Afraid to be Nice

Afraid to be Nice

by: Ronovan



I tried to be nice

But I was told it might not be that way

It’s not that I was bad

It’s not that I did wrong or was anything I had to say


But for a heart wearer

Who has lost how the world may work

Things can be breaking

When chastised remotely I feel like a jerk


You say get over it

And I will try in my time and way

But live in my shoes

The hurt is the only thing that will stay


Now I question everything I do

Will I write the wrong word or comment

Will I use the wrong image

All these doubts and questions spin in a torrent


I am a dweller

I live in the heart of emotion

I cannot shake it

My heart is my devotion



© Copyright-All rights 16, 2014.



7 thoughts on “Afraid to be Nice

  1. Based on your other work and post I can only imagine how it might feel. It’s sad but beautifully written. Not sure if hugs are needed but (((hugs)))

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  2. everyone’s words are like swords and often times without any intention the people around us cut us up. Reveal our weakness for us to see.


  3. ‘Heart wearer’ what a nice word..could totally relate to this poem..Lovely use of words Ronovan! The world as it is today forces you to think ‘practically’ and to ‘detach’ yourself from the situation people are forgetting what it means to think with the heart.. 🙂 whether its a good thing or bad…is up for debate…:) but lovely poem Ron!


  4. Dear Ronovan,

    I can’t imagine what happened?! But it doesn’t matter the details, the pain is clear. Maybe this little story will help?

    I once heard the great Brene Brown say that when she did her best work, she was berated for it. When she came out talking about vulnerability and what she had learned about being authentic, people said things to her that hurt so badly like “Maybe Brene should talk about authenticity when she loses 20 pounds” and cruel things that made her feel bad about herself and question her own right to speak about what she knew was true. Then she realized that these cruel things that others were saying were the things she had been afraid of hearing others say about her, and so she had always kept herself and her best work small in order to protect herself from hearing them. Then she realized that what mattered most was she was doing the authentic work she felt called to do and she wouldn’t let comments from others keep her small any more.

    I don’t know if that makes sense for you, but I guess what I am trying to say is I hope that to the best of your ability, don’t let anyone keep you from being who you truly are. You know your truth and no one can take that away from you unless you hand it over. Don’t let them keep your love small, friend.

    I say don’t get over it. Pray on it, take it in, accept it, learn it. Let it make you even stronger.

    Hope this helps a little 🙂

    Big love,



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