your blog with Bloglovin’ then your posts will show up on Bloglovin’. Yes, you read correctly. You don’t have to share or do anything special after you have registered your site itself, not just registered as a member. I repeat after you become a member and then register/claim your site, that’s it.

How do you do it?


Just to follow blogs:

Simply sign up by going to bloglovin.com. When you first register you’ll be asked if you want to use facebook or your email to register. If you use facebook then you will have any friends that are on Bloglovin’ already with blogs perhaps automatically in your list. Kind of cool. I did the email option simply because I like to keep my Blog world and my everyday world separate and manageable as I like it.


Then you search the categories for something you like or search for that favorite blog you like, perhaps ronovanwrites. Several of my friends are there but too many to mention and I don’t want to slight anyone here. Once you find a blog you like, such as ronovanwrites  follow it. Then every time you log in you will see posts available to click and check out and even on the right side of the screen see a list of your friends and how many posts they have going on at the time. Did I mention ronovanwrites is on Bloglovin’? Well if not, ronovanwrites is on Bloglovin’. Hey, if I don’t promote myself who will, right?


For a Blogger you need to sign up just as above. Then: (Updated-12/09/14)

  • Look at the top and to the right and you will see the Heart icon.   Click and you will see ‘Settings’ in the drop down list. Click it.
  • Next you will need to scroll down until you see, Blogs by Me  and a button next to it that says Add Blog. It’s located under the Profile section. Click ‘Add Blog’.
  • Now a screen called Blog analytics comes up with the ‘claim blog’ button.
  • Type in your blog address and search for it. bloglovin claim blog imageIt should come up. Click your blog. If it’s not there you need to register it and Bloglovin’ does well showing you how.
  • Crazy as it sounds, my blog actually had a couple of entries already and I had never been to Bloglovin. I just picked the one that had the most followers and claimed it. It was my address. People can put in a blog they want to follow so don’t be surprised if you see your site there.
  • Whoa! What do I do with that box with the script in it and says ‘Claim blog’?bloglovin_register_html
  • To actually register you need to copy that text into a new post on your blog in the TEXT tab, not the VISUAL tab. You know, just like when you share a video.
  • Once you publish the post and go back to Bloglovin’ you are now registered. Difficult, huh?

How do you add the Bloglovin’ Widget?

No need for numbers now, this is all Blog World business. And it’s simpler than it at first seemed as I tried to follow some directions.

  • First thing, it’s a Widget that will be in your sidebar.
  • I would go ahead and have a Text Widget open and read so you can copy a simple code from Bloglovin’.
  • The image is in the code so no worries there. The Bloglovin’ Widget site has different widgets you can choose from.  Click ‘Get this icon’ under the one you like and copy the code into your text widget. Save it and guess what, you’re done.
  • You can always change your widget when you like, just choose the one that best fits you, your blog and your theme.
  • And also it’s not a bad idea to change up that widget at times just to make things look different and draw your readers eye.

“But wait, Ronovan, some people don’t look at those thingies on the side. What other way can I let a visitor know how to follow me on Bloglovin’?”

  • Copy a Follow me on Bloglovin’ image you like and add it to your media in your blog.
  • When you create a post, add the image and then click the image in your post editor and add the address to your actual Bloglovin’ site. Make sure to check the box for open in different window if you like. What, you didn’t know you could add a ‘link’ to your images? Yep, you do it the exact same way you do any other link. Click the image and then the add a link option in your post editor.
  • Sounds tedious that you need to do it each time. Nope. It’s just like adding any image but this time you have one that should be called Bloglovin’ and one link in your list called Bloglovin to add to your image.  It’s that simple.

We all freak out a little when we start using these new to us features/options, but the truth is, once you actually sit down and walk through it yourself to explain it, it’s easier than a lot of people think and make it sound. I’ve found some sites that just totally confuzzled me. I probably confuzzled you. Have questions, ask me, or I am sure any of my Blog friends who do Bloglovin’ can help as well.

Much Respect



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NEW!! Use me on Twitter. Make it easier for you to find each other.

My WordPress Twitter Family Keeps Growing

Flying Twitter Bird

 Use ME! Yes you read that correctly. Use ME!

Are you New to Twitter or just not that comfortable with it yet? You don’t know how to find people? Or are you the kind of shy type like me and you just aren’t into reaching out to Follow people? I know, me shy, right? It’s true but put me at the keyboard doing this hiding in my room and I’m okay for the most part.

Twitter Bird Egg and HatchlingI want to help.


Here is how I want you to Use ME to Help YOU.



Looking Right Twitter Bird#1

I am going to be improving my RT methods. I haven’t been doing my RT regime like I like to do lately. I’ll not give the excuses or reasons, I don’t use things as an excuse or a crutch. If you haven’t already let me know you are on Twitter,  please do so and I can add you to me WordPress Friends List. Oh, and this is me on Twitter. (I said oh because I was about to publish and thought to add the me on Twitter part.)



The Use ME part comes into play here, well another part of it that is. You can actually go to my LiTwitter Penguinsts and look at my WordPress Friends List and Follow all of those Friends you haven’t connected with yet. Sometimes it’s a connection that slips through the cracks.


#3Happy Dancing Twitter Bird

You can Subscribe to my WordPress Friends List and then be able to view the people in that list. No that doesn’t mean pay. You just click subscribe to list. But I would recommend Following the people. As you click Follow just click the ‘Gear’ on their page and add them to your own special list.
To learn more about Twitter Lists click here.


Just wanted to keep the Blue Bird Moving!

First Blue Bird School Bus




Twitty Bird


Sorry, wrong Blue Bird. So sue me, it’s the teacher in me.


Much Love &Respect






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