Chaotic Thoughts of Freedom – A poem.

Chaotic Thoughts of Freedom
Land of the living and the free,
with lips ziptied locked left and right?
Meanings formed in their own light’s sight.
Is this the home of liberty,
thoughts less of man than a bent knee?
We pick and choose the laws we like,
To hell with the rest, kill it… strike.
People’s tongues are tied up in k n o ts.
The First no longer calls the shots?
The US dies by high heeled spike.


How to write an Espinela or Décima poem.

My entry for this week’s Décima Poetry Challenge NO. 46 (K N O T).

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© 2021- Ronovan Hester Copyright reserved. The author asserts his moral and legal rights over this work.


Media Gold – A poem.

Media Gold
Innocent but cast a villain
calls for resolve, and nerves of steal.
Make plans to bring truth to the deal,
slaying lies like penicillin,
or St Valentine’s Day killin’.
A hit piece out picking cherries,
below the belt bruising berries.
Once a favorite of the trigger,
now clickbait for the gravedigger.
And the massed mind swings and varies.


How to write an Espinela or Décima poem.

My entry for this week’s Décima Poetry Challenge NO. 44 (STEAL).

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© 2021- Ronovan Hester Copyright reserved. The author asserts his moral and legal rights over this work.

Apathetic Anarchy – a poem.

Apathetic Anarchy

biting apathy

youth’s thoughts of their history,

give anarchy teeth


How to Write a Haiku in English Form

A haiku for this week’s Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge of BITE and Teeth.

Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge Winter badge 2021

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© 2020 Ronovan Hester Copyright reserved. The author asserts his moral and legal rights over this work.

Democracy a Décima Poem.

My entry for this weeks Décima Poetry Challenge No.2 Hope. (A New Challenge here on



He may be huge, but he has no hope,
in the upcoming election,
there’ll be a massive rejection.
Stinks so bad…he’ll need soap to cope.

Then…we will have no need to mope.
Finally, a country set free,
of frauds thinking just for TV.
From spiteful eyes with pundit ties,
and screeching highs of dabblers’ cries.
And in the end, might we agree?

Democracy Decima Poem Image


© 2020 Ronovan Hester Copyright reserved. The author asserts his moral and legal rights over this work.


You have a great piece of writing and a great photo to put it on. You put the words on the image and what happens? You can’t seem to find that happy color of font to show all of your words because a normal photo has a great number of colors in it. Even if your photo is the sky, you have shades of blue ranging from so pale a blue it looks white down to the dark blues to almost dusk. The answer? Overlay images.

A Note: All overlay images were found in the public domain. The actual photo of the building is mine.

Make Your Fonts Visible

One thing to know, this post is not that long, it’s mostly taken up with image examples.

How do you make it work and still see your image? You know you could put a block of color in the sky and put your text in. But that ruins what you’re going for.


I use picmonkey quite often in tandom with, a free photoshop like product online.

Below is a photo from the top of a parking deck on the campus of UGA. You can see the stadium lights to Sanford Stadium over the buildings in the distance. As you can see, my name doesn’t show very well across the building but very well in the sky.

UGA by Ronovan Hester

Below you see the menu inside of after you have loaded your image. The thing to know first is to create the overlay image/shape you want to use and then type your text. You can then manipulate all you like and the text will be to the forefront. Of course you can always do it the other way around as sort of a see through a veil or curtain affect.

A-Points to the Overlay Icon in the shape of a butterfly. The overlay does exactly as it sounds, it overlays something on top of the image already showing. You can even pull in your own image to overlay on top of the image you first loaded.

B- For the purpose of what I want to do with this image and text I’ll chose the Geometric options.

UGA Picmonkey Overlay Demo

C-I am choosing the rectangular Geometric option because it actually can be manipulated to any height or width. The square, for example, will obviously adjust to remain a square.

UGA Picmonkey Geometric Demo

D-You are able to make the image height taller or shorter by placing your cursor on the point along the edge and dragging the edge down.

E-You are able to increase or decrease the width by doing the same as the above but along the side edges.

F-By placing your cursor over the small circle over the top of the box and then clicking and holding down your mouse you are then able to rotate or tilt the box however you like. Something to keep in mind is making the text and box lines parallel.

UGA Picmonkey Geometric Manipulaiton Demo

G-Here you see the Editing Box for the Geometric Overlay rectangle I used.

H-There are two boxes, one for the outline of the rectangle, and then below it is the inside of the box, the part we’re concerned with today. The box will start out as black, but you can click on the box signified by “H” here and choose a color. You may first want to use the part signified by the “I” first.

I-To make the box fade to transparent you increase the Fade. I left the color as black here and you can see the letters are still more visible as a whole than before.

J-You are able to do some different Overlay manipulation other than simple fading of a selected color by choosing the Blend Modes option. Simply select the different options within and see what they do. Some are very surprising.

UGA Picmonkey Demo

Below you see the final result with the box having been changed to the dark green of the trees in the background to the right of the building. I chose this color by clicking on the black box image, signified by the letter “H” above and choosing the eyedropper. I then clicked on the tree. I could have also let my cursor go over all the colors inside of that letter “H” box and the Faded Geometric rectangle would have changed colors as the cursor passed over each color.

UGA Faded Ronovan Hester Green Demo

And last we have the copyright in the sky with a red background of a box with the same blue lettering as above. Skies are difficult to have attractive lettering in and this will help you accomplish that. Something to consider with what I did here. I moved the box and text up and then tilted everything back to horizontal. Easy? Maybe for some, but what I did, to make certain the text and the box were in line with each other was drag them both to the bottom and line them up with the bottom edge of the screen. Then I moved them to the top.

UGA Ronovan Hester Sky Demo

You may pull in your own images as overlays by choosing the Your Own at the top of the Overlay options. Following are two examples. One is the UGA G, the image was found in the public domain. The photo is mine. It is followed by the same image with a curtain, found in the public domain, overlay over it.

UGA Image Ronovan Hester G

UGA G and Curtain Ronovan Hester

You may have a lot of fun with this feature. I did have to make the G and the Curtain fit the building image. To do that all I had did was take the corner of the image and drag it to increase the size. Try it, you’ll see how easy it is. The other Overlay image options do the same thing as the Geometric and Your Own.

When you save the image, remember to rename it to something other than the original name of the image. That way you keep your original image in its original form.

You are also able to use these techniques when creating book covers.


Ronovan Hester is an author, with the debut novel Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling due out in December. He shares his life as an amnesiac and Chronic Pain sufferer through his blog with the hope if inspiring others to overcome and continue on. His love of poetry, authors and community through his online world has lead to a growing Weekly Haiku Challenge and the creation of a site dedicated to book reviews, interviews and author resources known as

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 © Copyright-All rights reserved by 2015

How Young People Can Be Our Examples.

Sunday Thoughts has returned. My views on my Christianity and how I see it through reading the Bible and not listening to the dividing of interpretations.

Today let’s talk about how young people can be examples to us old folks, well maybe older folks.

There are so many problems in the world today that I don’t even bother speaking about them here any longer. They exists. We know they exists. I won’t give those movements, or murders for celebrity sake any further exposure by putting their names in my writing. That’s partly why some do what they do, they know they will go out in a blaze of glory and be on the news for several hours–at least–and then mumbled out for a few days following.

Instead of glorifying them, unexpectedly so, by naming them, people of all ages should help others not go that route.


There is really only one way to do that and that is by being an example.

No matter your age, you are an example ALREADY. You may be an example for good or for bad. I don’t want to hear arguments that there is no such thing as something being good or bad and that it is simply something based on ones personal views. I am certain many people reading this could  come up with examples of what is bad. I don’t want to think about the examples that come to my mind. So let’s move on to being more productive.

I periodically am in touch with former students and some say how much they look up to me and appreciate me. The funny thing about that is I’m envious of them and what they have going on in their lives. Great college experiences are being entered into. Futures are waiting to be discovered and shaped. And I don’t shy away from expressing that to them, that appreciation of them.

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.”-1 Timothy 4:12

Here you see there is no age to being an example. We can learn from the young as much as the old. My son, who has learned from me a great deal of his, will say or do something and I learn from him. The young see things in a way that is less colored by years of experience and wounds.

Those wounds are caution signs for us, but they can also be false signs in some cases. There are exceptions to every situation–every rule. We can’t spend our lives living in fear of the exceptions and miss out on the exceptionals.

I’m not saying we should ignore our past experience in favor of youthful belief, but I am saying we can capture that belief in moving forward with caution instead of either not moving at all or moving backwards.

How does this all make to improve the world?

We continue to be open to the world, to communication, to experiences, to views. We refuse to let a bad experience dictate how we view similar situations. Yes, I mean we don’t allow past moments to let us not like people of a certain color–as one example. Think about it. If we did that we wouldn’t like any skin color at all.

And there we are. The problem. We really don’t trust very many people to the extent we need to. We don’t trust situations. Jadedism is one of the worst isms out there. We just don’t believe the good because we only witness the good being debunked in the news. The true good is rarely if ever reported with as much gusto and zeal as the bad.

Young people will listen to young people and follow young people a lot more freely than us old folk. Even us old folk that try to be a good example. Us old folk can be examples too, and perhaps help with the old folk problems as well as the young folk problems by not giving fuel to problems. We fuel things, as well as young people fueling things, more than we all realize. Young and old working together will make it work.

Much Respect-Much Love


Ron_LWIRonovan is an author, and blogger who shares his life as an amnesiac and Chronic Pain sufferer though his blog His love of poetry, authors and community through his online world has lead to a growing Weekly Haiku Challenge and the creation of a site dedicated to book reviews, interviews and author resources known as

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My Sunday Thought: The Year of Renewal

I believe I’ve spoken of a pastor friend of mine before who brought me fully into a love of studying the Bible. He has his own ministry now that he is retired in which he teaches Apologetics in Oklahoma. I greatly enjoy Apologetics as it goes so hand in hand with my love of History. One verse that is key to his ministry is;

Romans 12:2
Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

I wanted to share this verse with you today as the final My Sunday Thought of 2014. I would like for you to look around at the world today. Look at what is popular on television and in the various forms of media.

Now take Fifty Shades of Grey and give it to your 10 year old to read. I know many of you are likely thinking this book is for adults only. I slip into that vein of thought at times when I write some of my poetry not that there have been many that could not be shared and yes, even in a Romance I’ve written there are scenes that are a bit much at times, not yet published nor revised by me. But does it make it right? Does the fact of the existence of something in a society make it right?

We should be able to hold ourselves up proudly at any moment and look at people and say “Do not throw me in with the swine you have made yourself to be.”

There is truly nothing of this world, the popular world that I care to be a part of. What do I want filling my mind? Do I want negativity and hatred or positivity and encouragement? Do I want skewed views of every single moment of life that is played out and inflamed according to media direction for the purpose of ratings when they could be trying to help a situation or do I want that which will give me hope and give me the ability to love every creation of God on this planet as a creation of God regardless of my dislike for who or what they are? Do I want to be an instigator or a mediator?

People don’t agree with my ideas. They believe they are a bit extreme. I believe we should not fill our minds with the trash that music has become, the movies, the literature. Don’t get me wrong, I believe everyone has the choice to do as they wish. There are a lot of aspects of life that should be portrayed in literature but done wisely. I simply believe that I have the choice to not fill my mind with some of it. I even suggested to people at my church, in ministry leadership positions that we should try to not support industry that supports all of the things that are a negative influence. We should not buy our fuel from stores that sell pornography. All I received from that was a nodding of the head with the “but” look to it. How could we ever possibly do that?

I am aware of the things, I just choose not to fill my mind and life with them. As the new year approaches give the idea of renewing your mind a consideration. Fill your life, your mind with positives so you may be a positive influence. Introduce the idea to your friends and family as well. Don’t be down on someone when they do listen to something or watch something. You just choose not to participate. Have your own music with you, a book. Or be like me and carry earplugs everywhere and then you don’t have to listen to anything or anyone you don’t want to. Yes, I have a medical excuse but so do you. You don’t want to be filled by the ill.

What you eat fuels your body. If you feed it junk your body will quickly lose energy. It stands to reason you think what you fill your mind with. What do you what fueling your mind?

In closing I am making my 2015 The Year of Renewal. A renewal of focus on those things that are most important to me and most important to my future. If you choose to travel along with me perhaps you will see that renewal playing out here in the pages of Ronovan Writes.



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My Sunday Thought: Bill Cosby–Torn between Two Worlds

Bill Cosby.

A few weeks ago by putting that name at the top of my Sunday Thought would have made people think of something like, Fatherhood, Family, Morals. Now, if you have been following the news or haven’t been hiding in some Super Walmart fitting room you might have another thought about where I would go with it.

Just for a brief explanation:

A comic, who I had never heard of, decided to make as part of his routine or perhaps as a spur of the moment thing the bringing up an old case about Bill Cosby being accused of drugging a woman and then raping her. This was then caught by the media and things caught fire with women coming out saying Bill Cosby had done the same thing to them.

The case mentioned was settled out of court. Now before you decide that Cosby must be guilty if he did that, think about how you would fill if your entire life, entire sexual life were going to be exposed to the entire world during a trial. He might have went along with his attorney who came up with the idea. “Bill, a few thousand dollars or your name becoming a joke for a while? Take your pick.”

Or you might think, if the woman was really after justice she would not have settled out of court and wanted Bill Cosby found guilty. But then she might have gone along with her attorney in a similar situation as Cosby went through.

In the Bible they had Judges who would determine if you were guilty of something after hearing everything. Usually the offenses were settled between the two involved and often times no one ever even knew anything happened.

With the media today grabbing onto anything possible, especially if it would tear down a moral icon like Bill Cosby, we as people not even involved are making judgements in this situation for or against Cosby and the women coming forward.

From my understanding the limitations have passed for the trying of anything even if guilt is true.

My opinion:

Bill Cosby knows the truth and so does God. One day he will have to stand before God and give an account of all he has done. Bill Cosby is no saint. He cheated on his wife and had a child that he financially supported. She stayed with him after finding out. I look at his wife sitting beside him through a recent interview and her support of him and that says a lot to me. But it does not say he is innocent for certain.

I have no say in his guilt or innocence. Some reading this will say that I should rail against him with anger in defense of women since I claim to respect and cherish women so much. I do respect and cherish women, but I also respect and cherish the word of God. I only speak to build people up, not to tear them down. I don’t know all of the specifics and the supposed realities from both sides. This is not my case. There is no case actually. There are simply people saying things that can’t be proven or dis-proven after all these years. How can I make a judgement without knowing everything that needs to be known?

Corporations are cutting ties with Cosby left and right without even knowing any facts or hearing anything other than the media circus, afraid of the fallout.

I saw  a clip from a morning panel type talk show where the issue was discussed and it was an interesting and disturbing piece. Some were attempting to be logical, so I thought, and then there was the side that seemed to automatically believe in Cosby’s guilt. Disturbing. Imagine if I met one of them and then months later came out and said they had done something to me, would there be an immediate thought of guilt then?

Well I have rambled a bit. I know this is a sensitive subject. As I say I am not saying Cosby did or did not do it. I am simply saying I don’t know, I don’t know facts, but God will sort it out since the Law of the Land, which we are supposed to follow according to the Bible did not find him guilty.

Yeah, we all have our opinions of it. Some are mixed, and that is probably the most accurate thing to say here. If not guilty then disgust at what is being done to him, if guilty then disgust at what he did. Torn. that’s the word, torn.

Much Respect





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Kirk Cameron’s Merry Christmas to Mothers.

I saw some headlines about Kirk Cameron recently and how he was talking about women should stay home. These comments were made after a less than 1 minute clip was released about Christmas joy and his new movie.

Well you know me, I have to check things out for myself.

I listened to the clip. I had other people, including women listen to it, without my input and asked what they thought. Most of them said it was pretty good, or cool. So I had to ask, was it sexist? They all looked at me funny. Then of course I had to explain.

You see what Kirk Cameron says in his clip is that for those women who are the ones who are responsible for the Joy in their homes to not let others take that Joy from them. You think about it. Anyone who has that holiday pressure on them, especially the Stay At Home Mom can take a beating during the holidays.

Kirk appeared on a news program and was asked about it and this was with four news women and none of them saw the clip as sexist. They had seen the headlines and then saw the clip and were like, say what?

So for those of you out there that haven’t seen the clip:

Go to that link. The first thing you see is the news clip. Scroll down and you see a clip with Kirk in red. Down at the bottom is him in a Santa outfit. I have no idea what that is. Kinda creepy if you ask me. But the first two are the ones you might want to check out if you care to.

Why did I decide to speak on this? I don’t like the media ways of doing things. Listen to things for yourself. Read the real things for yourself.  Take it from  a History Teacher. Thing are skewed by everyone.


Much Respect





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The Bad Husband/Father: Expectation VS. Reality

I like funny. I like being funny. I attempt it at times. I epic fail at times.  Not long ago I wrote a guest blog for insidethelifeofmoi. I tried so hard to write something funny and when I was first asked about it I had a great idea and should have written it then. The problem, I waited too long, and my funny died.

I can still  pull it off at times but only when I don’t think about it. And with a deadline approaching I wrote what you are about to read, somewhat edited now. It was inspired by one of Amanda’s articles The Good Wife: Expectation VS. Reality Amanda and I agreed it just wasn’t right, the tone wasn’t right for that moment. In fact it was a bad idea.

But here we have it now. It’s a serious subject that I will try to make an easy read. It’s something I, as a man, feel needs to be said.


What comes to mind when you think of expectations today’s society has for a Good Husband/Father? Look at the media, television, and even many movies, and what do you see?


I am not asking you what you think as you sit calmly at your work desk, at your kitchen table, or in your bed reading this. I am asking you what society at large thinks just from what they are fed through input sources.


I want you to think of the last 30 years of television and think of the dads. Now take Cosby out of that picture. You know a lot of the men in the most popular shows are shown as buffoons. Yes they are given a facade of intelligence or power but they usually end up as a joke, a punch line. And yes, I know this was the role of women in the past and it was not right then either, and it is not right when it occurs today.


Without man being used as a joke then how will we have comedies? Situations can be funny without people needing to be made fools of. My point is look at society today and see how the fathers and husbands are doing, and how even children are looking at those men.


Now you see why this is about Bad Husband/Father Expectations. I couldn’t come up with the Good Husband ones, not ones that people really honestly and truthfully EXPECT a Husband/Father to do. The key here is EXPECT. Want, yes, EXPECT, no.


You might want us to cuddle with you . . .







. . . but you don’t expect it.

Fore the sake of readability I will just refer to the husband as opposed to husband/father.


The Bad Husband/Father: Expectation VS. Reality

What entertainment and media has led a society to believe.

First of all I do not think entertainment and media are  solely responsible for everything in every situation. And I know there are truths in every scenario presented, that’s what makes it funny, we can all somehow relate to it because we probably know someone who did something like the situation shown in the episode. The following is about part of what entertainment and media are responsible for, what they could help correct.

We’re Not Helpful with our own Children


Men are selfish and only interested in time for themselves and incapable of helping there kids. They are so inept they don’t know how to do 3rd Grade homework or even make a meal without calling for take out.



Some men are like that. Then you have those that are real men. To them their responsibility does not end with just helping pay the bills. It doesn’t even cross their minds to be the Bad Husband. Some of us jump in the car as soon as work is over and drive as fast as the law will allow turning a 45 minute drive into a 37 minute one to pick up our child from after school before the late fee kicks in so said child doesn’t have to stay there any longer than need be. Even man_helping_boy_with_homework.jpgthough the wife says it’s not necessary to make the trip, we want the child home and not waiting. Then turn around and drive the 45 minutes back home, even while in pain that some can only imagine.

Upon arriving home the Good Husband starts the homework process with the young (I hate homework and want to play) child and puts dinner on to cook and returns to help with the homework which is progressing just fine, even if there is the melt down that occurs each day for certain ages. Yes people, your children are not the only ones that cry and have that moment and then turns back into an angel minutes later to finish the homework happily with pride (at times).



It sends a message that men don’t’ do anything and that the women do it all. Both genders growing up think it and either a) go along with it or b) rebel against it in an irrational manner not realizing what the majority truth is.


 We Prefer Sports over All Else



We have a sporting event we cannot live without seeing. Then it happens. The child wants to watch something, or the wife wants to go somewhere. We fake injuries, give excuses or flat out refuse. We even shove money at the situation. Anything goes in order to see our sports program. We even pay the children to lie to help out.



Family comes first. Yes there are events we would like to see. For instance the University we graduated from is playing football against their biggest rival, but we’ll find out the score. We can record it if we want it that much. Experiencing an autumn tradition with the family means more than a sporting event. Seeing the excitement in your child’s eyes as they know you are nearing wherever it is you go, that’s better than a, yes I am going to say it, silly ball and men you don’t know.



Men think everything else is more important than the family becomes a cliché go to idea. It becomes a staple of society. It sets a standard that children and even a future spouse will accept down to. Yes, ‘accept down to’ as in they won’t expect a good man for a husband.



We Just Want Sex for Our own Pleasure



5 minutes or 15 minutes tops. Not only is it just for us, but we like it when we want it and where we want it and we pout if the answer is no. The woman gives in out of pity and we’re like school boys with a new toy. This is the only reason we are with a wife in the first place, we are hoping we don’t have to face a life of rejection.




Massage_FrankfurtWe love when what we do makes the woman happy. For some of us that is the pleasure of it all. We know it takes more to make a woman sated in bed than it does a man, or at least most men, but there is something enjoyable about a happy woman, especially when she in turn takes control. And you know what? Even if there is no sex there is still a relationship as long as the love is there.




Boys and girls are growing up to be women and men thinking sex is a bargaining tool and not what it is really meant to be. You take a look around and then come back and disagree after listening to the the songs and watching the music videos. Do I sound old? No, I sound like someone who realizes one of the largest influences on our children is music, not parents. “Not my kids, Ronovan.” I’ve been a high school teacher and a youth ministry director . . . yes your kids too.



We don’t sacrifice



We’re all for us. No matter what it is we are out for number one. We buy cheaper clothing for the kids, cheap gifts for the wife, just so we can get a new golf club that is no better than the other 5 versions of the same. We miss ball games and events because we are doing something for ourselves rather than for our family. We disappoint.



We don’t care what we wear. We buy khaki colored pants to wear to work and everywhere else, no matter what store they are from. They don’t fade except to become a lighter tan color. Our shirts have mends in them, collars are faded, and elbows are thread bare. In these times you do what it takes to give your child/family the best that you can. You wear the same shoes for years even though every time it rains your feet get wet. The shoes LOOK okay from the top, so you keep going.



The idea is men are selfish and don’t care. What does this do to the ideas that children develop? You say “It’s only TV, Ronovan.” I ask you, who do they listen to more, you or the TV? And in all honesty where do they learn more from?



We don’t work hard


Whether at work or home men have these things where they take every shortcut to just get by, to just get the job done.  These shortcuts are shown as being dangerous and life threatening at times, but people laugh at what the husband has done. Humor? I like humor, but humor doesn’t have to come at the expense of one of the only two pieces of society.



Driving all day from house to house after making phone calls for hours and then entering homes one would never bring a house plant in to in an attempt to earn money to keep a life style and a future going, the man then continues his roles of chauffeur, tutor, and cook along with his community work.

Also yard worker, errand runner, and all around list completer should be added.


We are bad role models for the kids and disappointments to our wives. Even when we are not bad role models you can still hear the little jokes at times your children or wife agree with.



We are inept at life


Somehow we’ve gone through life without having learned social graces or any other basic abilities for life. We cannot do anything for ourselves in a conventional manner and if left alone to our own devices will humiliate our families with our attempts, ruining kids chances at being popular and wives chances at promotions. We cannot cook, clean or any other home related activity without help from even a child who has more mastery than we do.



We are quiet when necessary, speak up when needed, and when riled we have a way of making our views politely aware to everyone. We don’t yell, we don’t shout, but we make our choice of importance known without a doubt. We have charm, we have intellect, we have awareness and we can combine it all to intersect in our daily walk of life.



Again a bad example is set for the young. And even spouses who know the truth will eventually fall prey to societies expectations.


We don’t remember anything


We all have amnesia. Birthdays, anniversaries, and any event not 100% to do with ourselves is up for forgetting. I speak on this from experience as I suffer from retro grade and short term amnesia.



We remember it’s spirit day at school when no one else does. We remember it’s time for a doctor’s checkup or a birthday when others might should have. You walk into the room and forget what to say, from your words you spoke we help to get you back on the way or even tell you want you were going to say.

Do we forget things at times, yes but so does everyone with so much on our minds. That’s what society is these days, snippets of micro moments that overlap and do not give us a chance to remember anything. Me personally, the retrograde and short term memory problems kind of have taken their toll, I don’t even have the snippets.


The idea that we don’t remember anything means we don’t care enough to remember or listen.




TV and other forms of entertainment have used the husband/father as a pratfall for comedic relief for decades now. As the years go by what we see becomes something we believe. I know some will say they use the wife for the same reasons in some entertainment. I invite you to write an article of your own and share it. Today is from me and from my angle. A man who suffers from Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, Retrograde and Short Term Memory loss, at least three herniated discs in his spine including his neck, and 24/7 Migraines who now finds himself only able to at times cook a nice dinner every once in a while. I can only write on one topic at a time. Perhaps I will write on what men expect from a Good Wife from a man’s point of view at some point. I can tell you this, the  list would be short; Love, Care, and Share or maybe I would get more detailed as I got thinky about it.

As for me with my problems I still do what I can. Up until an accident not long ago, I was the Good Husband Reality. The Good Father Reality. Yes, the examples I gave for the Good were me. And yes we need to have entertainment but I believe we need to have entertainment that uplifts and builds up people and society rather than tears it down. Everything we are bombarded with leads to assumptions being made about society. And you know what happens to you and me when we assume, right?

The next time your child smarts off at you, using a phrase you don’t recognize, check what they are watching. That safe channel they watch, guess what? They have things now being included that society has slowly accepted as okay and fine for our social norm but we would never teach our children or model for our children. I role model for my child. If he can’t do it, I can’t do it . . . except for driving a car. I do that one, although even a 10 year old boy thinks he can do it.

If you’ve made it this far I will now tell you that there are Husbands/Fathers that are worse than what you see on television. My biological one was such a . . . person. That was back in the early 70s, when I was very small and there weren’t such bad examples on TV that I know of. Media and entertainment are not completely responsible for society today, but it would be nice if they would control things, things that CAN be controlled.

Is that okay with you? Do you like the direction society is taking? Where does our responsibility for it begin and end? Who watches and supports the entertainment? They might be garbage to the mind peddlers, but who are the ones who buy it?



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Are You A Catfish?

If you know Eloise of Mello-Elo, you know she’s a sweet lady and a lovely person. Read the article and give her a hug. I can’t believe someone would accuse her of being a catfish.

Thoughts by Mello-Elo

Definition of a catfish – A catfish is someone who pretends to be someone they’re not using Facebook or other social media to create false identities, particularly to pursue deceptive online romances.

Did you hear how Dave got totally catfished last month?! The fox he thought he was talking to turned out to be a pervy guy from San Diego!


I was really falling for that gorgeous gal on Facebook, but she turned out to be a catfish.

courtesy of urban

Catfish could also be construed as those who seek out friendships, creating a persona that is not their own, to exist in a world in which they might not normally be accepted. Am I being pedantic? You tell me.

Social media allows us to edit the images and opinions we share in this global village. Is it surprising that some are tempted to reinvent themselves in…

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Quick Tips: 2 For Basic Blogging

Quick Tips: 2 For Basic Blogging

by: Ronovan



1)      When writing an article and you put in images/media make sure to click Preview on the right of the screen before publishing. Sometime what you see in your editing window is not what you will see in the finished article. Do this even for articles without media, just in case.


2)      If you put links in your article/post make sure to click the “Open link in a new window/tab” when you go to insert the link. You don’t want people to leave your own article even if it’s just to go to another one of your articles.


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Media, Massacres, and Madness

Media, Massacres, and Madness

by: Ronovan


Why do we have so many mass murders of late? Blame the media.


There are so many reasons given for why someone writes a note or letter, suits up movie or video game style and then finds a crowded place to unload on. Ultimately what it comes down to in my opinion is they want the attention or fame.


Enter the media that is happy to give it to them.


Do I mean that they are happy to report such events? No, but you know the ratings rise and so do those behind the scenes. Not even the most professional reporter can hide how they feel about having to report on these situations. They are as disgusted by it as we are. Yet they report it and we watch it.


You will have news agencies say “We must keep the public informed of the situation”. The person is in custody and has been for five hours. Nothing but news has been on for that entire time. What are you informing us of?


How about the media flip it?


Break in for five hours about something amazing someone did. Promote the positive of the world. Sure, give us a blurb about the negative, but let that be it. Give the lime light to those doing good in the world. In other words, flip it from how it is done now.


If people want the attention then maybe they will start doing some amazingly good things to get on the news instead of violence.


In the past I always received blank stares when I mentioned why not doing this or that for good. Why not make a community one that promotes good over bad. And this was in a church. Perhaps I’m just naïve about things and try and act on what I believe we should do in society. Speak only what will help build another up and let no foul word come from my mouth.


Sure it’s good for us to know about the bad, but not to promote it.


Enjoy your day by tuning out the news. Read a book, listen to your favorite music, enjoy the outdoors, but whatever you do, don’t help promote the madness.


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