I Destroy

I Destroy


I destroy that which I love

My words wander into oblivion

They drift sedate and comfortable

Always driving away everyone


I know not what they do

They slip through the cracks of my mind

I despise the day

A fall flipped a switch for no control I can find


My judgment is hindered

My life is incomplete

My ways are forced hesitant

I always fall in defeat


The beginning is a fortune

Times bring happiness as if a boy

But always and inevitable

The best I have . . . I destroy



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Insanity Havens Shattered

Insanity Havens Shattered












I can’t see where I am waiting

The light has gone out of my eyes

The dam breaks into the cavernous hollow

That was once my mind filled with memories of you


Now I don’t know what I am here for

I can’t seem to discover my path back through

The rifts of the time I was in before

Keep me in your thoughts and your heart


Torch marks engrave the image of you

Torn deep into the crevices of my soul

I look for a way to hang onto the pain

The pain of loving you


Thunder pounds into the echoes of madness

Lightning strikes behind my dimmed eyes

Even opened

They still see lightning strike images of you


Cracks formed in the insanity havens

Believed to be the sanctuary holding me bound

But now

Now I can no longer heart beat be found




2014 © Copyright-All rights reserved-RonovanWrites.wordpress.com.