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Sometimes you just have to write. It’s 1 AM here in America and I am having a hard time sleeping. This old man goes through that at times. After this past weekend I have even more reasons to keep me from sleep. I might would put a link to that story but WordPress isn’t letting me add links or Media to posts right now. (Was able to now link to “How I Became Cat-Man”)

There are times I can’t sleep because my mind does not shut down. I literally have to just drop to sleep. Recently my mind has been on the whole Ferguson situation as I see the poor handling of it all by the media. Yes, I have a problem with the media at times. If you’ve read my blog long enough you’ve seen mention of how I see them as instigators of many a problem in societies across the world.

I’m not even sure if it’s the legit media that I am angry at right now, but perhaps the pretend media that happens to get picked up by online outlets like Yahoo to fill their spots and to get the most hits from sensationalist headlines.

Personally I understand the protests that are occurring, but not the looting, the burning of property and the like. You’re angry? Okay, who are you angry with? Is it the police, the legal system? Why are the protests not centered around those buildings? Why are they in places that end up keeping people from getting to work and subsequently getting them fired, or so I have heard. That could just be media hype.

You know one thing that makes me mad at the moment? The New York Times printing the street name where that police officer lives. He and his wife had to take off.

Know something else that bugs me? The St. Louis Rams. 5 players did the Hands Up sign in support of the protestors. So far the word is there will be no punishment because they were practicing their right to free speech.

Okay, so using their celebrity and the NFL and networks to continue to fuel a situation is okay. I got it. You fine a man who refuses to answer questions in an interview. I guess that wasn’t his right to free speech. You fine people for wearing Beats by Dr. Dre during press meetings and the like, I guess that’s not free speech.

I’m angry a little bit. Am I a racist person? No. Far from it. I think any of you that know me can attest to that as a fact. For one, you all know I only believe in one race, the human race. I think they should do away with race classifications on everything. Just make it a non issue. The government doesn’t want a racial problem? Then stop asking what race people are.

Will that make a big difference? Not to start with. But it’s a beginning. My son didn’t even know that people with dark skin were called Black until he learned it at school as he got a little older. He would say the girl with the darker skin. Or he would say the boy with the real white skin. To him it was just a skin tone.

Well I could go on and on and really say a lot about what I think about this whole situation but it’s late and I have a doctor’s appointment today. I guess I should sleep some. If I offended anyone . . . these are my opinions and I don’t think I actually said anything against anyone other than those doing damage to property or acting in ways that are foolish.  Protest all you like, just do it peacefully. It works.

You know, if you want my opinions on a subject, leave a comment or fill out the form at the bottom of the post. I’ll then do a post on it. Why not, right?

We can call it Ask Ronovan or Ronovan’s Rants or something like that. I would be more open and direct than I have been here. Any topic is okay with me. I think you all know that by now. I don’t shy away from the sensitive or touchy subjects. So leave a comment or send a message and I’ll write a topic. I may even and  a specific page if the response warrants it. And if you fill out the form on the About page just mention you want your name left out of the post and I’ll leave it out. Otherwise I’ll give you a shout out and link to your own blog if you have one.

Yeah, this was a random rambling thing that ended up with a new post idea. Who knew pain and posting would end up here?

Oh, and a blog tip: When you are labeling your images, go ahead and label them something like st-louis-rams.jpg.jpg Why? Well when SEO looks for it they like to see that jpg or png included in your images. But if you ever notice when you look at your images after loading the jpg or png is not there, so go ahead and add it to the actual name of the image then no extra work once you are in the posting process. Now they already see the jpg in your file name so you don’t HAVE to put it here. it’s up to you. I sometimes do and sometimes don’t.

Much Respect and an End To Races


Bragging and Ranting. How I came up with a Blog Post.

I wanted to write an article about a Blog Tip today. I thought I would play off of my “How to come up with a book idea” article from the LWI site and do “How to come up with a blog post” but the juices just didn’t flow in that direction and I’ve basically done things like that.

Instead I am going to simply brag a bit.

I am not overly boastful. Yes, I seem to  brag about being humble and not seeking attention. I am not sure how to exactly understand the boasting of that but I am sure that it is boasting somehow. Anyway, people may have noticed I haven’t done any announcements about number of followers or views in a while. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I think it’s fine when you do it to sincerely thank followers for achieving those milestones. I have a friend that does that. Most of us never even expected but a handful of people to ever even see what we post. I am still surprised people show up here. Sure some days are slimmer than others, and weeks are slimmer then other weeks.

So what am I going to brag about?

‘B’ the Athlete

My son. My boy ‘B’ is awesome! He recently started basketball, his first try at sports. He’s 10 and was walking into the gym and the high school head football coach saw him, looked him up and down and smiled. “Have you ever thought about playing football?” A humorous conversation followed. ‘B’ is approaching 5 feet tall and is 100 lbs. And he’s not a chubby kid. There was visible droolage on the coaches face.

I am proud of how ‘B’ acted during his first practice. He’s serious about it and wants to learn and do well and he’s a team player.

‘B’ the Scholar

‘B’ is smart. I’ve mentioned that before. How smart is he? I’ve never mentioned that. A package came to the house from his school. Apparently he has been selected by one of the top 100 Universities in the world to take part in their gifted student program.

People don’t know about that at school, as in the other students, but tonight he came home and said he is considered one of the nerds in school. I suppose that’s because he makes good grades and knows answers in classes. So what if he is 10 and blew the Science teacher away by not calling a ‘beneficial relationship’ between animals a beneficial relationship, the dumb down version of the high school answer and instead called it a symbiotic relationship. And what if he did give the example of said relationship as being the warthog and mongoose and so what if the teacher had to look it up and was blown away and made a big deal out of it. And so what if that is not the only time it’s happened.

‘B’ watches educational programSmart Boys . . . on his own. ‘B’ checks out non-fiction books from the library . . . on his own. Wonder where he likes that knowing facts from? So what if both his parents happened to have been gifted students. One thrived and was a Star Student. The other was told to kick back when transferring schools in the third grade until the rest of the class caught up and the month that took led to that parent checking out of caring about learning and didn’t care again until in their twenties.

What am I proud of?

I am proud that ‘B’ is still moving forward even though he’s misunderstood as teachers don’t know how to handle a gifted child that can do math in his head and does not understand why he has to show work in the way he doesn’t come up with the answer. People think a gifted child has it easy. No, a smart child can have it easy. A gifted child sometimes has to work twice as hard because he has to learn two ways of doing the same thing and he doesn’t get the help and support he needs.

I understand that students need to know certain things, but as a teacher I also believe and did this myself, as a teacher you pay attention and recognize how each student learns. Too much? I don’t want to hear it. I know it’s difficult, but if you only became a teacher because you want a couple of months off during the summer and you thought it would be an easy job, then go find something else and let the real teachers who love their subjects and have a desire to have a student understand and learn get the job you don’t deserve.

I don’t want anyone thinking I am talking about my son’s teachers. I am talking about things I have experienced and witnessed. The phone-in teachers who haven’t changed a test they give in 20 years.

Well, there is my brag and a rant. Now you know how to come up with a Blog Post. Start writing your life and see where it leads. You’ll end up finding out a lot about yourself along the way.

Much Respect





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Bad Reaction from ‘Breaking Bad’ Boy.

Bad Reaction from Breaking Bad Boy.

Toys “R” Us was selling Breaking Bad action figures, including detachable bags of cash, and get this, bags of meth . . . in the kids section. I don’t think there is a grown up section in Toys “R” Us, but a Florida Mom decided to start a petition to have the figures removed.

The petition reads as follows:

“Toys R Us is well known around the world for their vast selection of toys for children of all ages,” she wrote. “However their decision to sell a Breaking Bad doll, complete with a detachable sack of cash and a bag of meth, alongside children’s toys is a dangerous deviation from their family friendly values.”

The Mom said;

“I thought the show was great,” she said. “It was riveting.”

Her purpose with the petition was to;

“Just to get those taken off the shelf and put them in an appropriate store.”

The petition worked.

Well the stars took to Twitter in response. Bryan Cranston, the star of the show actually responded in a somewhat humorous way;

Florida mom petitions against Toys ‘R Us over Breaking Bad action figures.’ I’m so mad, I’m burning my Florida Mom action figure in protest.

Kind of funny to me. I get the tongue in cheek thing he did there. He obviously, at least to my mind, could almost care less.

Then there was Aaron Paul’s reaction. I’m not going to quote his rants. The other star of the show whose toy got pulled from shelves was not as humorous or mature as Cranston, even referring to the Florida Mom as the ‘B’ word, if perhaps in a sideways manner.

He goes off on Toys “R” Us about violent video games and Barbie then ultimately ends with the ‘B’ word.

Paul, here’s what you don’t get or maybe more accurately don’t care about, games are mostly locked up or at least rated. These action figures were on shelves next to other harmless toys. Sure, it’s a toy, but you know what? Your characters glamorized drug dealing. Sure it didn’t really try to deliver that message but the stars of the show dealt in drugs. So guess what kids think?

Yeah I know it’s not that huge a thing maybe. You got a problem with it, why not petition Toys “R” Us to have a grown up collectors section to sell action figures such as yours where it is monitored to not allow kids in instead of going off on a mom who cares about morals. Yeah, I said morals. Glamorizing drug dealing is amoral. Period.

Toys “R” Us released this statement;

“The products you reference are carried in very limited quantities and the product packaging clearly notes that the items are intended for ages 15 and up. Items from this TV series are located in the adult action figure area of our stores.”

I guess it’s okay for the 15 year old to play with meth toys. And yes the packaging does say 15 and up. That does not mean it is guaranteed in the adult section. Not really getting that myself about meth okay for a 15 year old. Yeah, I know it’s toy meth. If you go to Amazon you will see the manufactured recommended age says 10 years and up. It doesn’t say anywhere the intended ages that are on the packaging nor is there an image of the packing. Wonder why no action there yet.

Anyone reading this might next go off on selling Iron Man or Tony Stark dolls because he drinks or Captain America because serums/drugs and scientific experiments turned him into the physical aspects of Captain America. Really what those characters show is what is inside that counted and work past there problems and move on. Tony Stark? Sorry, he’s not my favorite and never has been.

Captain America? Steve Rogers is what makes Captain America what he is. The guy who jumped on a grenade as a 98 lb weakling not knowing it was a dummy grenade because he wanted to save his platoon members.

Yeah, I know there is more to Breaking Bad than meth and all of that, but the action figures are not depicting that.

So Aaron Paul what if there were Celebrity Men Who Beat Their Wives action figures on the shelf next to Barbie, would you want a little girl seeing that?

The sad part of this is, some of you might not even know who Aaron Paul is and this is the only thing you know about him. But he’s tarnished himself a bit here. Want to know why?

If you, a celebrity, start calling out a Florida Mom on Twitter to, well I imagine millions of followers, guess what that is. Guess what it is when you start calling her the ‘B’ word to all those people, and then it gets in online entertainment sites followed by millions.  It’s called Bullying.

Aaron Paul and his wife were part of an anti-bullying drive that raised almost $2,ooo,ooo for the non-profit Kind Campaign.

But you know, it won’t matter. This will be swept away while people who do minor things in life are outcasts forever. Good job Aaron Paul. Maybe someone will use you as a poster boy for an anti-bullying campaign against celebrities using their high horse to bully us common people.


Rant over.

Much Love and Respect to all People


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Is it a privilege too . . .

Is it a privilege too . . .

Straight Talk with Ronovan

I’m white.

You know for some that would be enough about an article with a title about ‘privilege’. But oh no. This is me after all. Have you ever seen me end a post after only five words? Not ever. So that’s how they came up with never. Some Southern person in Southern Britain said n’ever instead of not ever and there you have it.

It’s kind of like monback here in the States. We aren’t talking about some one humped backed man, nah, we’re telling people to come on back as in when they are backing up a car, “How much farther?” “Monback.”

I just proved my whiteness. Yes. If you ever doubted before, that just did it.

Am I about to tip toe through the garden of political correctness? Is PC land the ruler of Blog World? Do I pass by Taco Bell without salivating?

Ah, heck no!

I started this ‘privilege’ run on Obscured Dreamer where I help out. But here I am going to go another route. That’s right. I am taking a detour, the off ramp. I’m going through funky town, down electric avenue. Hey, it’s Friday and I have the 80s on the brain. And yeah, it’s randomness time too. And I am totally unedited right now.

You know why there is even a discussion about ‘white privilege’ in the U.S. of A. these days? I got two reasons for you. If I have more and it still says two here, that means I just got creative along the way and I didn’t make it back to change the number.

Okay, the reasons:

  • The Generational Responsibility-You see this is how I see it.

    And before I begin, remember I have some of my own unique ideas about things. Don’t judge my thoughts based on what you think I must be coming from. Word!

  • Okay back to  the GR thing-Before you think I mean that everyone in a generation is to be included in this . . . no. Stop, recognize and listen. You see what I am saying is that some people in a family teach the next generation there is either ‘privilege’ or perhaps ‘limitations’. Oh, yes. I went there. And guess what, people. It goes for every skin tone. “Oh, you can’t make it. Just don’t even try. You just follow up in the same way that I do. No one is going to give you a chance.” Say what? This is the U.S. of A., you got a chance if you make a chance. This country is so big that you can go anywhere and become anything. You are not tied down because of where you are from or who you are related to. oooooo I can hear it now. “Oh no he di’nt.” Oh yes I di’id. People in the U.S. of A. have a problem at times if you say they have a chance, especially if they have not ‘made it’ yet. In your face time-You ain’t makin’ it where you at, then move somewhere else. “Where am I going to get the money to go somewhere else?” Heck if I know. I just know people do it all the time. But you know one problem? People let themselves get so deep that they find it impossible to get out. Uh huh, I said it. We keep digging our hole and then we are so deep in it that we can’t climb out.
  • So another reason for the whole ‘white privilege’ discussion is dun dun dun politics-Yep, the politicos like to say the black problem or we need to work on black this or women’s that.Knock Knock, excuse me. Why don’t you just like freaking do stuff instead of talking about stuff and just generating even more divisions, huh? Seriously, dudes. Yeah, politics. You know the guys that live and die by divisions cause they can’t see their commonalities for their vocal differences.

“Ronovan’s on a rampage today. Watch out folks, please call 911 we think he hasn’t taken all of his medications or perhaps he’s taken too many.”

Nah, I’m good. As good as I get. Scary thought there, huh? But seriously, politicians like to make divisions because divide and concur. If they keep people apart then they keep people from realizing there are a lot more similarities than differences. If you are reading this and you have some type of skin tone issue, or a ‘we’re being held down’ issue, get the freak over it and help yourself and the next generation by getting your head straight.

“This educated white man is talking crazy”

This educated white man had to live with his grandmother in the projects behind the school in Mississippi. This educated white man used be taken to bars as a small child and put on pool tables to shoot pool as entertainment while his dreamer singer of a bio-father was on stage.

This educated white man was the first educated in his family . . . period. HELLO! Do you know why? Do you really want to know why? Because my mother and step father didn’t hold me to a generation thing. They wanted better for me, and you know what. Guess who paid for his own college education, at a major university? This educated white man. After busting his tail unloading trucks for several years and developing some of the physical problems that haunt him today.

Yeah, I’m straight talking today.  So if you have an issue with what I say, comment. I’m good with it. I like hearing other sides. It’s how we learn. But one thing to remember, these are my opinions.

Much Respect


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I am tired.

I am tired.

And I am not just talking about my Chronic Fatigue as part of my Fibromyalgia. For that I just instantly shutdown the laptop and lie down.

No I am tired of other things.

I am tired of not knowing for certain if I say the right things at times.

I am tired of things I say maybe being interpreted the wrong way because that’s how everyone else means it.

I am tired of worrying about a 10 year old’s Home Work and Test grades because of whatever reasons. (My son has good grades, just to clarify.)

I am tired of not having time to write my books.

I am tired of worrying if my next post is going to come across as negative or as a downer.

I am tired of worrying if I am going to lose another friend for an unknown reason.

I am tired of worrying if I am going to lose a friend because of just not saying things the right way.

And yes . . .

I am tired of having migraines every second of my life now.

I am tired of the pain through my back, neck, arms and hands every time I type or even breathe.

I am tired of every time I walk past a TV all I see or hear is something negative and another death or another threat.

I am tired of politicians without . . . well I was going to say a bit of crudeness but instead I will say . . . without a back bone to actually say what needs to be said and stand up and do what needs to be done.

I am tired of the US of A trying to take care of the world when it can’t take care of itself.

I am tired of people judging people.

I am tired.


I am tired of my mind thinking of the dread.

A dread of what will come, what is ahead.

What is ahead is something I have no control.

A control that I lack and is slowly taking its toll.

What are you tired of?


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