What the World Needs Now is Peace. Don’t Let Hate Win !!



As i sit down to write this post, the world is becoming a dangerous place. It’s slowly being consumed by hate, prejudice, stereotypes and most of all religious fundamentalism. A week ago there was a siege in a Sydney cafe. The world was appalled by the incident. Seventeen people were taken hostage and three were killed including the hostage-taker – Man Haron Monis, a fifty year old man born in Iran and settled in Australia. The Prime Minister of Australia -Tony Abbott has described Monis as “a deeply disturbed individual with a long history of crime, a long history of mental instability and infatuation with extremism.” The man has over forty cases concerning  sexual and assault related offences and a history of religiously motivated activism. During the siege , Monis displayed an Islamic flag.

The world stood in solidarity with Sydney. The best thing that happened was the hashtag that trended globally on…

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3 Illegal Book Sites #Authors #IndieAuthors #AmWriting


Visit the above site from our friend Christ The Story Reading Ape about two Illegal Book Sites and add this one to it.


MOTD: Think Pink

My friend @HarmanKatie27 of Plus+ Beauty had a great post today.

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I thought it was great in very many ways, the subject and the way she did it.
And while I am at it, although I have not posted the awards yet I want to give her the Beautiful Blogger Award and the One Lovely Blogger Award.


Weekly Haiku Challenge XII

My friend Cyril Bussiere, author and whatever else he seems to choose to be wrote a poem for my Haiku Challenge that gave me pause to think.

I have been so not centered in my life recently due to so many things that I have slowly spiraled out of control in many areas. At this moment I have myself basically in isolation, even from my friends, in an attempt to regain control. Some are not understanding it. Some aren’t even getting the point blank thoughts I put before them.

But anyway, Cyril wrote this poem, this Haiku, but I am stealing it this week.

I am not going to bother writing one myself for the Challenge.

This is the offering from me in the form of reblog thievery.

I hope Cyril doesn’t mind my thievery.

Like it there preferably to support his site or like here if you don’t have the time to click. Just like it.

Much Respect

Quote of the day from The Fritz Chronicles site.

A most excellent quote for all writers.

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T. R. Justus

“And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self doubt.” Sylvia Plath

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When Ronovan Met Miss Maple (on Skype) – Part 3

Read Hugh’s Latest in the mystery of Grammar Black Market.

Where does Hugh end up?

What is it with him and Oreos anyway?

Read now before the next installment later today here on RonovanWrites with

Part 2 The L.A.W. Comes to Town: A Kiss is Just a Kiss

The case of the disappearing


Credit: Freefoto.comG


Dances with words

I thought I would take a moment to give everyone the inspiration of this duet.

Serin asksed if I would do one about Writing.

She being a writer and

I playing the part of the words that give her the escape and the way to express her thoughts. It was an interesting process.

I am not one cut out for duets so there will not be any others.

So if you want to see my one and only ever duet, then please read.

Much Respect
Ronovan (The Solo Poet)

Writing in the Sand

A very good poem for today.
Much Respect

Broken Boot Straps

Meredith gives some very good advice. Is anyone surprised by this?

Meredith's Reveries

Pulling yourself up by your bootstraps means to improve your situation by your own efforts. The origin of this phrase isn’t known. It refers to boots and their straps and to lifting oneself off the ground by pulling on one’s bootstraps. This metaphor shows the effort of getting out of a difficult situation by one’s own efforts. It was known by the early 20th century. James Joyce alluded to it in Ulysses, 1922: “There were others who had forced their way to the top from the lowest rung by the aid of their bootstraps.” http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/290800.html

“None of us got where we are solely by pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps. We got here because somebody – a parent, a teacher, an Ivy League crony or a few nuns – bent down and helped us pick up our boots.”Thurgood Marshall

I feel as if I have tugged on my own bootstraps…

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Virtual Blog Tour

Check out Kat







at Dandelion Fuzz and her Virtual Blog Tour where she has tagged me as one of the next participants. Also Follow her BLOG!!! I swear I had and I go there and it showed I hadn’t. Once again Ronovan is ticked and might have to Rant. And yes, I do have a blog for that I haven’t posted on. I just don’t rant that much. And yes, it is called RonovanRants. Gotta love me, right?
Much Respect

Dandelion Fuzz

I would like to start by thanking Adrienne at greatsnaps, goodtimes and me for inviting me to take part in this tour. My participation was delayed by jury duty, life…..but I’m happy to be participating now.

Here are my answers to the Virtual Blog Tour questions:

What am I working on?

Since I began this blog, I have struggled with finding focus. That remains an issue for me. While my blog generally centers on my family’s journey with my transgender son, I try not to make that the only topic. We are so much more than that. I am working on the right balance and developing variety in my posts by trying out different things. imagesJC1T2POF

I am in the first week of Writing 101- Round 2! 2 days, 2 assignments completed. This time I WILL finish!

In addition to working on Writing 101, I have been brainstorming possible new features…

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Adventure – The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Rage & Flammable: Weekly Haiku Challenge 8

Wow, what she did with the image on this, I am so jealous. I gotta learn this! I just love this lady.

When Ronovan Met Miss Maple (On Skype) Part 1 – A Response to Ronovan at Ronovan Writes

This is Hugh’s response to a response of a response . . . well you get where I’m going. But his is why I called in Rose & Ghun to take care of him!

Are You A Catfish?

If you know Eloise of Mello-Elo, you know she’s a sweet lady and a lovely person. Read the article and give her a hug. I can’t believe someone would accuse her of being a catfish.

Thoughts by Mello-Elo

Definition of a catfish – A catfish is someone who pretends to be someone they’re not using Facebook or other social media to create false identities, particularly to pursue deceptive online romances.

Did you hear how Dave got totally catfished last month?! The fox he thought he was talking to turned out to be a pervy guy from San Diego!


I was really falling for that gorgeous gal on Facebook, but she turned out to be a catfish.

courtesy of urban dictionary.com

Catfish could also be construed as those who seek out friendships, creating a persona that is not their own, to exist in a world in which they might not normally be accepted. Am I being pedantic? You tell me.

Social media allows us to edit the images and opinions we share in this global village. Is it surprising that some are tempted to reinvent themselves in…

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Her Title-Dear dentist…I don’t like you. My Title-(Daffy Duck’s Sister Speaks . . . HAHAHAHA)

With the title do I really need to say anything else? Of course I will but do I need to? Nope. I so wish she had a video of herself, that is all I am saying.

Four eyes are sexier than two

Alexis @collegeladyblog just ended up with her first pair of glasses. She shares what she has discovered. A genuinely good read and a very mature and wonderfully written piece. Please visit and take a look. And yes, FOLLOW HER BLOG! (She’s not crazy psycho massive content like I am!) Did you guys just hear a screaming voice or was that just me?

Her title:My Valentine’s Day plans… My title: Men Find Out a Secret

Saw this earlier in the week and made note to share it with everyone on Female Focus Friday here on RonovanWrites. The lady has a hilarious style and some real advice men should take. Honestly guys, if your love life is suffering read this and maybe it will give you some ideas.

Monday Rambles – Beat the Emotional Funk with I.W.R

I had this planned all week to share as soon as I saw it. I really liked this article and since this is Female Focus Friday on RonovanWrites, as it is every Friday. Here you go.

The Showcase

So its time for my Monday rambles..I missed rambling monday last week not because I did’nt have anything to write about, but more because I was in what you’d  call an ‘Emotional Funk’.

Well, you know times when you just feel disconnected and listless and when nothing excites and motivates you to get out of your Pajamas and you end up looking like a mop. I used to think of it as a spell of ‘Chronic Laziness’ but now I understand its just a phase where you lose your ‘Passion’ for that Special V.V.I.P – You! 

I decided I had to beat the ‘E. F’ with the ‘I.W.R’ and fall in love with myself once more..

I for IDENTIFY The first step to solving virtually every problem on the planet and specially in this particular situation is to – IDENTIFY that you are in an emotional funk and not always…

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Ten Things I Hate Most About…Summer!

What better way to announce my next Blogger Interview than to give you a taste of him? So have a taste of Hugh’s Views & News and his thoughts on Summer and BBQ. Pass me the ribs and sausages.

Female Focus Friday Reblog: Murder she wrought! AWESOME! or nuts…

Nishi is either really insane or this is like incredibly original and funny. I mean seriously. I had to Reblog this For Female Feature Friday. Go check it out and get your knives read!!!!!
Much Respect

The Showcase

The Farmers Wife or shall we call her Mrs Farmer was getting dinner ready at home..It was almost midday and the farmer household was quiet. The oldest of Mrs. F’s six was out in the field with Mr. Farmer and the little ones were at different spots all carrying out their allocated chores after they had come back from school. There was absolutely no dearth for work around the house and no one was too young to do their part.

She moved around the kitchen whilst preparing dinner. The Farmers were having meatloaf that evening and as she heard the kitchen timer ding, using her oven mitts she took out her signature dish out of the oven and slowly placed it on the kitchen counter. As the delicious aroma filled her kitchen, she turned to where the carving knives were placed and she could’nt help feeling a tingling sensation pass…

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