Décima Challenge 34 Poets Collected

12 Poets from last week’s challenge of STABLE and their Décimas. All links open in a new window when clicked on.


Decima Challenge Poets Collected Image

Ritu Bhathal | But I Smile Anyway…:   Nativity

L | EASTELMHURST.A.GO.GO:   Winter And Spring


Day Dream

This morning fog consumes the sky,
lustrous dreams swallowed in haze,
a portent of loss, an end of days,
a slow sweep slippage into nigh.

But I choose not to let time fly
beyond my grasp, outside my ken.
With every breath, I breathe life in,
achieve new ground, fresh, strong, stable,
extend my reach, my life’s fable.
my spirit, my mind, and my Zen.

Frank Hubeny | Poetry, Short Prose and Walking:   Décimas #1 Stable and #2 Truthful Hope    

Mindfills:   travels in the wild

MMA Storytime:  The Elite Squad

Dr. Crystal Grimes | Mystical Strings:    Self-deception

Ranting Along:  https://rantingalong.blog/2020/12/03/23837/

Arthur Richardson | Poems, Polemicks and Licks:  Tripping with the Magi Power Tower

Ronovan Writes:  Our Youth Need

The Tenth Zodiac:  Unfamous Heir

willowdot21:   Banished

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Sexism and discrimination in today’s holiday society.

The world today is filled with sexism and discrimination everywhere you look. No matter the country or the people, there they are, the isms and the nations. I’ve returned to lend my voice once again to champion for all of those who are victims of these awful things.

This past week perhaps millions of heart shaped boxes covered in red, lace, and roses were shared around the world. They said I love you on the lid, but those words were merely a mask for the evil hidden within. Boxes filled with various chocolates injected with flavored cremes, liquors, and even a different texture of chocolate. Valentine’s day is the top candy day of the year and loved by all who love love or simply love the sweet or bitter taste of that miracle of beans found in Mexico. Blast your blood thirsty conquistador heart Hernán Cortés.

I believe all of you should see the obvious direction this is going. Sexism and discrimination are built, literally, in to the products of Valentine’s Day, and specifically those of candy companies.

Valentine's assorted chocolate heart.

I, yes, this poor red-headed-step-child, am a victim of this cheapskate sexist discrimination. Have you ever watched a man with large fingers attempt to remove chocolates from those heart-shaped boxes each year? Once a year I find myself resorting to one of the following methods because candy companies make the chocolates of a size that is so close to the exact size of their particular space that my man-child fingers cannot raise the chocolate up enough to remove. They are made for tiny lady fingers. Hmm. There was a time I would have rambled after having typed lady fingers about biscuits or cookies, but I’ve matured sense then. On with the show. Chocolate removing methods.

  • The Smash or Pinch Method: This requires one to damage the chocolate in such a way that the velvety chocolate covers the fingers, but the candy is now easily removed.
  • The Roll Method: With this one you must constantly run your finger tip from the edge of the candy and over the top in hopes the chocolate with flip on to its side.
  • The Dump It All: This one is obvious, but I’ll explain anyway and note the drawback. You simply flip the box over in a bowl and all the chocolates have found freedom, freedom to my mouth. The drawback? The nice chocolate maps they have in the lids of the boxes are now useless and you now risk biting in to your Valentine’s favorite kind by mistake, although it was bought for you, but we all know how it really works. Chocolates belong to women, even if owned by a man. For single men, never having had a girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, keep the afore mentioned in mind.
  • The Push Up: You raise the tray of chocolates up and push from beneath the one you want so it raises up enough for you to remove it. (Note: This one was provided by a therapist that I discussed this with.)
  • The Toothpick: Just use a toothpick to flip the chocolate over or stick the toothpick into the piece hors d’oeuvres style.

Although one can use any of the methods above, they are not all feasible, depending upon the situation and number of people partaking of the chocolates.

Now you can understand why chocolate companies are cheap, sexist, and discriminatory to us big fingered gents. What would it take to add just a little more space for the chocolate? I’m sorry I don’t have even a pinky finger small enough to fit in that hairline fracture of a space. Nor do I allow my nails to grow to that length, well not intentionally, but they do sometimes when I get lazy and nonattentive to my nail growth grooming.

Have you ever come to the end of a blog post and wondered why you ever started reading it to begin with? Well, I think you answer yes to that question if ever asked again. But blogs are a place to get that itch out of your brain. I’ve been adequately scratched…for now.

Random Acts of Rhymeness of a Lost Mind.

I thought people might like to see what I used to do when completely out of my mind and bored. Warning, the following is not good and may be hazardous to your poetry skills for the day. From May, 2014.


Lost Man in Chair


Social Media Random Acts of Rhymeness

My brain fails to stop me sometimes. Here are the ‘poems’ I came up with and tweeted last night.



Peter O’Toole

Never played a Fool

Unless he wore a crown.



There are things we must know

When we know nothing at all

Stand up straight shoulders back

And shut our mouths above all.



Why do you quibble

When the meaning is so far

Buried within us?


Much Respect-Much Love


Ron_LWIRonovan is an author, and blogger who shares his life as an amnesiac and Chronic Pain sufferer though his blog RonovanWrites.WordPress.com. His love of poetry, authors and community through his online world has lead to a growing Weekly Haiku Challenge and the creation of a site dedicated to book reviews, interviews and author resources known as LitWorldInterviews.WordPress.com.

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Diane and Jack: Hater Hate?


© Copyright-All rights reserved by ronovan 2015

Football “strikes” Out.


For my American friends who have been following the NFL Draft, you might get this. Who knew “never ever” meant “until we needed a good pick”?

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US to KSA to Kids and Women’s rights. The Yemen cartoonist.

Sometimes an article doesn’t end up as it begins. I search for artists of Graphic Literature and am successful. But when I find them, sometimes I get a lesson beyond cool looking pictures and novels that I can see and interpret with very few words to get in the way of my imagination.

Take Maizin Shuja’a Al-Din of Yemen.

With the aim of entertaining and educating children, Shuja’a Al-Din publishes comics that discuss different issues including child labor, early marriage and education.

Newspaper publishers do not appreciate cartoonists in Yemen, Shuja’a Al-Din says. However, the lack of appreciation makes him “more determined to continue his work.”~yementimes.com

y-1There is also Arwa Moukbel, a young female cartoonist. Now that’s a rarity in Yemen. She likes to speak her mind but her family keeps her in check so as not to, I guess basically get herself imprisoned or worse. Not exactly a lot of freedoms there.


Rashad Al-Sameai is probably one of the most if not the most popular right now. The former psychology studies 30 something year old creates from his heart and writes about bad habits and things that speak to the people. I’m not exactly certain what his work says so I’m not going to display it here. One somewhat popular comics site actually erased the text from a cartoonist’s work  before putting it on their site, not Al-Sameai. But I would rather just not display it than alter it. If I can translate it at some point I’ll share it. But I do know he champions the rights of women and children.

Finally, Kamal Sharaf, actually spent a month in prison for, being forcibly removed from his home in 2010 after he challenged the then president Ali Abdullah Saleh. He still satires, and challenges. And even challenges the current president at times.

y-3I think a big part of what Yemen cartoonist have a problem with is how other countries like to stick their noses in and treat the country like it belongs to them. I get that. Depending on the government at the time, you could be taking your freedom into your own pen. Imprisonment, death threats, and basic fear for family are common thoughts each day as these cartoonist deliver messages in one panel that a whole news show or book can’t explain. And you know what? You’ll remember the images.That news show? Not a chance.

I plan to expand this one a lot more as I find more cartoonist, have more time, and translate what I find.

Much Respect


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My Response to the 10 Things Florence T. Wants.

Florence T. paid me a great compliment by doing her own “10 Things” on Friday. After having some fun answering my ‘10 Things I Just Need to Know About . . . Women‘ she came up with her own ‘10 Things I want to know…about men‘.

Here are my answers to those questions. If you want to know the questions then please visit Florence T and her article.



I love to cook so, let me see. Um . . . let’s see men like all balls of all colors. They even like smooth ones or fuzzy ones. If they see them they must have them. They are like a laser pointer to a cat.

FGLaserpointer.gifI said a CAT!





We like to watch other men with balls but we think we know about how to use them better than those who get paid for it.







Men just naturally want it long I guess. They like the way it feels and lays there enticingly.


(I just had to use this one. It might not be about the question but it is just so . . .  ow.)





I don’t mind a woman in control. She knows, so tell me what to do and where to go otherwise she gets frustrated and then there is no fun for anyone. But I know some men just don’t get it . . . even when told.







Hmm . . . one word . . .sex.


(Yeah, I changed the name of this one to “dog” slap in my files.)





We like it to feel good inside not just look good.







Maybe it has to do with answers to #1 and #2.







It is great four letter word. It’s one of my favorites too. And I am glad you think it’s sexy. I guess some men just think it’s just not a very masculine thing and other men would use it as a sign of weakness when applied.








I think you are right about this especially the anger and lust being the man ones. But answer #3 relates to this. If we used it any other way then we would be called that four letter word.







Yes. I think we would love to. Just putting it all out there for everyone to see would make everyone better off and make it a healthier world.




There you have it. Now go check out ‘10 things I want to know . . .about men‘ from Florence T.



Much Respect




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10 Things I Just Need to Know–About Women

Okay, so I’ve done a few articles and lists about men and our issues. Well today I’m going after the women. That’s right Female Focus Friday is doing just that Focusing on the Females.


Ladies here it is . . .


10 Things I Just Need to Know

 (Why do I start sounding like J Lo’s ex every time I say ‘I need to know”? You do know which of her ex’s I mean, right? Just sayin’. And oh yes, I did go there.)



Ladies why do you look better cross dressing than we do? You put on our dress shirts and . . . okay, I’m not really asking. I just wanted to, you know, okay, never mind, time to move on. (Stop looking at me like that, yes, the ears are burning red now.)





Ladies, why do you like dope so much? Yes, I said it. Dopamine is the chemical that chocolate releases in the brain. So what’s up with that, ladies?Woman_eating_chocolate





Why can’t you drink with your eyes open? Every time you take that first drink from a cup of coffee or tea you close your eyes. Is it concern over the contact lenses melting from the steam, or one might pop out and start floating?














Okay, Steven Tyler in the 70’s, okay, maybe the 80’s, sure. You hit the 90’s it’s getting close, then the 2000’s, umm. What’s up with the continued fascination with Steven Tyler? Mick Jagger and David Bowie had a love child? That whole Dancing in the Sheets song from Live Aid still has me confused. Wait, that was the song from Footloose . . . hmm . . .









From my understanding lipstick can pull out the pigment in your lips meaning they fade the color, but you use lipstick to give your lips color . . . and then they have the tattoo makeup procedures? I think I see a cycle here. Do any of you?





Why do you make men act so stooopid? I mean we fall in love, we get rid of all our friends, forget our mother’s birthdays to go to your friend’s baby shower, and then two weeks after we start dating, you say it’s over? Whipped boy say whut?




Miley Cyrus? Can you explain her to me, please?




I get it, high heels make your calves and butt look great, but why in the world put yourself through that? Why is there a big man at my door screaming through the window at me right now?

Screaming Man




David Beckham, Hugh Jackman, or Vin Diesel? I gotta know. (Comment below.)























I’m big, I’m cuddly. So why is it that Kevin James gets all the cute and cuddly and I don’t? I need to know!

Kevin_James.jpgRon Cover Shot













Check out Hilary’s answers back at me at Joy of Writing.


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Notification of Plop

Notification of Plop

by: Ronovan

I have a notification

I see it up there at the topSwirling blue toilet bowl with 1

But when I go to look

There’s nothing to make me stop


I wonder where the number went

That number 1 that went pop

Was it just there to tease me

With hopes that then went flop


Oh you evil message thingy

You promised me a prop

Then you evil message thingy

You end up splashing plop


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Tim Hawkins: Hand Raising in Church

Sometimes you just need a laugh. In my church if you raise your hand they think you either have to go to the restroom or you just volunteered to cut the church lawn next Saturday.