Random Acts of Rhymeness of a Lost Mind.

I thought people might like to see what I used to do when completely out of my mind and bored. Warning, the following is not good and may be hazardous to your poetry skills for the day. From May, 2014.


Lost Man in Chair


Social Media Random Acts of Rhymeness

My brain fails to stop me sometimes. Here are the ‘poems’ I came up with and tweeted last night.



Peter O’Toole

Never played a Fool

Unless he wore a crown.



There are things we must know

When we know nothing at all

Stand up straight shoulders back

And shut our mouths above all.



Why do you quibble

When the meaning is so far

Buried within us?


Much Respect-Much Love


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Diane and Jack: Hater Hate?


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Football “strikes” Out.


For my American friends who have been following the NFL Draft, you might get this. Who knew “never ever” meant “until we needed a good pick”?

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US to KSA to Kids and Women’s rights. The Yemen cartoonist.

Sometimes an article doesn’t end up as it begins. I search for artists of Graphic Literature and am successful. But when I find them, sometimes I get a lesson beyond cool looking pictures and novels that I can see and interpret with very few words to get in the way of my imagination.

Take Maizin Shuja’a Al-Din of Yemen.

With the aim of entertaining and educating children, Shuja’a Al-Din publishes comics that discuss different issues including child labor, early marriage and education.

Newspaper publishers do not appreciate cartoonists in Yemen, Shuja’a Al-Din says. However, the lack of appreciation makes him “more determined to continue his work.”~yementimes.com

y-1There is also Arwa Moukbel, a young female cartoonist. Now that’s a rarity in Yemen. She likes to speak her mind but her family keeps her in check so as not to, I guess basically get herself imprisoned or worse. Not exactly a lot of freedoms there.


Rashad Al-Sameai is probably one of the most if not the most popular right now. The former psychology studies 30 something year old creates from his heart and writes about bad habits and things that speak to the people. I’m not exactly certain what his work says so I’m not going to display it here. One somewhat popular comics site actually erased the text from a cartoonist’s work  before putting it on their site, not Al-Sameai. But I would rather just not display it than alter it. If I can translate it at some point I’ll share it. But I do know he champions the rights of women and children.

Finally, Kamal Sharaf, actually spent a month in prison for, being forcibly removed from his home in 2010 after he challenged the then president Ali Abdullah Saleh. He still satires, and challenges. And even challenges the current president at times.

y-3I think a big part of what Yemen cartoonist have a problem with is how other countries like to stick their noses in and treat the country like it belongs to them. I get that. Depending on the government at the time, you could be taking your freedom into your own pen. Imprisonment, death threats, and basic fear for family are common thoughts each day as these cartoonist deliver messages in one panel that a whole news show or book can’t explain. And you know what? You’ll remember the images.That news show? Not a chance.

I plan to expand this one a lot more as I find more cartoonist, have more time, and translate what I find.

Much Respect


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My Response to the 10 Things Florence T. Wants.

Florence T. paid me a great compliment by doing her own “10 Things” on Friday. After having some fun answering my ‘10 Things I Just Need to Know About . . . Women‘ she came up with her own ‘10 Things I want to know…about men‘.

Here are my answers to those questions. If you want to know the questions then please visit Florence T and her article.



I love to cook so, let me see. Um . . . let’s see men like all balls of all colors. They even like smooth ones or fuzzy ones. If they see them they must have them. They are like a laser pointer to a cat.

FGLaserpointer.gifI said a CAT!





We like to watch other men with balls but we think we know about how to use them better than those who get paid for it.







Men just naturally want it long I guess. They like the way it feels and lays there enticingly.


(I just had to use this one. It might not be about the question but it is just so . . .  ow.)





I don’t mind a woman in control. She knows, so tell me what to do and where to go otherwise she gets frustrated and then there is no fun for anyone. But I know some men just don’t get it . . . even when told.







Hmm . . . one word . . .sex.


(Yeah, I changed the name of this one to “dog” slap in my files.)





We like it to feel good inside not just look good.







Maybe it has to do with answers to #1 and #2.







It is great four letter word. It’s one of my favorites too. And I am glad you think it’s sexy. I guess some men just think it’s just not a very masculine thing and other men would use it as a sign of weakness when applied.








I think you are right about this especially the anger and lust being the man ones. But answer #3 relates to this. If we used it any other way then we would be called that four letter word.







Yes. I think we would love to. Just putting it all out there for everyone to see would make everyone better off and make it a healthier world.




There you have it. Now go check out ‘10 things I want to know . . .about men‘ from Florence T.



Much Respect




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