Your Rewards. (Poetry)


I normally have an image with my Haiku. Today I couldn’t come up with one that matched the words that I was able to truly capture what was in my mind. Perhaps later it will come to me but for now here are the words. I believe words some of us can too often identify with. This is my one Challenge Haiku of the week. I do hope you enjoy, or rather not enjoy.

Rare Loving Moments,

Are your rewards for Your Heart,

Receiving Harsh Words?






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Shattered pieces.

Words can’t escape from my head.shattered_pieces

Sometimes I think it might be better off dead.

It doesn’t considerate much at all.

I tend to blame it all . . . on the fall.


Maybe I’m just a bit naive.

Or perhaps I simply self deceive.

Round and round the matters flow.

But doesn’t matter where they all go?


I’m terrified of a sound.

Shadows follow me all around.

Wherever I go there they are.

Is there such a place as too far?


Tempered thoughts slash to the core.

They remind of things that were no more.

Angry letters in a row.

All I really ever can do is put on a picture show.


It’s much too late for sorry now.

The deed I’ve done has been written down.

Damaged cells in my mind.

Added to the others so easy to find.


It’s easy to forget, when you have no need for a net. Then you fall you shatter to pieces, because your guard was let down and your defense ceases.



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I Begin to Fail

Stars fail to break through the clouds

The blanketing darkness suffocates

Heat grabs at my flesh

As I race through night to escape


Sounds follow as if unafraid

What is there plan for this time

My legs begin to fail

As the stumbling brings forth reality


Why did I bother ever running

This body can no longer do such

With each increasing crackling sound

I am reminded of my failing too much









There it is finally capturing me

I feel the fingers on my spine

Time has run out

My body stiffens as the searing begins


The fingers burn deeply within

Carving and severing bone

Ribbons of pain flow outward

Sucking the air from my depressed lungs


I succumb as I do each time

Never able to outrun this pain giver beast

This body depleting reaper

That creeps through my every piece



2014 © Copyright-All rights

Truth in a Picture


Truth in a Picture

by: Ronovan

You call me beautiful with your glance.

I get that a lot.gettyimages © Original Photo by

You like my eyes with their vacant stare

I don’t see you.

You see sexy in them, don’t you?

I see through you.

You say I have the perfect little nose.

I breathe, just.

You want to kiss my full red lips.

They sigh, barely.



I despise being an image for men to want.

nikkivanoostende - CopyYou want me.

My eyes are vacant from being broken.

You don’t see.

I feel dirty and used and pained by him.

You see sexy.

I barely breathe when he hurts me.

You love my nose.

My lips bleed without a scream.

You want them.




Image Credit: gettyimages © Original Photo by

Copyright-All rights reserved-© 28, 2014.

Afraid to be Nice

Afraid to be Nice

by: Ronovan



I tried to be nice

But I was told it might not be that way

It’s not that I was bad

It’s not that I did wrong or was anything I had to say


But for a heart wearer

Who has lost how the world may work

Things can be breaking

When chastised remotely I feel like a jerk


You say get over it

And I will try in my time and way

But live in my shoes

The hurt is the only thing that will stay


Now I question everything I do

Will I write the wrong word or comment

Will I use the wrong image

All these doubts and questions spin in a torrent


I am a dweller

I live in the heart of emotion

I cannot shake it

My heart is my devotion



© Copyright-All rights 16, 2014.


The Sensitive Blogger

The Sensitive Blogger

by: Ronovan

 Black Sight


You have to be tough to make it as a blogger!


I’m not tough. In fact I’m the exact opposite. I’m what you might call The Sensitive Blogger. If you’ve read my work and had interactions with me you may have put together a picture of what I am. I wear my mind and heart on my sleeve. They are both out there for the world to see and stomp on.


And sometimes people trip over one or the other without knowing it.


When the intentional hurt happens I can deal with that, most Bloggers can. We know there will be people who disagree with us or don’t like our work or are just intentionally trying to pick a fight. They want to be THAT commenter.


I can handle that. It’s those blindside ones that make me almost give up. When that happens I turn to typing. I write. Why not turn that hurt into something I can use on my Blog?


You get judged at times by history, a history that is not your own. I wrote an article called ‘I’m not THAT man’ recently and I find that phrase works in many areas of life. Before I go on, don’t get me wrong. Something said today was not said in a rude or impolite manner but it caught me off guard and well it’s going to stay with me for a long time and I will question my judgment for a long time.


I still feel sick. You know that sick disappointed feeling that you get when you are hurt. My initial reaction was “I give up, delete blog.” Since my accident thoughts turn into actions quickly. I stopped myself this time. I just didn’t want to be known as someone who a person even thought remotely might have been doing bad practice.


No, I wasn’t being bad or anything. It was just said that it could be seen as such. So don’t think anything like that. I didn’t post bad stuff, or comment badly to someone. It was just a moment that hit me.


It made me realize my judgment isn’t what it should be about things.


You probably clicked this looking for tips about blogging. I don’t know if you got anything out of this. But sometimes I just need to write and post something that is just a ‘me’ thing. I don’t know that I’ve ever actually done that until now in a non creative format, but isn’t that what having your own blog is about?


Much Respect



© Copyright-All rights 16, 2014.