Man in pain beside poem on right.

Stuck in a rut with no way out.

Opening my mouth but you can’t hear me shout.

Locked here in this world alone with my doubt.

Directions to safety keeps telling me to reroute.

My positivity has been my fingertip of hope.

Lately I’ve been sounding more like a garbage eating billy goat.

I keep slipping and sliding up and down a well traveled slope.

My plans so sabotaged I feel on the verge of a Virginia Woolf note.

The love for life counted down till it came.

And all those blissful imaginings… went up in a flame.

The clock hit zero and that pain I’ve held back…my brain is lame.

My mind limps and stumbles with fatigue and shame.

To change the world takes so much of your light.

You pull yourself up but find you haven’t enough fight.

You claw at limbs to see the white light.

Try as you may you just don’t have the might.

I still hang on to one thin strand.

Feeling the whole time that I wait on grains of sand.

My heart burns and it aches with each weak demand.

When I last close my eyes I hope to be in a new land.


Night Fails Me Again

Words picked at random end up evoking thoughts and imaginings that you never considered. Potential humor, societal commentary but love and desire? Those words never came to mind when I chose the prompts for the week. But then this is me. This is my mind and my imaginings and regardless of what may be the spark, the fire always seems to rage in the same direction, across the same landscape of the mind.

This was written for a special reason as I was thinking of something and the words wrote themselves. Though they did not end up in the home where they were written I wanted to share them as I thought they needed to be shared. I do hope you enjoy.

Much Respect


haiku love desire








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Run Away-My Haiku For the Week

haiku poetry run away

People run away.

To hopes, dreams and fantasies,

I do not belong




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Woman #1

A simple poem with a simple message.
Much Respect

Odd One Out

Never the one chosenBlossom on tree

Never the one choice

Never the one chased

Never the one charmed


Ever the one alone

Ever the one afar

Ever the one aware

Ever the one alarmed


The one hurting

The one heaving

The one haunting

The one howling












Now the one embraced

Now the one enthroned

Now the one empowered

Now the one elegantly…alone and okay


Inspired by several offerings I’ve read today about things not owed and being that odd girl out. One a more detailed piece and the other a photograph. I think all people at some point and many creative people especially can relate to those two offerings.



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I Begin to Fail

Stars fail to break through the clouds

The blanketing darkness suffocates

Heat grabs at my flesh

As I race through night to escape


Sounds follow as if unafraid

What is there plan for this time

My legs begin to fail

As the stumbling brings forth reality


Why did I bother ever running

This body can no longer do such

With each increasing crackling sound

I am reminded of my failing too much









There it is finally capturing me

I feel the fingers on my spine

Time has run out

My body stiffens as the searing begins


The fingers burn deeply within

Carving and severing bone

Ribbons of pain flow outward

Sucking the air from my depressed lungs


I succumb as I do each time

Never able to outrun this pain giver beast

This body depleting reaper

That creeps through my every piece



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Nourished by Misery

Nourished by Misery

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Misery is all,

This heart nourishes upon,

Days of loneliness.



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Insanity Havens Shattered

Insanity Havens Shattered












I can’t see where I am waiting

The light has gone out of my eyes

The dam breaks into the cavernous hollow

That was once my mind filled with memories of you


Now I don’t know what I am here for

I can’t seem to discover my path back through

The rifts of the time I was in before

Keep me in your thoughts and your heart


Torch marks engrave the image of you

Torn deep into the crevices of my soul

I look for a way to hang onto the pain

The pain of loving you


Thunder pounds into the echoes of madness

Lightning strikes behind my dimmed eyes

Even opened

They still see lightning strike images of you


Cracks formed in the insanity havens

Believed to be the sanctuary holding me bound

But now

Now I can no longer heart beat be found




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Being forgotten is good

Very nice poetry. I suggest people read this one. I like the recurrence of the ‘is good’ phrase. Excellent. Seriously, pay a visit read. Also flow Nishi as she her blog now shows her personality and I love what I’m learning about her in her articles of late.
Much Respect

The Showcase

Being Forgotten is good,

The plotters and the pillagers will leave you alone.

Oblivion is good,

The hurt and the pain will fade and you will be free.

To be called out is good,

The hiding can stop and the truth will liberate you.

Isolation is good,

You can hear yourself think.

Persecution is good,

You find your spirit and strength from within.

The end is good,

For it leads to the start of something new.

Tunnel-of-light-at-the-end-300x200.jpg (300×200)

image courtesy:lifesublime.ca

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by: Ronovan

Black and White Question Marks

“So you’re a loner, huh?”

“I’m sitting in a dark room…by myself…and you ask me that?”

“This could just be a momentary thing, right?”


“Dude, what is your problem?”

“You’re the one intruding on my time and you are asking me what my problem is?”

“Yeah, what of it?”

“Are you mental or something?”

“If I were the one sitting alone in the dark all the time staring at a computer screen and making up stories that no one will read then you could say I was mental, okay?”

“You’re making fun of me now aren’t you?”

“Dude, don’t you realize you make fun of yourself every time you exist?”

“Why do you have a problem with me?”

“Don’t you think you should ask yourself that question?

“What are you talking about?

“Dude, how many people are in this room?”


“Don’t you realize I am you?”

“And who else understands me enough to talk to?”

“Does anyone understand anybody enough really?”

“Am I going insane?”

“Are you already there?”


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