Night Fails Me Again

Words picked at random end up evoking thoughts and imaginings that you never considered. Potential humor, societal commentary but love and desire? Those words never came to mind when I chose the prompts for the week. But then this is me. This is my mind and my imaginings and regardless of what may be the spark, the fire always seems to rage in the same direction, across the same landscape of the mind.

This was written for a special reason as I was thinking of something and the words wrote themselves. Though they did not end up in the home where they were written I wanted to share them as I thought they needed to be shared. I do hope you enjoy.

Much Respect


haiku love desire








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8 thoughts on “Night Fails Me Again

  1. Touching. A friend of mine’s wife passed away this week and I think of him with your words. They have a young daughter and her death is just utterly tragic. I’m seeing her in a lot of things this week even though we never met.

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