NO! – a poem.



As the end wept upon the land,

we could hear the approaching fall.

Justice answered the trumpet’s call,

trusting the fight to her troop’s hand.


Fate trembles with haste to expand,

through misdeeds by her shameless foe.

Past foolish decisions now crow,

“Wait—no—this was not meant to be.”

They beg the nation, “Hear our plea.

Heal honor, shout, no…no… NO!”


My entry for this week’s Décima Poetry Challenge No. 23 FALL. (A New Challenge here on

Poetry Lost Mind Image

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Suppressed Youth – a poem in plain English… sort of.

This is what the alliteration masterpiece of yesterday meant, in almost plain English.


Good old boys with their good old ways,

influence minds newer of thought,

who know what voters want and sought.

Life long hand shakers give crass gaze,

causing new hopes dashed in a haze.

The old guard’s ways stay close and true.

Their weak platform made young minds spew.

Leaders are out of touch with time,

while hard-fought wins are in their prime.

Toady Congress brought want for new.



My entry for this week’s Décima Poetry Challenge No. 12 TRUE. (A New Challenge here on

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Suppressed Youth – a poem.

Daily dancing dalliance,

invades innocent intentions,

in insightful interventions.

Stately statesmen stage stalwart stance,

choking challengers’ cheerful chance.

Tragic traditions translate true.

Flawed floor flaunted… fledgling flames flew.

Strictly strait strategy stride’s strange.

Chad champions chiming–choose change.

Crap Congress crafted crowds craved crew.



I am never trying this again. Well, at least not for another week…or three.

My entry for this week’s Décima Poetry Challenge No. 12 TRUE. (A New Challenge here on

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THE DC MEN- A Décima Poem

The DC Men

‘The powers that be’ say stay calm,

and wait till a little later.

But now’s the time that is greater.

Keep 119:60 a just Psalm,

carried out in your righteous palm.

Look at that divinely sent ten.

Are they kept bye those DC men?

If only they’d done as they should

we would be saying ‘all is good’,

But now….off to the lion’s den.



I used LATER as a Synonym for NEXT. I didn’t like the first poem I put out.

HERE is some of my recent poetry related to Black Lives Matter to scroll through.

Standard Poetry Image for Friday

My entry for this week’s Décima Poetry Challenge No. 9 NEXT. (A New Challenge here on


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Forensic Goof- A Décima Poem

Forensic Goof

You thought your term was bulletproof.

Then there’re rumors of your sext text.

So what’re you going to do next.

You’re now a political goof,

turned into an SNL spoof.

But with a  big enough check.

you’ll save this runaway trainwreck.

The New York Times puts it in print,

On no, here comes the New Your Post.

Now you’re thinking of that almost.

That check you wrote… has your thumbprint.


My entry for this week’s Décima Poetry Challenge No. 9 NEXT. (A New Challenge here on

I did around four other poems but they were too serious. I wanted something light and maybe a bit funny this week. So after two hours, a night of sleep, and another 30 minutes, you get that.


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Democracy a Décima Poem.

My entry for this weeks Décima Poetry Challenge No.2 Hope. (A New Challenge here on



He may be huge, but he has no hope,
in the upcoming election,
there’ll be a massive rejection.
Stinks so bad…he’ll need soap to cope.

Then…we will have no need to mope.
Finally, a country set free,
of frauds thinking just for TV.
From spiteful eyes with pundit ties,
and screeching highs of dabblers’ cries.
And in the end, might we agree?

Democracy Decima Poem Image


© 2020 Ronovan Hester Copyright reserved. The author asserts his moral and legal rights over this work.

All The Noise Gets In Our Way.

Dear Visitors and Friends,

What is to follow are my own opinions about the various organizations. I will try to avoid generalizations but if I do happen to clump people together, please know that I don’t believe that everyone under an umbrella name are the same.

I was wrong. It’s not often that anyone who puts something online returns later to say that. And even less when people who read the wrong information comes back to read the correction. However, that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t admit their wrong.

On November 17, 2016 I wrote that I had hope that Donald Trump would turn out to be ineffectual and to egotistical to do things that would make him so unpopular. I believed he wanted to be seen as having a better presidency than Obama. I guess he has his own ideas what that means. I’ll reiterate here that he was not my choice for president, and that I wrote that post to allay the fears of friends around the world.

I’ve been paying some attention to how people are trying to remove him from office and campaign against him. There are a lot of mistakes being made and I believe if the country as a collective would step back and take several deep breathes, it might discover most of us agree on many things, including voting out Trump.

What is getting in the way of our coming together, having a conversation, or recognizing there are agreements on many things? The noise.

There isn’t a majority or even a healthy smaller amount people causing the disruption, but the noisy ones are those the media loves to put on TV and social media spreads like a wildfire in the middle of a three-month drought. Two of the noise maker groups are the alt-right and antifa. These two entities inspire fear on both sides of the political line that then causes voters to vote against the party the group somewhat represents.

The interesting aspect of this is neither truly represents either side. They each have their own agendas. The alt-right stand for alternative right. They don’t agree with the right, the conservative or moderate Republicans. They want a separate white state and believe the only way for that to happen is for the US to cease to exist in its present form. They even take it one step further and have different what they refer to as races occupy different regions of the present-day US territory.

Let me take a moment to say that I don’t believe in separate races. We are the human race, with different physical and cultural characteristics. But the alt-right, the NSM (National Socialist Movement), Aryan Nation, or the KKK, among others, don’t see it that way, even though some claim to believe in the Bible. If they really did, they would remember there were only two people in the beginning.

The alt-right does not represent 99% of the conservatives in this country, just as I would think the antifa do not represent a huge majority of the liberals.

Here is an image from the documentary Alt-Right Age of Rage currently on Netflix showing how some divide up the far, extreme right.

Far right category image.I think the Nazi sign would include the KKK, the NSA and others that are extremists about race. And keep in min this is just a sorting by one source. Oddly if you were to watch the film, the founder of the alt-right would be a mixture of the lite and right.

I tried to find how the left side of the line looks at that far extreme but was unsuccessful. If anyone has a good chart, please put a link in the comments. It can include the right and left. Thanks in advance. If it’s good and credible, I’ll share it here and give credit as well.

Antifa means anti-fascists. The modern form of antifa and the NSM both have early roots in the punk music scene. While one side was screaming out and identifying with hatred and frustration with the world and what it was doing to them, or so they perceived, the other side was screaming about how people should unite against those who discriminate. One thing to know about antifa, they are not a united, organized group, but instead are multiple groups who unite through social media or emails to protest in certain cities at set times. One antifa group doesn’t represent another antifa group.

I think looking at the roots you can see how the extreme ends of the spectrum run high on emotions, not as in disturbed mentally, but are passionate about what it is they believe and are willing to show it, whether they are right or wrong. You pick your side, if you dare to pick one.

Me, I’m in the middle, almost dead center. I’ve learned over the course of following elections that I believe in things on the right of the moderate line and on the left of the moderate line. I personally believe if people were honest, they would say they same. No one party is completely right or wrong. Everyone talks about the right and left but there are other directions to take in politics.

Another problem is those heavily involved in politics vary on what they think of as extreme views. I think a lot of people can agree that alt-right and associated acts views are extreme, but on the left people start getting vague about wanting to call anyone out. And with the attacks people face from the extremes when they do express their views on either side that differ from those extremes and how they are spread on social media and sometimes end up on news programs, there isn’t even a chance for discussions.

Back to my point. With the focus on the noise the extremes are making no one is paying attention to the sensible, experienced people. The best people in government today are hiding in their offices because they are afraid of being labeled something that might cost them votes. This is one reason I am good with the idea of term limits. If you know your term is coming to an end, then you can step out and take chances and be bold for the people of your state and country. To do what is best for the people, not the party.

One of the many sad scenarios of the political world today is the most knowledgeable people about any given topic are rarely the ones being consulted or placed in charge of the issue. It’s the movers and shakers, the glad-handers, and butt kissers that claw to become a leader a committee rather than be an actual leader of their state or people.

The image above represents how the system really looks, or thereabouts. The country is in the middle strong and healthy. As you move further away from a united systems things begin to fade. And there is no simple right and left.

The divisiveness began back in the 1990s. The following is from Joe Biden’s eulogy at John McCain’s funeral. For those who do not know, Biden is a Democrat and McCain was a Republican and they were best friends since the 1970s. And yes, they were Dem and Rep even back then.

“We both would end our caucus, and coincidentally, we were approached by our caucus leaders with the same thing: ‘Joe, it doesn’t look good, you sitting next to John all the time,’ ” Biden said, as those in attendance laughed. “I swear to God. The same thing was said to John in your caucus. That’s when things began to change for the worse in America, in the Senate. That’s when it changed.”

I wonder if pro wrestling influenced the US political arena. In pro wrestling, back in the day, the good guys only talked to, ate with, or traveled with the good guys, and vice versa with the bad guys (baby faces and heels for the fans reading this). The idea was pro wrestling was real and feuds were real and went on even outside the arena. It was called kayfabe, a word used by wrestlers to warn others when outsiders would come around to get in to character.  Of course, most fans knew it was fake, but enjoyed the spectacle.

Politics has taken kayfabe to a new level. It has turned kayfabe into the real thing. New Senators and Representatives don’t realize there was a point you were meant to work together instead of fight. In pro wrestling the good guy and bad guy depended on each other to make sure they came out in the end safely and successfully gave the people what they wanted and needed.

Now politicians are the managers of their wrestlers, antifa for the left and the alt-right and associated acts for the right. The bad part is, they can’t manage them because the truth is, the far ends don’t really agree with the parties. Some of each end are the talkers, the mouth pieces of the ideologies, usually intelligent and articulate, but then you have the muscle. Some of antifa and the alt-right are willing to and like to fight. For the alt-right itself, it’s more the associated acts that fight. The NSM, the KKK, the neo-Nazis. But, the alt-right freely and seem to gladly unite with these groups during rallies.

I wonder if there will be a day when the governing system of the US will truly become a governing system as opposed to a power-seeking system. It’s doubtful. Whenever you have a group, there is very likely to be a leader and others who want to be that leader.

I wish there was someone with the organizational power to pull together millions of Americans to write actual letters and send them to Congress and perhaps the White House demanding certain things happen. Each letter demanding the same thing, concise, professional, without threats. Doesn’t matter the party, just that our Washington tax-paid employees do their jobs, grow spines, and tell the president no. Get things done despite him.

I better stop now, or I’ll ramble on forever and lose my way. I’ll spend another time discussing further about the noise and how it comes even from silence.


Respect and Love.,


Atonement For A Nation

I look upon the face of our nation

The creases of strife and hatred etched as stone

I look in to the eyes of damnation

The years of a democracy perhaps overthrown

I look for the spirit of liberation

The pain of the hopeless is ours to atone

Atonement image.

I am brokenhearted over US.

A blog is a place to get things off your mind and your heart. We’ve turned it into something entirely different and thus less therapeutic. When I first started blogging I did a lot of therapy with stories and poetry. Over time I thought I lost that ability. I did. I didn’t have the physical or mental energy to keep going. After you blog as intensively as I did you might understand.

I also discovered another reason I stopped. Pain. I can’t sit for more than a minute, if even that log without great pain from the bottom of my spine and inching upward. Within minutes, unless I grit my teeth and forge my way ahead, I am lying down on a couch or a bed. Walking after sitting for a few minutes is difficult because of that pain, and just the pain of trying to stand brings even more pain.

That’s not why I am brokenhearted. I tell you all of that to give you an idea of what I am going through as I write this. Many of you probably won’t like what I have to say, but then again, this is a blog. This is my journal and my journey. Those of you that were around at the beginning you know the journey I’ve been through here and with you.

I am probably one of the biggest supporters and encouragers of women. If you were here during my earlier years you would have seen almost daily posts about how great I thought women were or interviewing women, or sharing their posts here on my blog. That is another reason this is painful because people are going to think I am against women.

I support the #MeToo movement in its original purpose. I think we can all agree that some have come along and not helped it very much and have only detracted from those who are real survivors of assault and sufferers of harassment. I think women who are assaulted should be heard, even if it is decades latter.

On Wednesday I watched the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing testimony of Christina Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh. The way this entire thing has been turned in to a political circus is disappointing. Ms. Ford almost experienced the worst thing a woman can experience as far as I am concerned, other than maybe losing a child of any age. I have no doubt she was attacked. I do question if it was Judge Kavanaugh simply based on the other people stated as being there deny any such party occurred.

Those are my opinions. We are all entitled to those and friends all over the world believe different things but remain friends. I think those differences make for more interesting friends and even perhaps better friends because they allow for a person to grow and experience differing opinions rather than a homogenized world view.

I am not going to fault Ms. Ford’s gaps in memory because I also have memory problems, or problem, after suffering a Grade 3 concussion that ended up providing me with retrograde amnesia. In other words, I lost all of my memories from before that concussion. Was it entirely from the fall and my head striking against three hard surfaces in three different places before I impacted with the floor? Perhaps there is also an emotional trauma issue.

My only theory with Ms. Ford naming Judge Kavanaugh and his not being the attacker is that perhaps in her trauma and over time Judge Kavanaugh became, to Ms. Ford, the true attacker. No, I do not think she is naming him out of some spiteful plan to keep him from the Supreme Court. No, I do not think she ever wanted to be part of what some are calling a delaying tactic. I have read the timeline of from when she thought of writing the letter until her entering the courtroom today. She never wanted to testify. She never wanted people to know her name. She wanted the Committee to take her information seriously and use it in their decision making and investigation process. Not until after some of the Committee found out that the Ranking Member had a letter regarding Judge Kavanaugh did the existence of said letter end up public and the fire was lit. Within two days reporters of The New Yorker had the contents, somehow. She revealed her name two days later in The Washington Post because reporters were sitting outside her house, talking through the window trying to calm her dog down, and even entering her classroom while she was working. People were also calling her colleagues at Stanford University.

I am heartbroken that someone related to this hearing, this confirmation, leaked the existence of her letter and then obviously her name. Someone that was either elected to one of the most powerful positions in the nation or perhaps someone that works for one of them betrayed a woman that was terrified of going public. If you saw her today you would see that she is someone that seems very private about her personal life. I could see that by the way she spoke and her body language. But I’m not an expert on that, it’s just my opinion.

Once she was exposed she then did her civic duty, as she did in the beginning by notifying her member of Congress. If only Senator Feinstein had thought to ask Judge Kavanugh questions about sexual assault during her private question meetings with him, or even during the public hearings, or even in the 1200-1300 written follow-up questions perhaps none of Wednesday would have happened.

I am heartbroken over the hyper politicized nature of this entire procedure. All Senator Feinstein had to do was ask Judge Kavanugh in her on-on-one meetings, and if he said no, then contact Ms. Ford and say she believed there was a need to move into an official investigation. I actually believe Senator Feinstein thought she was doing the right thing and the best thing for Ms. Ford. That is not a joke. I don’t believe she is the type that would use this woman’s tragedy for political plots. The hyper politicized does not come from Senator Feinstein but by others sitting to her left during the hearing.

Even before the allegation came forward, Senator Feinstein’s colleague Senator Booker back in late July called Judge Kavanaugh Evil and anyone supporting him was complicit in evil a full month before meeting with him one-on-one on August 23. Senator Booker attempted through his phrasing of a question to get Judge Kavanaugh to say Yes he thought Ms. Ford’s allegations were a ploy being used against him. If Judge Kavanaugh had said yes, he would have been vilified even more than he has been so far. Her allegations do appear as though they are being used by members of the committee as a ploy to keep Judge Kavanaugh from being confirmed. Even before they had heard Judge Kavanaugh respond to the allegations they decided he was guilty.

I am brokenhearted that my country has forgotten the immense privilege it is to be considered innocent until proven guilty. Some of our elected officials, some who want to become President of the US someday, have forgotten that we are innocent until proven guilty. They have thrown it away in their desire to deny a man nominated by a President they despise. They throw it aside because this man is a conservative and they are afraid he will help overturn Roe v. Wade.

I am brokenhearted watching apparently intelligent adults on news programs with their minds and eyes closed to events in front of them just because they don’t like Ms. Ford or Judge Kavanaugh. Both sides have come out, even before the hearing on Wednesday, saying they believed one or the other. They hadn’t even had a hearing yet.

I am brokenhearted that I am even writing this. I fought with myself for hours before finally giving in I could not get away from it. I had to get all of this out, plus so much more but I’ve been at this for well over 30 minutes and my spine has locked up and is screaming at me. My migraines, which as a result of the concussion, never stop, not even for one second in the last, four years I think. Migraines, a bad spine, Fibromyalgia, and ME/CFS all combined are not a fun filled day at the beach.

I am brokenhearted because I am ashamed of how low my country has fallen. Not just in this hearing, but throughout government and the mindset of my fellow citizens

I once was a Republican. That changed during the early months of 2017. No, I am not a Trump supporter, nor was I then. My candidate didn’t make the final cut. Write-ins are a great thing. I decided that after the election I would at least give things a chance. Be optimistic. Be hopeful. Be prayerful. And now here we are, a nation that on the surface appears so divided we should almost divide in half and move people around. But we are the United States and we go that way through one hard fought war, and kept that way through the darkest and bloodiest time on our nations soil. (That didn’t involve the killing of Native Americans.) We will stay that way through what I pray is only two more years before some amazing person comes along, be it a Democrat or perhaps a different Republican steps up to make a challenge.

I am brokenhearted because I no longer have a party that I can call home. But I have decided I don’t like the party system any longer. Look what it does to intelligent people.

I am brokenhearted that I may have to leave this country someday because I stay awake at night thinking about the disaster we are. I think about all the good things we could be, could be doing. There is so much this country could solve if there was no other side of the aisle and everyone just sat together, talked, discussed, brainstormed, and tried to find commonalities instead of all the things that divide. Focus on the united not the divided. It’s on our nation’s name.

I’ve talked enough. I have journeyed through this page and hope I can now sleep a little with a less cluttered and frustrated mind. I hope no one has read this because it will likely frustrate whoever is foolish enough to take this journey with me.

Much Respect to Y’all and good night  or perhaps I might say good morning by this time.

The Ignorant White Man: Institutionalized Oppression of Women.

To start off with, this is not a completely fleshed out piece that I was hoping for. However, it is a piece that I hope with get some men out there to realize reality. Reality in many areas, some you may not even know I was going to come at you with. Eventually I’ll get that well formed piece of work with all the notations, citations, and other tions, but for now, here you have it, from a man in the middle of his worst Fibromyalgia Flare in years.

Sexism image

Society is a bunch of institutionalized isms. I hate the word ‘institutionalized’ these days. But, it’s a fact and we can’t avoid it and shouldn’t. Avoidance is one of the ways we are the way we are now.

Depending on whether you believe in some type of faith or you’re an atheist that believes in the evolution of man from molecules to man, at some point man flexed his muscles and put woman in her place. Okay, he put her where she couldn’t do him any harm and couldn’t have power over him.

In the beginning, as soon as there was both male and female on this planet, they were partners. One hunted, the man, and the female gathered, probably because she was smarter and was stuck taking care of the kids because men didn’t want to be bothered by the task, and thus couldn’t really travel to far. So, right there is the first sign of sexism and the oppression of women.

Many scientist and historians don’t think of men exerting authority until agriculture became a reality. At that time, men wanted to make sure the kids that would inherit his lands would have his DNA and not the neighbor’s.

Being a man of faith, the Christian faith, I believe God intended man and woman to be partners. After all He said;

26 Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness. They will rule the fish of the sea, the birds of the sky, the livestock, all the earth, and the creatures that crawl on the earth.”

27 So God created man in His own image;
He created him in the image of God;
He created them male and female. —Genesis 1:26-27

The word man here is not speaking of a male, but of people, human beings. Then you see God created human beings in His own image, male and female. You see God doesn’t look like us, at least not as far as I know. When we are made in His image, I believe this speaks to the aspects of God, the characteristics of God. After God has created male and female, saw everything he had created, and it was very good. He didn’t say this before Eve was created, but afterward. This means it all wasn’t very good without female, without Eve, the female characteristics of God.

And before anyone decides to jump to the comments and say God is a man and not a woman, I’m not saying anything to the contrary. What I am saying is that God is the mother and father of us all. He has all those characteristics in Him.

Eve was created to be Adam’s mate, his partner in taking care of everything. God gave everything to man, human beings, to have dominion over, not just the men. But once humans were kicked out of the Garden of Eden, that’s when things began to change.

People have used religion to oppress women for as long as there has been religion. In the Old Testament of the Bible, you see multiple wives, selling and trading women and daughters, and a lot of demeaning things. God didn’t approve of the idea of the whole multiple wives thing, it’s just what was happening so that’s what was written in the Bible. Then since the Ten Commandments apparently wasn’t clear enough he gave a set of laws for the Jews to follow, which included some pretty bad things. I’m just happy Christians don’t have a reason to look to Leviticus as a guide for our own way of handling things. The sad thing is, some Christians use the Old Testament to put women in a subservient role in the household.

I think in those very early days, like when Adam and Eve were first out of the Garden, the dividing of duties was simply a case of what made sense. Adam could travel farther to hunt, while Eve was able to breast feed the children and stay in the same area while she gathered, which research says provided as much as 70% of the calories for ancient human beings. Yep, women were the boss in that aspect.

As the centuries past, men exerted their strength over women to become more and more in control, to the point there was no questioning what was happening. It was all seen as a given. Oppression of women was part of the fabric of society, part of the institution of society.

In ancient Rome, during the 1rst Century AD, women were not even allowed to speak in public gatherings, which is in part commented on in Paul’s letters to the Corinthians in the New Testament of the Bible. Some men in Christian churches these days look to these letters to show that women are not supposed to speak in church, or even to teach. The fact was Paul was responding to a letter he had been given about problems in the church of Corinth. They had all sorts of people speaking at the same time, trying to take control of the church meetings. Not only women, but people speaking in tongues, which meant they were speaking in foreign languages. Paul basically said for everyone to be silent while whatever leader had been given the most recent incite to the teachings of Jesus took the lead for that meeting.

I speak about Christianity because that is my faith. Other faiths also oppress women, but they are not my area of expertise so I don’t feel I have a right at this time to comment on them.

As the centuries have past and scholars have been enlightened about many things regarding genders being equal in all the ways that matter, the Ignorant White American Man somehow believes that all things are equal in the systems of America. They should be, but, there are men who don’t want to give up their power to women. They are afraid of women for some reason. I suppose they think women may take some type of revenge on men of today for the millennia of mistreatment of women. Those men in power, in control of changing things for equality are basing women’s reaction on what they would do.

The Ignorant White American Man looks at Supreme Court Justices being female, governors, Senators, members of the House, Cabinet members, CEOs of major corporations and other positions where women are still in a very small minority and say, “see, things are equal.”

In the 2018 Fortune 500 list of CEOs, only 4.8% were women, a drop of 25% from 2017.

23% of the Senate are women.

19.3% of the U.S. House are women.

12% of the U.S. State Governors are women.

23% of the 100 largest cities in the U.S. have women as mayors.

Just these numbers alone show that we, as a country, are not equal.

In music 2017:

16.8% of artists are women.

Of 2,767 songs 12.3% were credited female, a 6-year low.

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Is it the end of the USA? After the recent Presidential election a lot of people were devastated with the results. I think if you base opinions on things said during the election period there would be some reason for concern. I for one am not worried. Why? Because I realize how campaigns are carried out in America and that Donald Trump is a salesman first. He knew how to play on what people most wanted to hear, mostly about jobs and ignored his idiotic rants. Were the rants the right things to say? No.

I’m hoping to see the person I’ve seen during one on one interviews as opposed to the campaign trail speeches where he veered away from his script and went off on a tangent. He’s not a great ad-libber. I’m also considering how politics works. Presidents get into office in America and not a whole lot actually happens. A few policies are worked on but over all not much really takes place and a great deal doesn’t change, especially when it comes to relations with other nations.

In addition, I’m hoping Trump’s ego keeps him focused. He will want to end up with a presidency better than Obama’s. So I hope he puts the right people in the real Cabinet positions that do things. So far all he’s chosen are advisory people, not actual Cabinet Secretaries. There is hope. Or so I hope.

My friends around the world don’t need to worry. My friends within the US don’t need to worry. Donald Trump has been a Democrat his whole life until recently. Not sure why he changed other than in reaction to how Obama made fun of him at a White House Press Diner a few years ago. Maybe he decided at that point to show the President and everyone there that he would have the last laugh.

As a Christian I am praying that common sense rules and I know that no matter what that God has control of my life and my ultimate reward. I’m here only for a brief moment in time as a visitor.

Again to my friends, don’t fear Trump or take seriously his rants he went off on during the campaign, they were just that, rants. Some of you won’t like what I’ve said, but I’ve been pretty quiet about all of this and everything else. Donald Trump wasn’t my choice for President. My choice wasn’t on the ballot. I put up with Obama for 8 years, I guess I can put up with Trump for the next 4.

If you’re still reading, note the great use of hope and pray in this post. That’s all we can ever do with anyone elected to anything.

RonovanWrites 68th #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Challenge Review

My pen flows always,

Since our meeting and love sparked,

My muse is in my heart.

Hope y’all don’t mind the Closing Haiku. It’s been a while since I’ve done one. I’ve tried to stay out of the influencing of moods in the challenges lately. And honestly there does seem to be a bit more variety now that I no longer do an Opening Haiku.

Just links this week. Not positive how long my window of internet is.

Haiku Challenge Review Image

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First to Offend this Week!

Peter Bouchier: The poet | Wherever I lay my pen, that’s my home.

Judy: So Vain She Muses Herself | Edwina’s Episodes. @EdwinasEpisodes

Annette Rochelle Aben (Best Selling Author, Radio Show Host): Dream Weaver | Annette Rochelle AbenCheck out Annette’s books at the Author link above and her Radio Show at the Host link. @YouAreTheExpert

Alice: Shape shifter | Boomerang Zone@Vidocq_CC

jazzytower: Sour Puss | Thoughts and Entanglements

Kat: Muse Haiku | like mercury colliding.

Liz: Dear Beloved | Quilted Poetry

Shida: Muse | 876LoveR. @realrebel_r

Ritu: A Musing Trip | But I Smile Anyway. @PhantomGiggler

AC Elliott No Ink | File Cabinet Ramblings  @elliott_ac

Sarina Your muse | Shining Seeds @shiningseeds

Clarence:(3 this week.) All Halllows Eve | PrarieChat. The Challenge. Ha. Someone has been watching way too much TV this week. A third, Just In Time For Ronovan’ s Cheer and Call

Elusive: The Dreaded Block | Elusive Trope.

Meredith & Martha: Muse/Pen and Pulse by Meredith and The Blogger/Set Me Free by Martha | Meredith’s Musings. @Meredithlbl

ladyleemanilla: Dreams Fulfilled | ladyleemanila

Elizabeth: NoNoWriMo | Tea & Paper@teandpaper

Sue Vincent (Author):  Penned | Daily Echo. Click the Author link for Sue at Amazon and her many books. @SCVincent

Greg: A Pair of Haiku | Potholes in the Road of Life. @greg_wolford

Janice: Autumn Sun | Ontheland. @ontheland1

TJ Paris: A Mirror Romance |La vie est trop courte pour boire du mauvais vin. AND Ancient Penmanship @Roccoco_a_GoGo

Jen (JK): Whispers | The Secret Keeper. @occultguardian

D.B. Mauldin (Author): The Three Muses | mama bear musings. Check out the Author link for offerings on Amazon and click HERE for the About page links to other online distribution such as Smashwords.

Al: Totally Random | Al the Author’s Blog@AlistairLane

Jane Dougherty (Author): Inspiring Flow | Jane Dougherty Writes. Check out Jane’s books on Amazon at the Author link above. @MJDougherty33

Nato of Imaginary Lover | Chasing Life and Finding Dreams Visit Michelle Lunato Photography as well. @MichelleLunato

J Lapis:   4 Real Muses | DarkLight Harbor.

Pat B.: Erato Helps | A season and a time.

Olga: Wisdom Penned | Stuff and what if.

Cheryl-Lynn: Coming of age (haibun) | Tournesol dans un Jardin@CherylShares

Tessa: The Muse Amuses | Writing is my life

Claudette: Remembrances | to search and to find.

Sandra: Excitement | Wild Daffodil.  See what I mean by Make the Most of Your Post by visiting this Haiku and noting what all she connects it to.

Sarah: Three Muses Penned | tuckedintoacorner

Prakash: The Loner | Its PH.

Daniel Schwamm: The Poetless Pen | Musing Life’s Mysteries.

Florence: Think of You | Meanings And Musings. @FTThum

Swatiu: A mused disdain | imgrowing.

Diedré M. Blake: Ponder | Toward The Within.

Steven S. Walsky (Author): the muscovy duck | Simplicity LaneClick the Author link above to go to Steven’s blog where you will find all the available places for each book. He’s varied.

Vashti Quiroz-Vega (Author): Dark Knight-tress| The Writer Next DoorCheck out Vashti on Amazon at the Author link above and you can see her interview by clicking HERE. @VashtiQV

Dr. Kottaway: Musing | KO Rural Mad As Hell Blog.

Nagrij or (Greg Pierce) yeah, I snooped. (Author): ADHD | Nagrij Writes the Hits You Never Knew Existed. You can check out the list of books on Amazon by clicking the Author link above.

denis: My Photographs | Haiku hound.

Juliette: A Bit Challenging | Battered Wife seeking Better Life. @BWseeingBL

Shailzaa: Playing Games. GRR!!! | Fewunsaidwords.

Steven: Calliope/Writer’s Block/Recovery | Ramblings of a Drabbling Mind.

E. Rawls (Author):  Gone/For Whom The Bell Tolls | Rawls E. Fantasy. Check out Bleeding Hearts, a collection of short stories, poems, and riddles, at Elizabeth’s Author page on Amazon by clicking the Author link above.  @VChronicles_

Mira: My Muse | They, You And Me. @BediMona


Ronovan HesterRonovan Hester is an author, with his debut historical adventure novel Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling due out in December of 2015. He shares his life as an amnesiac and Chronic Pain sufferer through his blog His love of poetry, authors and community through his online world has lead to a growing Weekly Haiku Challenge and the creation of a site dedicated to book reviews, interviews and author resources known as

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RonovanWrites 67th #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Challenge Review

Log: Blog Sol 556

I’m screwed. Communications in main command center is down. Had to be driven in rover to FF Site MickeyD’s for brief use of systems. Some participants of challenge will be slighted in review or missed. Apologies now. Will make up for it later.

Signing off for now, Space Ranger Ronovan.

Haiku Challenge Review Image

First to Offend this Week!

TJ Paris: Cry Out To Me |La vie est trop courte pour boire du mauvais vin. Last week TJ brought as three and he does so again. I didn’t put out a Haiku of my own until Wednesday as part of my #BeWoW link share. I waited because I thought TJ had figured out the Haiku I shared just after midnight my time on Mondays was a Haiku for the challenge and thus had the challenge words in it. But what does he do this time? Three again and just as fast. Man, the dude just has the flow. @Roccoco_a_GoGo

Annette Rochelle Aben (Best Selling Author, Radio Show Host): Sunshine | Annette Rochelle Aben. I figure this was either about sunshine or she was talking about herself. You can decide which when you visit the further adventures of Rochelle in Annette Aben.  Check out Annette’s books at the Author link above and her Radio Show at the Host link. @YouAreTheExpert

Elizabeth: Sunrise | Tea & Paper. The humor of this is I named Annette’s before seeing the name of Liz’s. I think she goes by Liz at times. But I know her as Elizabeth but wanted to share her preference. But anyway, I like how she came up with the image this week, and it is part of her Haiku. How the challenge sets minds to thinking and observing is fun. @teandpaper

Alice: GSimple Gestures | Boomerang Zone. Now from a lady who might bring to mind a a movie title from a 1974 film by Martin Scorsese that saw the lead actress win the Academy award, we have Alice. Fortunately she is doing the opposite of the movie titles name with us. . @Vidocq_CC

Judy: Suit to a T (Shirt) | Edwina’s Episodes. She may not be the one cast as a Frank N. Furter and no she will not be sullying the memory of a classic but this lady makes any color look good. Haiku must Fall in to her lap with as quickly as she writes them. @EdwinasEpisodes

jazzytower: Who’s Carol? | Thoughts and Entanglements. Public Relations says I should cuddle up with this Haiku. Not sure if some would approve of that, but depending on who Carol is, I might be game.

Kat: Three Cheers to Kat! | like mercury colliding. Man Kat can do. All the way from Nepal this former leader of OMRLP now spends her days enjoying words and the world around her. Her commentary of the season of the US national pastime is quite poignant considering the fate of various teams of late.

Liz: That Cheery Call | Quilted Poetry. All the way from the age defying weather of the cryogenic frozen lands of the north, comes a lady of esteem, no not the family of German actors from the early 20th Century, but a brilliant wordsmith in her own right. Her self titled Haiku could have a sub heading of Contrary Calling as well.

Jane Dougherty (Author): Sing, Sing a Song | Jane Dougherty Writes. The three degrees of Jane this week were not written about a popular Australian Trio of singing brothers, although one of their members is named and does sing. I dare say this one hit wonder of a singer has perhaps the longest charted song on record, and does not appear in a prison of the same name as the title may infer.  Check out Jane’s books on Amazon at the Author link above. @MJDougherty33

Mira:(2 links) Cheer Me Up | They, You And Me. I would love to but I’m certain there would be several to protest my attempts. I think we all fell for Mira At First Sight and have enjoyed her presence ever since. As for the Haiku, oh this one touches the heart in a deep way and reaches out to many a member I am certain.  Cheer and Joy | To Wear A Rainbow. Giving others a bit of support I do believe. Such a thoughtful lady. @BediMona

Ritu: Gone-A Tonka & Last Orders | But I Smile Anyway. No, I’m sorry for all you field hockey fans, this is not that Ritu. Perhaps after reading that last Haiku I might change my mind and think Ritu is using a fake photo and this IS the field hockey player. Nonetheless, the Tonka involved here is not the toy that brings smiles and cheer to millions of children. @PhantomGiggler

Clarence:(3 this week.) The Victim | PrarieChat. Not sure if he’s already earned his wings but I think he’s been living a wonderful life, and I bet he’s tired of hearing things like that. A story of the evils of life and love and aftermath is provided to us this week. And a second one: Susan Lucci’s Last Goodbye. Ha. Someone has been watching way too much TV this week. A third, Just In Time For Ronovan’ s Cheer and Call

Sue Vincent (Author): Recall | Daily Echo. What can you say about a beautiful woman with red hair and a list of books a mile long to her name that hasn’t already been said? No, seriously, what can you say? Let her know in the comments for her Haiku. Her story told is full of nature and will bring a rosy glow to your cheeks . . . if you hold your device close enough to your face when you read her Haiku that is. Click the Author link for Sue at Amazon and her many books. @SCVincent

Sandra: Orange | Wild Daffodil. To praise our Flower in residence would be like Gilding a Lily, so I’ll move on from here. Daffy left us with a bit of a mystery this week with her photography. Where, what, why, and when were not answered, although normally a forthcoming individual, she was forthawaying this time. See what I mean by Make the Most of Your Post. by visiting this Haiku and noting what all she connects it to.

Steven: Thrush | Ramblings of a Drabbling Mind. Steven has been kind to us. Not only does he continue to provide his experimental Haiku but also a traditional one for those of us who need the in-your-face form.

Greg: Shouts of Joy | Potholes in the Road of Life. Sorry ladies, and perhaps some men, Greg isn’t part of Wolford Fashion so you’ll have to look for those bodysuits elsewhere. The young man brings us a message today, a message of opposing feelings, as he should have, and one that could apply to the Writer’s Quote Wednesday by Colleen. His participation, as explained in the beginning of the post shows what the community that has grown here has truly become. Two words + three lines = many friends. @greg_wolford

Janice: On a Crescent Moon | Ontheland  She may be a HÓU but that just means she’s popular. Don’t know what that means? Ah, then you haven’s snooped like the master snooper has. She’s a Monkey of Fire and all signs point to her being quite a success wherever she may find herself. Her softer side is shown in a very lovely moment shared here. I greatly enjoyed reading about what led to the Haiku being written and the fact the words were on her mind at any given point during this time speaks to me a great deal. It means a lot and is most appreciated. @ontheland1

Jen (JK): SKΆL & SALUT | The Secret Keeper. Some may wonder if JK is secretly a Rowling success in the world of publishing. That would be an affirmative. She publishes several times a week, making her a widely published author read in more countries than many of the supposed top authors of our time. A toast to our friend for her two Haiku that gives us a gander in to a life that lights up and puffs us up with (pride?). @occultguardian

Tessa: The Last Call | Writing is my life. No, not the Canadian hockey player, nor the subject of the Norwegian novel of the same name, well maybe not, I haven’t asked. She is a a writer of fiction though, and has her work on her site in chapter form for your enjoyment and convenience. Her Haiku can be happy or sad, all depending on which subject you focus upon and which formed sentence you are looking at.

Daniel Schwamm: Call on ME | Musing Life’s Mysteries. I don’t believe he Daniel is a mushroom farmer, no matter what some of you may believe to have deduced. Although that would be a tasty venture. And no, not a Kiwi farmer either, (Neither the bird nor fruit.) and I think that rather droll of all of you for assuming that a New Zealander would automatically be such. Ahhh, when I first saw the title of his Haiku it brought to mind the song Lean on Me, and although that is not the title, the message is much the same. The link is to the Bill Withers version from 1972. The image is not he that has been named, but Al Green.

Al: Cheers of the Disturbed One | Al the Author’s Blog. A well preserved sort for an early to mid 20th Century Actor, Writer, Director, and Producer in Hollywood, Al Lane now spends day as a Civil Servant while spending most of his day writing for our enjoyment. Yes, you read that correctly. Some of you will actually get it, and some will hurt me physically for implying you wouldn’t. For some unknown reason the young man decided to write FIVE Haiku on his birthday. Mostly about alcohol even when disguised as something else. 110 Cheers for AL!!! @AlistairLane

Elusive: Law of 22 Prairial | Elusive Trope. Hiding out in the wilds of PA after finding success in leasing out parts of the city with his name across the welcome signs for entertainment purposes, the Elusive one now pleases his visitors with writings and continues to grace our community each week with a Haiku offering. The Haiku is a great terror of an attempt this week. A true life or death of a read. And on his birthday as well.

R. Todd: Mockingjay | A Flash of Fiction. I didn’t want to out our friend, but Lord Todd has been found alive and his passing in 1997 at the age of 89 was an attempt to escape to the glare of public life and slink into the obscurity of the blog life. But he has been found out. My powers of deduction are beyond compare. I have not the slightest what that title for the Haiku nor the Haiku itself means. Do you? It must be some obscure reference to something he’s seen in his past life.

D.B. Mauldin (Author): Early Bird & Nature | mama bear musings. Not sure if it’s too hot, too cold or just right where she is but her Haiku seems to make me think just right. Maybe I should have eaten first before perusing that first one. At least it wasn’t spaghetti. Check out the Author link for offerings on Amazon and click HERE for the About page links to other online distribution such as Smashwords.

Olga: Political Uproar | Stuff and what if. Does she have a sister or cousin who appeared with Nicholas Cage, or perhaps that relative played someone with the same name as myself? Humor over with now on with the show. Olga shows her rampant political activism she has hidden from us all this time.

Melissa Barker-Simpson (Author): Trick or Treat | M Barker-Simpson. Never knew a game show host and jailed football player had an offspring somehow but here we have the proof. Just remember to have your pets spayed or neutered or you may find some gloves near an uncomfortable scene. I believe the title gives away the Haiku meaning, as it should to some extent. Quite the creative flare for the imagery. Click the Author link above to visit her on Amazon.

Pat B.: Four Cheers for Pat | A season and a time. Imagine a famous chef Brockett in your neighborhood. Wouldn’t you want to be her neighbor? This week Pat went cheerfully nuts with commentary on the nature of life in various facets.

J Lapis:   Calls to Cheer | DarkLight Harbor. Feeling blue today or precious as a gem? No? No worries, I believe our poet has it covered. Suspense in the later of the two offerings this week. Had us wanting to throw stones from feeling so blue but pulled things out at the last moment.

Claudette: Echoes | to search and to find. Speaking of a real jewel, Claudette returns to us this week.


Shelly Faber: Cheer & Call | My Red Wine Diary@ShellyFaber

Melissa: Autumn Wreath for the birds | The Aran Artisan. Not certain about that title but it is the title of the post.



denis: cheer the call | Haiku hound. A Haiku that could apply to man or beast and an image that works so well. And I made him dig for this image. Awesome me.

Vashti Quiroz-Vega (Author):  Cheer & Call | The Writer Next DoorCheck out Vashti on Amazon at the Author link above and you can see her interview by clicking HERE. @VashtiQV

Diedré M. Blake: Cheer & Call | Toward The Within. Never thought of that last line before. Cool mind going on here.

Steven S. Walsky (Author): the call of Mickey | Simplicity LaneClick the Author link above to go to Steven’s blog where you will find all the available places for each book. He’s varied.




E. Rawls (Author):  Now What You Think & Cling | Rawls E. Fantasy. Check out Bleeding Hearts, a collection of short stories, poems, and riddles, at Elizabeth’s Author page on Amazon by clicking the Author link above.  @VChronicles_

Florence: night silence/support | Meanings And Musings. But my internet is down, how can you hear me? It must be very silent now. 😉 @FTThum

Ron_LWIRonovan is an author, and blogger who shares his life as an amnesiac and Chronic Pain sufferer though his blog His love of poetry, authors and community through his online world has lead to a growing Weekly Haiku Challenge and the creation of a site dedicated to book reviews, interviews and author resources known as

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RonovanWrites 66th #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Challenge Review

44 Players this week, and one amazing new person joined in. You definitely need to go check her blog out. Also you’ll notice something strange about the review. I did it in reverse. After the First to Offend it goes in last one in, first one mentioned and so forth. I thought, why not throw a monkey mallet into the mix.

Pine car’s race down hill,

To certain glory and dread,

Pizza does race on.

Haiku Review 66

New to Offend this Week!

NEW! Diedré M. Blake: “…a writer and art therapist, specializing in the treatment of eating disorders.  She goes by “D.” and has been called a “Renaissance woman” by friends. Travelling has always been an aspect of her personal and family history.  She was born in Jamaica.” Check out much more about this fascinating woman on her about page by clicking HERE. How Low Feels | Toward The Within. Never thought of that last line before. Cool mind going on here.

First to Offend this Week!

 TJ Paris: Odd Couplings |La vie est trop courte pour boire du mauvais vin. Does this dude have a photo for every occasion? If things get more difficult around here it might be because I’m challenging his photo file. Nah, I wont’ do that, at least not on purpose. @Roccoco_a_GoGo

Steven S. Walsky (Author): the words drift back | Simplicity Lane. A Haibun this week–a story–something you do need to read. A truly great piece of writing. Click the Author link above to go to Steven’s blog where you will find all the available places for each book. He’s varied.

Shailzaa: The Tree | Fewunsaidwords. Very good way of using pine here. Two different ways of looking at it depending on the line you want to focus on.

Swatiu: Lesson Learned | imgrowing. I think my title for this one fits. Really it does. Don’t care what y’all say.

E. Rawls (Author):  Burdens & Chocolate Longing | Rawls E. Fantasy. Some serious issues here. That’s all I’m saying. Check out Bleeding Hearts, a collection of short stories, poems, and riddles, at Elizabeth’s Author page on Amazon by clicking the Author link above.  @VChronicles_

Florence: Dare to Fly | Meanings And Musings. One of those life lesson things she does. @FTThum

Alka: Weltshmertz and our Woeful Longing | Magnanimous Words. She was truly inspired this week. Only partly by the words which then lead elsewhere. @girally

Steven: Taiga and Mo(u)rning | Ramblings of a Drabbling Mind. He went nature. Also make certain to check out the blurb at the bottom of his post.

Vashti Quiroz-Vega (Author):  Ekho’s Passion | The Writer Next Door. Nature of a different sort. One must give credit for one interpreting nature in more than one way, while in some ways staying the same. Check out Vashti on Amazon at the Author link above and you can see her interview by clicking HERE. @VashtiQV

H. M. Goodchild (Author): Golden Moans | Folksong and Fantasy. I took a bit of liberty with the naming of this one, a touch of humor. When you read her Haiku, 2 of them, you will see where it came from. We have a talent with us. H. M. Goodchild is found on Amazon as Harriet Goodchild, yes, we have another author joining us. Click the Author link above to go to her Amazon Author page. 

Greg: It Will End | Potholes in the Road of Life. He cheated, and that’s all I’m sayin’. @greg_wolford

Becky G: For a Road Untraveled | Becky G? Oh, that’s me! Funny how two in a row used the prompt words in one line. Good use of photography to give her words more meaning or a completed meaning.

VronLacroix: Grief in the valley | Simply Shanpshots. Hmm, interesting. After a couple of readings I got it. A great thing about Haiku is you can read it twice in a matter of seconds. 🙂

jazzytower: Beauty Reaches | Thoughts and Entanglements. Well I personally think one aids the other.

Daniel Schwamm: Nest of Death | Musing Life’s Mysteries. Cool. Totally did some interpreting here and awesome. That one for pine may take people a few moments, but it works.

Jane Dougherty (Author): Long neck memories | Jane Dougherty Writes. Three Haiku telling a story. Had fun coming up with this title.  Check out Jane’s books on Amazon at the Author link above. @MJDougherty33

denis: tomorrow | Haiku hound. A Haiku that could apply to man or beast and an image that works so well. And I made him dig for this image. Awesome me.

Elizabeth: Silence | Tea & Paper. I think more of us can understand this one, including the story to go with it than we all could imagine. Believe me, I totally get it. @teandpaper

Dr. Kottaway: Grieve | KO Rural Mad As Hell Blog. Rhymes all over the place in this one, and an expressionist pine is given.

Ritu: Sonu Singh’s Lament & The Things You Do For Love | But I Smile Anyway. Both nature, but different. @PhantomGiggler

D.B. Mauldin (Author): Aromatherapy & Love | mama bear musings. Okay, that first one is just funny if  you pay attention to her blog other than the Haiku challenge. . Check out the Author link for offerings on Amazon and click HERE for the About page links to other online distribution such as Smashwords.

Al: ThreeFerOne | Al the Author’s Blog. I know, not very original of me but it’s one of those days where thinking of Al as bear in the woods just kind of scarred me. @AlistairLane

J Lapis:    5 Griefs and Pine-ings| DarkLight Harbor. Nice use of words you don’t use every day. I kind of like that.

Jen (JK): Among the Branches | The Secret Keeper. I think this is one people will relate to in their own varied ways. @occultguardian

Pat B.: Refuge | A season and a time. Very nice. Also some nice comments as well.

Elusive: Near the Clearcut | Elusive Trope. Yeah, I don’t always get the why of these things being done. Sometimes a necessity but most often not.

Sandra: Allegory | Wild Daffodil. Ha, funny with this one. Remember, Wild Daffy is the queen of what I call Make the Most of Your Post.

Nagrij or (Greg Pierce) yeah, I snooped. (Author): Oops | Nagrij Writes the Hits You Never Knew Existed. Yeah, I got it. I’m about an hour from their training facilities, my parents are about 5 minutes away. You can check out the list of books on Amazon by clicking the Author link above.

Olga: Lost to Wisdom | Stuff and what if. Very interesting image. Keep looking at it. A glance won’t work. The Haiku itself has a great message.

Janice: Lose the Craving | Ontheland  Okay, I got it. Helps to get it when people aren’t like constantly asking you the same question over and over even though you give the same answer each time. I literally mean over and over during the time I tried to review this one. @ontheland1

Sue Vincent (Author): Unchanging | Daily Echo. Jealousy in nature. Yeah, I can see that. Just like two old men. Click the Author link for Sue at Amazon and her many books. @SCVincent

Clarence:(2 links) Futility | PrarieChat. Aaarrrgh! Find out a bit about Clarence’s acting career in the comments. And a second one: Susan Lucci’s Last Goodbye. Ha. Someone has been watching way too much TV this week.

Kat: Grief Amidst the Pines | like mercury colliding. Okay, you have to love the dedication of this member.

  • I stopped on the way home to get a photo of that sapling nestled amidst the pines. Replaced the first pic. Like I said…perfect timing for this prompt! ☺️

Mira:(2 links) insufferable | They, You And Me. At first sight of the title I thought she was making a commentary on my choice of prompt words. loss | To Wear A Rainbow. I so need to pick more cheerful words next time. @BediMona

Judy: Mourn the Passing | Edwina’s Episodes. It’s not what you think. Go check it out. @EdwinasEpisodes

Peter Bouchier: ‘mine pine’ | Wherever I lay my pen, that’s my home. I like this one. A positive side of it all. Excellent.

Alice: Grief is a bitch | Boomerang Zone. Let’s call it therapy, and I think that’ll explain it. @Vidocq_CC

Meredith & Martha: Oh, Christmas Tree/Grief by Martha and K.I.S./Refugees by Meredith | Meredith’s Musings. These got a lot of lovin’ this week on Meredith’s blog as well as the reblog on my own. @Meredithlbl

Liz: Good Grief | Quilted Poetry. So says the wise. Or the very exasperated.

Juliette: No Home For The Holidays | Battered Wife seeking Better Life. Holiday hatin’. @BWseeingBL

Annette Rochelle Aben (Best Selling Author, Radio Show Host): A Sappy Story | Annette Rochelle Aben. Then take it off, Annette!  Check out Annette’s books at the Author link above and her Radio Show at the Host link. @YouAreTheExpert

Ron_LWIRonovan is an author, and blogger who shares his life as an amnesiac and Chronic Pain sufferer though his blog His love of poetry, authors and community through his online world has lead to a growing Weekly Haiku Challenge and the creation of a site dedicated to book reviews, interviews and author resources known as

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 © Copyright-All rights reserved by 2015

RonovanWrites 65th #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Challenge Review

It’s now clear to me

Harping is much easier

Than I imagined.

I think that pretty much sums up how this challenge went. I was certain that Harp might throw some people but apparently I was wrong. Now on with the show.

Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge Review 65

New to Offend this Week!

NEW! H. M. Goodchild (Author): dsdfs | Folksong and Fantasy. Numerous poetry included in this post, the challenge appears under the Haiku section and is the lat before a bit of a blurb. Also H.M. posted a haiku in the comments of the challenge post: Oh, don’t harp on so / Your mind’s clear by now, you know: / If it matters, Go! H. M. Goodchild is found on Amazon as Harriet Goodchild, yes, we have another author joining us. Click the Author link above to go to her Amazon Author page. 

First to Offend this Week!

Annette Rochelle Aben (Best Selling Author, Radio Show Host): The Stringed Winged | Annette Rochelle Aben. Good number of likes to this one and I enjoyed seeing the community commenting.  Check out Annette’s books at the Author link above and her Radio Show at the Host link. @YouAreTheExpert A side note here.

TJ Paris: Springtime |La vie est trop courte pour boire du mauvais vin. Another Haiku with a great response in the comments. It’s a nature Haiku and the photo used is amazing, and nature. Those swans are a surprise! @Roccoco_a_GoGo

Me (Ronovan): Luminosity is Bliss | Ronovan Writes. I’ve enjoyed seeing the interpretations of my Haiku along with the interpretation of my explanation. Oddly, no one has come up with the exact meaning of it all. 🙂 But then I am a confusing kind at times.

Alice: Someone better | Boomerang Zone. A different manner of interpretation. A very clear message delivered. Deserves a visit and a Like. @Vidocq_CC

Shida: The Gift of Music | 876LoveR. Good message. Surprised by the Like number. Tells me something. @realrebel_r

Liz: Bird Song | Quilted Poetry. Very nice imagery in this one. And a bit of the life of Liz in her commentary of the Haiku.

Judy: When Nature Calls | Edwina’s Episodes. A nature Haiku of a different calling. One must consider what all nature encompasses. I think there is a natural way of looking at it. Also she says I am a hard taskmaster. Wait till the next one. @EdwinasEpisodes

Mira:(2 links) The Wait | They, You And Me. Romantic and suspenseful in a way. love and passion | To Wear A Rainbow. Not sure if she is speaking about my prompts and own Haiku or what. Or am I being paranoid? @BediMona

Tessa: Clear and Crisp | Writing is my life. A direct and to the point Haiku. But one I didn’t really think of. Sometimes it’s those simpler ones that surprise you.

Steven S. Walsky (Author): ‘why harp’ | Simplicity Lane. Great to look at in a relationship or political sort of way. Or in a Rhino/Elephant Romance kind of way. Click the Author link above to go to Steven’s blog where you will find all the available places for each book. He’s varied.

Clarence:(2 links) Tears, Mirth, and Dreams | PrarieChat. Touch of Irish history/mythology in this one. Google time folks.  . And a second one would be Oooh…And It Makes Me Wonder. I think some of you will appreciate this one. So get the Led out.

Prakash: A Match Heaven Made | Its PH. Yeah, the dude came with the Romance this week. I hate it when they show me up with the romantical stuff.

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Janice: Tournier Morning | Ontheland NyMusical, lyrical, harpsical–What? That’s not a word? (I ask that because WP gives an error for it.) @ontheland1

VronLacroix: Harmonica | Simply Shanpshots. Ah, I see why she mentioned memories. A harmonica would do that. There are several in my home. I apparently even have a book and cd/dvd on how to play. Did I do it? Amnesia is not telling me, but my boy “B” has one too. 🙂

Steven: Lullaby and Gymnopédie I | Ramblings of a Drabbling Mind. Some of Steven’s experimental Haiku but also a traditional one with a bit of a music lesson. I always love a good twofer post. Haiku and learning. I wonder why I never do that?

Florence: It’s Clearly Love | Meanings And Musings. I had to have fun with this one. We’re good friends so whenever I can poke fun at her a little, Imma gonna do it. Not that this is really poking fun. She sort of did that to herself. Oops. Did I just spill the beans she was talking about herself in the Haiku? Muaahahahaha, or was she? 😉 (Can you tell I’ve hit the wall after about 6 hours straight of Review by this point?) @FTThum

Vashti Quiroz-Vega (Author):  Mellifluous Sounds | The Writer Next Door. It may sound odd but her Haiku brings to mind a novel I read a while back from an author involving angels. So I get a darker feel from this than what the words of the Haiku say. Check out Vashti on Amazon at the Author link above and you can see her interview by clicking HERE. @VashtiQV

Nagrij or (Greg Pierce) yeah, I snooped. (Author): Fate | Nagrij Writes the Hits You Never Knew Existed. Giving this one a think. This can be viewed as a pretty deep one depending on how one wishes to approach it. You can check out the list of books on Amazon by clicking the Author link above.

Ruby Manchanda: Clearly melodic | Whispering Thoughts. I like the take here on harp. A very insightful thought. I don’t mean my sentence but the Haiku.

E. Rawls (Author):  Colorful Season & Secret Garden | Rawls E. Fantasy. Ah, a bit of a whimsical fairy tale approach. Nice. Check out Bleeding Hearts, a collection of short stories, poems, and riddles, at Elizabeth’s Author page on Amazon by clicking the Author link above.  @VChronicles_

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Juliette: Short and Sweet | Battered Wife seeking Better Life. Whew, I thought for a minute there this was about to get personal, well in a me kind of personal way. But kudos to Juliette for taking the plunge. @BWseeingBL

Ron_LWIRonovan is an author, and blogger who shares his life as an amnesiac and Chronic Pain sufferer though his blog His love of poetry, authors and community through his online world has lead to a growing Weekly Haiku Challenge and the creation of a site dedicated to book reviews, interviews and author resources known as

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US to KSA to Kids and Women’s rights. The Yemen cartoonist.

Sometimes an article doesn’t end up as it begins. I search for artists of Graphic Literature and am successful. But when I find them, sometimes I get a lesson beyond cool looking pictures and novels that I can see and interpret with very few words to get in the way of my imagination.

Take Maizin Shuja’a Al-Din of Yemen.

With the aim of entertaining and educating children, Shuja’a Al-Din publishes comics that discuss different issues including child labor, early marriage and education.

Newspaper publishers do not appreciate cartoonists in Yemen, Shuja’a Al-Din says. However, the lack of appreciation makes him “more determined to continue his work.”

y-1There is also Arwa Moukbel, a young female cartoonist. Now that’s a rarity in Yemen. She likes to speak her mind but her family keeps her in check so as not to, I guess basically get herself imprisoned or worse. Not exactly a lot of freedoms there.


Rashad Al-Sameai is probably one of the most if not the most popular right now. The former psychology studies 30 something year old creates from his heart and writes about bad habits and things that speak to the people. I’m not exactly certain what his work says so I’m not going to display it here. One somewhat popular comics site actually erased the text from a cartoonist’s work  before putting it on their site, not Al-Sameai. But I would rather just not display it than alter it. If I can translate it at some point I’ll share it. But I do know he champions the rights of women and children.

Finally, Kamal Sharaf, actually spent a month in prison for, being forcibly removed from his home in 2010 after he challenged the then president Ali Abdullah Saleh. He still satires, and challenges. And even challenges the current president at times.

y-3I think a big part of what Yemen cartoonist have a problem with is how other countries like to stick their noses in and treat the country like it belongs to them. I get that. Depending on the government at the time, you could be taking your freedom into your own pen. Imprisonment, death threats, and basic fear for family are common thoughts each day as these cartoonist deliver messages in one panel that a whole news show or book can’t explain. And you know what? You’ll remember the images.That news show? Not a chance.

I plan to expand this one a lot more as I find more cartoonist, have more time, and translate what I find.

Much Respect


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Racist Bigot or Another Human People Disagree With?


Loving America. That seems to be a question or hashtag trend or reason to go on a hater-fest of someone.

A former very prominent political figure came out this past week and spoke against President Obama. You may google and discover what was said and then do research before jumping to conclusions.

Conclusion jumping has led to follow-up interviews and hashtag trends that divide people even further. Maybe if we all got along or agreed there were more than one possible thought on a subject things would just be too boring and we would have to read books or something instead of Tweet about some dumb carp stuff like who had the best dunk of the night in the NBA. I know my night is not peaceful until that is trending somewhere.

At first I was going to delve into the whole Racist Bigot situation, actually I wrote a whole article on it and after getting that out of my system I came up with the real article for the day.

Ever wonder why one person is a Racist Bigot and another person is an Activist? Hmm. I get confused.

Oh, I got it. If you like the person they are an Activist and if you don’t then they are a Racist Bigot.

Wonder what happens when you run in to someone who simply says it’s cool to be you so be you and let me be me and then we good?

Ever met someone like that?

I mean met someone truly like that?

Hello, my names Ronovan. Nice to meet you. Just be you, I’ll be me, and we’ll get along naturally.

Hey, and all those things we see in the news and the back and forths? Just use them as a way to learn about the truths of things by doing research. They lead you to learn a lot more than about the stupid thing you first start reading about. Sometimes there are some really great things to discover.

Of course this wouldn’t be a Sunday if I didn’t mention where I get my direction from. You know, Jesus was a good guy, even if a lot of people that have used his name for their own purposes have not been. His example is a good one for anyone to follow. Jesus let you do think what you wanted to think. Okay, he got a bit angry when he went in to the temple and found all the bad stuff going on, but you know, I’d do the same if I went in to my house and found bad stuff like that going on as well. And yes, the temple was his house. He got ticked. One thing about Jesus that you had to just like was that he said basically you know, this is how it is and you believe what you want to. I’m not going to force anything on you and if I’m right then oops you gonna be in a world of hurt. He didn’t force anything on people. “Oh, but scaring people with Hell is the same thing as forcing them.” Um, well if they believe in Hell then most likely they believe in Heaven then most like they believe in God then most likely they believe in Jesus soooo, I’m not seeing the scaring part going on, just the part of the Bible says this.”

I think I rambled. I sort of lost my way there in the middle. It’s been one of those weekends already. Well, that’s it this week. Have a good one this week. What one you have good of is up to you.


Ronovan Writes






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Is it a privilege too . . .

Is it a privilege too . . .

Straight Talk with Ronovan

I’m white.

You know for some that would be enough about an article with a title about ‘privilege’. But oh no. This is me after all. Have you ever seen me end a post after only five words? Not ever. So that’s how they came up with never. Some Southern person in Southern Britain said n’ever instead of not ever and there you have it.

It’s kind of like monback here in the States. We aren’t talking about some one humped backed man, nah, we’re telling people to come on back as in when they are backing up a car, “How much farther?” “Monback.”

I just proved my whiteness. Yes. If you ever doubted before, that just did it.

Am I about to tip toe through the garden of political correctness? Is PC land the ruler of Blog World? Do I pass by Taco Bell without salivating?

Ah, heck no!

I started this ‘privilege’ run on Obscured Dreamer where I help out. But here I am going to go another route. That’s right. I am taking a detour, the off ramp. I’m going through funky town, down electric avenue. Hey, it’s Friday and I have the 80s on the brain. And yeah, it’s randomness time too. And I am totally unedited right now.

You know why there is even a discussion about ‘white privilege’ in the U.S. of A. these days? I got two reasons for you. If I have more and it still says two here, that means I just got creative along the way and I didn’t make it back to change the number.

Okay, the reasons:

  • The Generational Responsibility-You see this is how I see it.

    And before I begin, remember I have some of my own unique ideas about things. Don’t judge my thoughts based on what you think I must be coming from. Word!

  • Okay back to  the GR thing-Before you think I mean that everyone in a generation is to be included in this . . . no. Stop, recognize and listen. You see what I am saying is that some people in a family teach the next generation there is either ‘privilege’ or perhaps ‘limitations’. Oh, yes. I went there. And guess what, people. It goes for every skin tone. “Oh, you can’t make it. Just don’t even try. You just follow up in the same way that I do. No one is going to give you a chance.” Say what? This is the U.S. of A., you got a chance if you make a chance. This country is so big that you can go anywhere and become anything. You are not tied down because of where you are from or who you are related to. oooooo I can hear it now. “Oh no he di’nt.” Oh yes I di’id. People in the U.S. of A. have a problem at times if you say they have a chance, especially if they have not ‘made it’ yet. In your face time-You ain’t makin’ it where you at, then move somewhere else. “Where am I going to get the money to go somewhere else?” Heck if I know. I just know people do it all the time. But you know one problem? People let themselves get so deep that they find it impossible to get out. Uh huh, I said it. We keep digging our hole and then we are so deep in it that we can’t climb out.
  • So another reason for the whole ‘white privilege’ discussion is dun dun dun politics-Yep, the politicos like to say the black problem or we need to work on black this or women’s that.Knock Knock, excuse me. Why don’t you just like freaking do stuff instead of talking about stuff and just generating even more divisions, huh? Seriously, dudes. Yeah, politics. You know the guys that live and die by divisions cause they can’t see their commonalities for their vocal differences.

“Ronovan’s on a rampage today. Watch out folks, please call 911 we think he hasn’t taken all of his medications or perhaps he’s taken too many.”

Nah, I’m good. As good as I get. Scary thought there, huh? But seriously, politicians like to make divisions because divide and concur. If they keep people apart then they keep people from realizing there are a lot more similarities than differences. If you are reading this and you have some type of skin tone issue, or a ‘we’re being held down’ issue, get the freak over it and help yourself and the next generation by getting your head straight.

“This educated white man is talking crazy”

This educated white man had to live with his grandmother in the projects behind the school in Mississippi. This educated white man used be taken to bars as a small child and put on pool tables to shoot pool as entertainment while his dreamer singer of a bio-father was on stage.

This educated white man was the first educated in his family . . . period. HELLO! Do you know why? Do you really want to know why? Because my mother and step father didn’t hold me to a generation thing. They wanted better for me, and you know what. Guess who paid for his own college education, at a major university? This educated white man. After busting his tail unloading trucks for several years and developing some of the physical problems that haunt him today.

Yeah, I’m straight talking today.  So if you have an issue with what I say, comment. I’m good with it. I like hearing other sides. It’s how we learn. But one thing to remember, these are my opinions.

Much Respect


ron_full_river - cropped

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Asphalt and Inheritance



Why, why, why?

Is this time to be torn by the pattern woven by men?

Do lives creep silently to catch a breath just for a moment in a light that will never set upon them?

Hurling through concrete hoops to land on melted asphalt to be trapped by the creations they have made.

Can they complain?

Do they have a right?

They made it.

They were the forces that shoved it down the throats of others.

Helplessness has been rewarded with gloating over the fall of the mighty movers of all.

The meek and the earth,

They shall inherit.

But is the earth our home or heaven?

The meek of what shall inherit which?


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Half fabricated Nonfiction-A Poem

Half fabricated Nonfiction

by: Ronovan

Black and White Money Flag

What’s my thoughts on the political debates?

Sit right back while your time I confiscates.

You have the pros over here and the cons over there.

Depending on your side depends which you think is fair.


There are the facts that we all know about.

But they are the facts that others put out.

You want this view then go to that site.

You want another well you got another for a sound bite.


Here is my take on the whole situation.

I hope it don’t start your heart into palpitation.

In my honest opinion and as you know I have no other.

I think the whole thing is just a big old great mother.


I don’t know jack about which side is right.

Because neither side gives up the truth to our sight.

Give me half lie and I’ll find you a half truth.

Let them open their mouth and I’ll show you the serpent tooth.


What side do you want to win in this here contradiction.

The one for or against in this hell-bent half fabricated presented nonfiction.

I tell you what to do and then you can tell me to go blow.

Because you all know that no matter what I say you already know what you know.


You take what you believe and vote on what you like.

Then when your rep gets elected they’ll tell you to take a hike.

It’s over and done with now that you got them in office.

You should have taken history as a sign an auspice.

They got their lifetime payment plan in the bank.

Now they just roll with whatever their donors put in their sugar tank.

Sounds all kind of like there isn’t much we can do.

Let me tell you the fact is that the sounds is just that—true.


Politics is a root of all kinds of evil portent.

They say it is money but let me tell you they both lead to discontent.

You see if we all did what we should be doing.

We would all be together refreshed and renewing.


You do yours and I’ll do mine is what some people say.

But what happens when yours seems to be treading on my way.

We hear the yelling and shouting and the screaming and stewing.

But all it comes to is a lot of name calling and political screwing.


Don’t ask me to support something I am against.

I won’t ask you the same if an issue of yours is dispensed.

Whoever comes out on top is the way it will be.

Until the next tomorrow when everyone will disagree.


Now that I’ve ranted and you have wanted away.

I’ll end with this bit of mindless attempt at something to say.

Whatever anyone votes and decides is in a runoff.

Just go ahead and put it where it belongs . . . in the hog trough.


Snake on table





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