Now I See

Now I See

I once saw through eyes tinted by past lives… my own and others.

Mistakes made from then till now… guiding hands toward a dark end.

No longer blind… free of mind… eyes now see the world in its true form.

This is my entry for this weeks Sijo Poetry Challenge with theme/inspiration of GROWING Reality.

There are details in the prompt on how to write a Sijo, a syllable based poetry form similar to a haiku but originating in Korea.

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Forever Failure

Forever in dreams,

I am awakened by you,

In final failure.



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What am I?

There are things I can’t describe even with my words.

I see in my mind these thoughts that are distant that I want.

I can’t quite reach them but I know they need to be had.

They are like a wisp of mist as I almost touch them.




Why can’t they be tangible?

I can see them and know what they are.

I want them.

Why can they not just be?


Frustrations churn in my brain.

People wonder why I seem to be going insane.

I want to scream but then what would happen?

I would prove them right, that I am no longer capable of existing.


I simply want those thoughts, or are they dreams?

Am I dreaming these things that I see in my mind?questions1

How can one tell what is real and what is not?

I want to know reality.


But what if reality is so bad I cannot bear it?

What if the dream is protecting me from something?

What if I don’t need to know the truth?

Are there people letting me live a lie?




What am I?

Am I really here and in this place?

Am I a make believe part of a fantasy of my own mind?

What if I never woke up that day?


What if this isn’t even happening?




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Are You A Catfish?

If you know Eloise of Mello-Elo, you know she’s a sweet lady and a lovely person. Read the article and give her a hug. I can’t believe someone would accuse her of being a catfish.

Thoughts by Mello-Elo

Definition of a catfish – A catfish is someone who pretends to be someone they’re not using Facebook or other social media to create false identities, particularly to pursue deceptive online romances.

Did you hear how Dave got totally catfished last month?! The fox he thought he was talking to turned out to be a pervy guy from San Diego!


I was really falling for that gorgeous gal on Facebook, but she turned out to be a catfish.

courtesy of urban

Catfish could also be construed as those who seek out friendships, creating a persona that is not their own, to exist in a world in which they might not normally be accepted. Am I being pedantic? You tell me.

Social media allows us to edit the images and opinions we share in this global village. Is it surprising that some are tempted to reinvent themselves in…

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It’s All Good

It’s All Good

by: Mr. Ronovan


Some may wonder

About this rambling fool

What’s he doing

Is he losing his cool


Ah, no, no worries

I’m just lettin’ off steam

Would you rather me vent

Or open up on them fools with laser beams


You see what people don’t get

Is that I am all about love

Even the misfits

That belch, dweeb and shove


I know they are actin’

From something else inside

Something that controls them

Something that likes to hide


People are a gift

Even the idiot mobs

God didn’t make them that way

He didn’t give them their probs


This is to you

All the impotent trolls

You know who you are

You’ll be paying some tolls


I speak like this

With honesty so direct

To wake you up

Before you break yourself like a train wreck


Step back for a moment

Reverse your situation

Think how you would feel

If you were on the end of your dictation


It’s okay to speak truth

As long as it is in love

And as long as it’s truth

And not some line you just thought of


How do you know the difference

It’s real easy to tell

Are you trying to build someone up

Or are you trying to make them fail


To all of my Friends

And you know you are All

Don’t listen to the drivel

Stand proud and stand Tall


Because when you are here

You know it’s all Good

That’s right my dear Friends

It’s all good in Mr. Ronovan’s Neighborhood


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Half fabricated Nonfiction-A Poem

Half fabricated Nonfiction

by: Ronovan

Black and White Money Flag

What’s my thoughts on the political debates?

Sit right back while your time I confiscates.

You have the pros over here and the cons over there.

Depending on your side depends which you think is fair.


There are the facts that we all know about.

But they are the facts that others put out.

You want this view then go to that site.

You want another well you got another for a sound bite.


Here is my take on the whole situation.

I hope it don’t start your heart into palpitation.

In my honest opinion and as you know I have no other.

I think the whole thing is just a big old great mother.


I don’t know jack about which side is right.

Because neither side gives up the truth to our sight.

Give me half lie and I’ll find you a half truth.

Let them open their mouth and I’ll show you the serpent tooth.


What side do you want to win in this here contradiction.

The one for or against in this hell-bent half fabricated presented nonfiction.

I tell you what to do and then you can tell me to go blow.

Because you all know that no matter what I say you already know what you know.


You take what you believe and vote on what you like.

Then when your rep gets elected they’ll tell you to take a hike.

It’s over and done with now that you got them in office.

You should have taken history as a sign an auspice.

They got their lifetime payment plan in the bank.

Now they just roll with whatever their donors put in their sugar tank.

Sounds all kind of like there isn’t much we can do.

Let me tell you the fact is that the sounds is just that—true.


Politics is a root of all kinds of evil portent.

They say it is money but let me tell you they both lead to discontent.

You see if we all did what we should be doing.

We would all be together refreshed and renewing.


You do yours and I’ll do mine is what some people say.

But what happens when yours seems to be treading on my way.

We hear the yelling and shouting and the screaming and stewing.

But all it comes to is a lot of name calling and political screwing.


Don’t ask me to support something I am against.

I won’t ask you the same if an issue of yours is dispensed.

Whoever comes out on top is the way it will be.

Until the next tomorrow when everyone will disagree.


Now that I’ve ranted and you have wanted away.

I’ll end with this bit of mindless attempt at something to say.

Whatever anyone votes and decides is in a runoff.

Just go ahead and put it where it belongs . . . in the hog trough.


Snake on table





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Espresso – My top 3 lessons from my first week as a writer. By: Brett.

Well I have to say that this is an amazing article. It humbled me in many ways. Everyone visit this link to Brett’s page and Follow him. He’s starting a life as a writer and I have to say that if this article is a beginning, then I am so far behind him that I don’t deserve to have my name mentioned in it. So yes, I say again. Click and read and Follow and also follow him on Twitter as another show of support. @BrettsFuture We all need that little shot of double espresso sometimes.

Brett's Future


I sit here in restless repose forcing myself to relax. Mind aflutter, new venture afoot; uncertainty over my standing. In my heart the path is right. But that demon called fear casts a shadow before me.

I reflect upon the week of boldness I have just completed. There are lessons I’ve learned along the way, important reminders to guide my journey. Initial thoughts are important thoughts I tell myself as I struggle with my focus. Why is that I ask? Surely the lessons grow stronger with time, with greater experience? So I sit and contemplate why I feel this way.

Then I realize that these initial thoughts are like espresso, the initial injection in coffee each morning. That first rush after waking as you consider the long day stretched out ahead. You know that the cup you hold in your hand will not get you to the end. But that…

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Truth in a Picture


Truth in a Picture

by: Ronovan

You call me beautiful with your glance.

I get that a lot.gettyimages © Original Photo by

You like my eyes with their vacant stare

I don’t see you.

You see sexy in them, don’t you?

I see through you.

You say I have the perfect little nose.

I breathe, just.

You want to kiss my full red lips.

They sigh, barely.



I despise being an image for men to want.

nikkivanoostende - CopyYou want me.

My eyes are vacant from being broken.

You don’t see.

I feel dirty and used and pained by him.

You see sexy.

I barely breathe when he hurts me.

You love my nose.

My lips bleed without a scream.

You want them.




Image Credit: gettyimages © Original Photo by

Copyright-All rights reserved-© 28, 2014.

Unsung Hero: The Stay at Home (And/Or Single) Mom

Unsung Hero: The Stay at Home (And Single) Mom
by: Ronovan

I read an article by my friend Barbie over at B’s Words called Stay at Home Loser. Just when you get caught up in your own world of problems someone smacks you in the face with a world of more of them, and really some that are worse.

Sure I have problems of misconceptions about my health, but Barbie’s article just really brought a subject to mind that just . . . well . . . wow.

I’m going to focus on the Stay at Home Mom here, although this could apply to Stay at Home Dads too. And I don’t intend to take much time as I want you to go read Barbie’s article and get raw honesty on the subject.

What do I see the Stay at Home Mom as being:
• Character builder
• Manners teacher
• Respect teacher
• Human teacher
• Kindness teacher
• Love teacher
• Equality teacher
• Sharing teacher
• Reading teacher
• Writing teacher
• Responsibility teacher
• Safety teacher
• Relationship teacher
• Smile builder
• Laughter builder
• Face making teacher
• Walking teacher
• Riding bike teacher
• Look ways before you cross teacher
• Hold my hand teacher
• It’s okay to be you teacher
• How to forgive teacher
• It’s okay to make mistakes teacher
• Clean up your mess teacher
• How to make a sandwich teacher
• Singing teacher
• Psychiatrist
• TV and media specialist/monitor
• How to hug teacher
• Dietician

There are a lot more things that a Stay at Home Mom is but there are just the ones that quickly came to mind aside from the cleaning things they go through, (Not wanting to think of laundry, dishes, or diapers, thank you very much). I don’t see Loser on the list. These are just my view from the outside.

Please share what some of your definitions of a Stay at Home Mom. But before you answer, go read Barbie’s article and maybe leave your definition there instead. She inspired this article, give her the great words back.

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Men, Supersize Me, and Pornography.

A recent conversation and the #YesAllWomen response to Elliot Rodger’s deranged murders began me to thinking a bit.

Notebooks are a great source for inspiration. You write down important thoughts that you don’t want to forget, such as a conversation I had about the subject of men finding women from other countries more attractive than the women of their own country. Or more specifically it was that they were fascinated by them. Just to clarify, the conversation was with a woman. Twitter can bring things to your attention you try to avoid, like the Elliot Rodger insanity.

Men like to say that it’s the individual person that matters and we look for;
• the intellect over the eye candy
• the heart over the hairstyle
• the soul over the sexy
• the tenderness over the–you can fill that one in

But is that really true?

The conversation led me to wondering what men looked for most on the internet about women, such as the nationality or what the internet calls race. (An aside here, I prefer one race, the human one.) Do men in the United States prefer one ‘race’ of woman over another? Do they prefer traditionally Asian women, African women, Egyptian women, French women, or Indian women?

A search will find different answers but it seems in general Asian women top most lists, followed by African/African American, and probably Latin women are a close third if not tied for second. But there is no specific research pointing to any definitive answer.

As with many ideas one has there occurs an evolution into another idea.

Where this train led was internet pornography. Don’t worry I didn’t go searching those sites. I’m no prude or hypocrite. It’s just not my thing at this stage of my life. Maybe when I was younger, but I really don’t know. You all know why. But these days I have other things to focus on or at least try to focus on.

But if we men do find intelligence and the like attractive then why in 2012 were there 40 million Americans regularly visiting pornography sites? To be honest, not all of those were men. Women also enjoy pornography. But I am speaking from the male side because,well,I am one.

Steinem Quote

Think about that quote for a moment and let it sink in. You can apply it to men and women watching videos as well. These ‘manuals and training videos’ teach SOME men and women about the wrong kind of sex or what sex isn’t. Then when the real world hits them in the face, they strike back.

I’m not saying that pornography is the cause of all the crimes against women, or even men, but I think it does dehumanize people in one’s mind and desensitize people to what is respectful or reality. I know that’s an old fashioned phrase but it shouldn’t be. People cry out for respect but when you use the words ‘be respectful’ they treat you like a joke or some alien.

Despentes Quote on Pornography

This is a quote all people need to realize. If you’ve ever seen the documentary Supersize Me you see that eating McDonald’s for every meal for an extended period of time is not good for you, a too much of a good thing scenario of sorts. Some might say pornography is such a thing but that’s an opinion.

You love McDonald’s for what it is but it’s not real. You go home and eat a real hamburger and it is the best tasting thing. It’s just right on the outside, just slightly charred with the inside still tender and moist, and you actually have to open your mouth wide to eat it. Your mouth begins to water even before the bun reaches your lips. Then that first bite makes you wonder why you ever went to McDonald’s in the first place.

In truth pornography also makes what you ARE having less than what it is. You expect the almost impossible. You expect what people are being paid to do or are intentionally performing for viewing.

Pornography is a temporary fix. For some it may even be an emotional fix. But it’s a fake fix, a placebo. You took a sugar pill to cure a disease. It gives you a buzz, a momentary high, but minutes later you crash and feel as though you just wasted your life. You promise yourself you’ll never do it again, you’ll never eat another Big Mac. The next day you are in the drive-thru because the fix is intentionally created to be addicting.

What’s the solution?

Pornography can be an addiction which is a habit. Break the habit with another habit. If you feel porn calling, go outside and walk, or start writing. You find that email in your inbox? Unsubscribe, block it, do whatever it takes to stop it from being delivered. You find yourself typing that site address? Well, that one is on you my friend. But you can set your filters to stop sites from being accessed.

This article started as one about why men thought women from other countries were more fascinating but it ended up elsewhere. I guess the fascination is like going on vacation. Do you want to stay home for that week, or do you want to go away for a week? You want to be home but you enjoy the scenery of the vacation.

As for the pornography, what suggestions do you have to help people who really struggle with this? Keep in mind this is an addiction for some, a real illness. It’s like smoking, binge eating, drinking and any drug you become addicted to. It induces a release of those endorphins to make your mind temporarily happy. So sincerely think about it and leave a thought or suggestion.

In conclusion I would like to say that anything that demeans another person isn’t right. We’re meant to lift each other up in positive ways. Even though I see pornography as an addiction, an illness, I don’t condone any of it. It’s kind of like an episode of Happy Days from years ago when one of the characters named Potsie, an innocent teen, sees a centerfold and says something like “I bet that would look great in a sweater.” Potsie got it right.

One last quote.

Haide on Pornography

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