Truth in a Picture


Truth in a Picture

by: Ronovan

You call me beautiful with your glance.

I get that a lot.gettyimages © Original Photo by

You like my eyes with their vacant stare

I don’t see you.

You see sexy in them, don’t you?

I see through you.

You say I have the perfect little nose.

I breathe, just.

You want to kiss my full red lips.

They sigh, barely.



I despise being an image for men to want.

nikkivanoostende - CopyYou want me.

My eyes are vacant from being broken.

You don’t see.

I feel dirty and used and pained by him.

You see sexy.

I barely breathe when he hurts me.

You love my nose.

My lips bleed without a scream.

You want them.




Image Credit: gettyimages © Original Photo by

Copyright-All rights reserved-© 28, 2014.

33 thoughts on “Truth in a Picture

  1. It’s funny… I wonder how many people feel exactly this? Myself included… Sometimes I feel so broken, so used, so empty, that I can’t manage to even force the fake smile everyone’s expecting from me. Dark, but true and beautifully written.

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  2. Reblogged . . . you know some of my story, so you know how much this hits home. Painful, that’s all I can really say.

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  3. Is it that sinful to be the sanctity of a man image of heaven? Is it that hard to believe that there is still people who believe that romance can be obtained in a glance? No, he doesn’t see your eyes vacant because he see hope. He doesn’t acknowledge your shortness of breath because you take his breath away and it isn’t so bad. Maybe he is salvation; your wish of happiness being fulfilled but you’re too trapped in your past to acknowledge that your future may be present….Nice illustrations. ~AmazinglyBrash~


    • Thank you. I was looking for a happy painting for an inspiring poem for myself. But when I saw this one I saw the two sides of the story and couldn’t stop the creating.
      Not all men look at the image the same way, but I know some would. And sometimes you just have to speak out about it.
      Much Respect


  4. Reblogged this on ronovanwrites and commented:

    This has been linked to so I’ve reblogged it for today. It’s a bit of a truth of the women’s side of an issues. Please read, you don’t have to click like, but at least read and get a perspective.
    Much Respect

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  5. Incredible, Ronovan.

    Every broken bit inside responded to this.

    You are a gifted and beautiful soul. Thank you for sharing this moving piece, what a gift.

    Blessings and peace to you, friend.


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  6. This is breathtaking.. Thanks for sharing it. It hits home for me too. I’ve written about stuff like this before but I love the form you used. It’s delivers a similar message in a much more compact form.

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    • Thank you. When a woman takes the time to speak about this particular piece it just amazes, encourages, and also saddens me in a way. I am happy that some truth came out of it but I am saddened by what that truth is.
      Much Respect


      • It’s a great piece, it’d be hard not to respond to. The way you used two sides really works for it. I’m moved that a man wrote from a woman’s perspective, and it rings true for a bunch of your readers.


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