Pacing to Victory – A poem.

Pacing to Victory

Branches formed millennia past,
meant to divide but not in hate,
simply to stay a bloated fate.
Ignorance cause the blind to last.

Forging a road won’t be done fast,
not by force of arms, your lost face,
revenge ending in a lost chase.
Change comes through thought, grit, and patience,
not from those without commonsense.
This is no sprint… but a mixed race.

How to write an Espinela or Décima poem.

My entry for this week’s Décima Poetry Challenge NO. 53 (CHASE).

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Bridge Poem by Kate Rushin.

The Bridge Poem about race and society by Kate Rushin read with the video image of Galloping Gertie. You can read about the making of the video and the project inspiring it, which is a short film by Oscar nominated documentary film maker Lucy Walker by clicking the following link.

One Family Race. My #BeWoW post.

There has been a lot of violence lately in the US based on racial problems. There are even now reports of gangs, very prominent gangs, stating they are now going to be targeting the police. Apparent members of those gangs have since stated that is false.

I’m not one to describe races. I see skin tones and some physical differences but that’s not a different race. There is no such thing. I am greatly disturbed at the lack of response to curb the behavior of what’s happening. On one side, if you are an government employee you become a neutral party. There should be no need for anything said, but there is a

Some police officers, all the way up and down the chain are stupid. You can take that to the political arena if you like. Then you have the citizens. For some reason there is an environment that believes mob mentality and destruction of property will gain something. The President of the US spoke to the situation recently occurring in Baltimore where the National Guard had to be called  due to days of peaceful protest being ignited into a riot by what might be opportunist looking to use a riot to hide looting.

Watch the full words of the President here. The comments are part of a larger press conference with the PM of Japan but the video jumps to those words specifically about the Baltimore situation and others. I advise those who want to depend on their own hearing of his entire speech as opposed to the various networks edited versions to give their own desired spin, listen. It’s worth it. I’ll leave it at that.

The Positive of the Day

Now for positive parts of today. My son is awesome. For the longest time he didn’t even know a person might be called black. His preschool teachers were normally African Americans and he loved them a lot. As far as he knew they just and darker skin and that’s how he described people. An African American was a darker skinned person. A Chinese girl was the pretty little girl with dark hair.

He knows now because other people have described people certain ways. Actually his African American teachers told him they were black at some point. I may be a bit unique in the house about how I view it all. Every skin tone, hair color, and eye shape can marry each other. Some don’t think you should, just because of the problems it might cause either the couple or the kids later on.

It’s the 21st Century. There are ‘interracial couples’ in my church and are active members who are loved by everybody. You don’t see color. You see family.

To me that’s what people are, family. Even people I can’t stand are family if you go back far enough. We are all cousins to some humongous degree number. Even if you don’t believe in the Bible and God, and you believe in slime to man or man and gorilla have a common ancestors, you still have to think there were only so many original humans and we all came from the same ones. Science has shown we come from one woman or at least share DNA like that.

We’re family. Act like it. Sure, families disagree, but they don’t kill each other. They may not speak, may ignore, may even move away, but they don’t kill. Well hopefully. I mean they might if they are nuts.

Yes, family talks bad about each other, but under it all they love each other and push comes to shove they will be there for each other. I wish that was how it was now. Perhaps with a different world view, a different mindset of who we are and how we are connected we all would get to that point.

Much Respect


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Maniacal Egos are So Full of it.

I like to wait before I move to make a rather in depth statement about an issue. My mind needs time to process AND to calm a bit. I like to find peace before I write. That way when I do write I can stand by what I write and not need to defend a rash tantrum.

The Grammy Awards show.

I am certain there has been quite a bit of griping around Blog Life regarding the behavior of one Kanye West who will be referred to as KW moving forward. No, that is not short for Kid Wino, or Kook Whiner, or Kid Weenie.

I did write a Haiku yesterday about his behavior, Dweebzus. Some of you may recall KW had an album called Yeezus. “Nuff said ’bout dat.

I will just say it plain. I have no respect for KW in any aspect whatsoever. KW decided he would take the stage when Beck won album of the year instead of Beyonce. Well he didn’t take the mic and complain this time. He did complain later to E! and even complained about E! having E! on their mics during the interview.

KW seems to think there is only one type of music that is worthy. Whoever he is friends with. No other artist is good. He looks at sales to determine if one album is better than another. I suppose if One Direction beats KW on the charts that means they are better than he is? What if Prince had won the award or Pharrell? Would he have reacted the same?

He complained about he’s never beat a white artist in all the Grammy awards he has won. So does that mean in the categories he won in there were no white people nominated? Perhaps there is something that should be said about that? Do I dare say that? Would I be deemed something I am not by even thinking that?

Just so you know, I’m good with myself. I know I’m not racist or a bigot or anything else negative like that. Just ask around. I may even think you’re an idiot but I am not going to hold that against you as far as if I like you or not. Although I do have a problem with stupidity. I really do. People that are just plain stupid get on my nerves.

You know, I don’t care what your skin tone is. If you are good you are good. And there is a difference between an album that is something that brings something to the table and something that simply hits the charts.

KW is a self important tick on the music world and gives those around him a bad name. Jay-Z actually was shaking his head no at KW as he went to the stage. Maybe that’s what stopped the guy. You may be Yeezus in your mind but Jay-Z is the head of the Hip Hop Illuminati, or so the honesty world of the internet would have you believe. Oh, I forgot, that’s the same internet that shows numbers of sales that said Beyonce should have beat Beck.

You ever notice how Jay-Z doesn’t seem to care about awards? His bank account rocks. He knows what really matters. By even reacting to the award outcomes you give them validation.

Sam Smith won because he ripped off Tom Petty. Ed Sheeran should have one. He has more talent than Smith ever will. No joke with this next part either, but does Sam Smith look like he could be Boy George’s son?

Here is why Ed should have won.


I rambled a bit today. I do at times.

Till next time,

I hope you like my new blue phase photo.





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Ronovan Ranting

Sometimes you just have to write. It’s 1 AM here in America and I am having a hard time sleeping. This old man goes through that at times. After this past weekend I have even more reasons to keep me from sleep. I might would put a link to that story but WordPress isn’t letting me add links or Media to posts right now. (Was able to now link to “How I Became Cat-Man”)

There are times I can’t sleep because my mind does not shut down. I literally have to just drop to sleep. Recently my mind has been on the whole Ferguson situation as I see the poor handling of it all by the media. Yes, I have a problem with the media at times. If you’ve read my blog long enough you’ve seen mention of how I see them as instigators of many a problem in societies across the world.

I’m not even sure if it’s the legit media that I am angry at right now, but perhaps the pretend media that happens to get picked up by online outlets like Yahoo to fill their spots and to get the most hits from sensationalist headlines.

Personally I understand the protests that are occurring, but not the looting, the burning of property and the like. You’re angry? Okay, who are you angry with? Is it the police, the legal system? Why are the protests not centered around those buildings? Why are they in places that end up keeping people from getting to work and subsequently getting them fired, or so I have heard. That could just be media hype.

You know one thing that makes me mad at the moment? The New York Times printing the street name where that police officer lives. He and his wife had to take off.

Know something else that bugs me? The St. Louis Rams. 5 players did the Hands Up sign in support of the protestors. So far the word is there will be no punishment because they were practicing their right to free speech.

Okay, so using their celebrity and the NFL and networks to continue to fuel a situation is okay. I got it. You fine a man who refuses to answer questions in an interview. I guess that wasn’t his right to free speech. You fine people for wearing Beats by Dr. Dre during press meetings and the like, I guess that’s not free speech.

I’m angry a little bit. Am I a racist person? No. Far from it. I think any of you that know me can attest to that as a fact. For one, you all know I only believe in one race, the human race. I think they should do away with race classifications on everything. Just make it a non issue. The government doesn’t want a racial problem? Then stop asking what race people are.

Will that make a big difference? Not to start with. But it’s a beginning. My son didn’t even know that people with dark skin were called Black until he learned it at school as he got a little older. He would say the girl with the darker skin. Or he would say the boy with the real white skin. To him it was just a skin tone.

Well I could go on and on and really say a lot about what I think about this whole situation but it’s late and I have a doctor’s appointment today. I guess I should sleep some. If I offended anyone . . . these are my opinions and I don’t think I actually said anything against anyone other than those doing damage to property or acting in ways that are foolish.  Protest all you like, just do it peacefully. It works.

You know, if you want my opinions on a subject, leave a comment or fill out the form at the bottom of the post. I’ll then do a post on it. Why not, right?

We can call it Ask Ronovan or Ronovan’s Rants or something like that. I would be more open and direct than I have been here. Any topic is okay with me. I think you all know that by now. I don’t shy away from the sensitive or touchy subjects. So leave a comment or send a message and I’ll write a topic. I may even and  a specific page if the response warrants it. And if you fill out the form on the About page just mention you want your name left out of the post and I’ll leave it out. Otherwise I’ll give you a shout out and link to your own blog if you have one.

Yeah, this was a random rambling thing that ended up with a new post idea. Who knew pain and posting would end up here?

Oh, and a blog tip: When you are labeling your images, go ahead and label them something like st-louis-rams.jpg.jpg Why? Well when SEO looks for it they like to see that jpg or png included in your images. But if you ever notice when you look at your images after loading the jpg or png is not there, so go ahead and add it to the actual name of the image then no extra work once you are in the posting process. Now they already see the jpg in your file name so you don’t HAVE to put it here. it’s up to you. I sometimes do and sometimes don’t.

Much Respect and an End To Races


My Sunday Thought: Racing is a problem.

Racing is a problem.

I’m not certain if I’ve ever shared this story with you, but I’ll share it again anyway. Having a memory problem can be a problem. It can get you down at times not knowing things you should know. Then there is me. Yeah, you just know I’ll have some fun with this.

I had to go to the doctor for one of my visits to see how I was doing with everything. Well, they had changed locations and the hospital they were primarily affiliated with so that meant paperwork. As the paperwork was being filled out, the first line of defense came over. (The first line of defense is the lady at the counter who gives you the paperwork, answers the phones, and basically says you cannot talk to a doctor unless you are dead.)  First Life of Defense (FLoD) is not always the most cheerful or dare I say nicest.

So she comes up and I can’t help it.

“Can I put ‘I’ or ‘N’ for race?” I asked.

FLoD stares at me oddly. I must not look Indian or Nicaraguan. “Why ‘I’ or ‘N’?” Asked FloD.

“Well I prefer Indy car but I’ll put NASCAR if you insist.”

“Why don’t you just put ‘C’,” she said with a bit of a smirk.

Mistake. I looked around, leaned in and stage whispered for the whole office to hear. “But, I’m not Chinese.”

I know, I was bad. It isn’t my fault that the elderly man sitting near me decided to do the same thing when she came over to him.


As you might can tell my ‘racing’ problem is this, there are no ‘races’. You see as far as I am concerned I go with the Bible. One man plus one woman equals one human race. We might have set ourselves apart early on based on certain things like preferences of being a hunter or farmer.

As time went on people that were in a group started looking a certain way. But really going back to the Bible there aren’t really a lot of difficulties in how things came about. You have the Tower of Babel for one.

But I also look at things like Abraham when his children not by his wife were sent away to the various four winds basically. Each group that went out had the same physical characteristics in them so as time went on, guess what happened. You ended up with a people group looking a certain way.

Now we have the ‘whites’ and the ‘blacks’. I find this one interesting. As a fair skinned man can you guess where I would want to live? The hot places where I would burn in an hour or less, or the cooler less sunny places where I would be more comfortable and safer?

Scientists say I’m a mutant. I have red hair and blue eyes, that makes me a mutant, one of the rarest combinations on earth. They call those living in Europe with fair hair and skin and eye coloring mutations. I call it “Dude, that’s where we wanted to go.”

If there were not air conditioning do you think the divisions would be as prevalent as they once were?

Race in the Bible was never an issue to God. He only had issues with those that did not believe in Him. He didn’t want the Hebrews to marry with those who worshiped idols. Worship God and things were cool.

I’ve written this past week about racial discussions of late. I recognize there are physical characteristics used to divide people. That is a given that I do not deny. I do have a problem with ‘race’. I have a problem with the politicalization of ‘race’ to basically continue divisions for election purposes.

You know, if we ignored politics, some evolutionary scientists and some, I hate to say it, religious nuts we would all be a lot better off and start noticing our similarities as a human race and there would be less and less to notice that really isn’t different at all.


Much Respect


ron_full_river - cropped

2014 © Copyright-All rights reserved by

A World Apart

gettyimages © Original Photo by loops7

A World Apart


There are differences

More than mere skin and thought

We live in places

Only the other has seen in the dark

Connections are clear

The attractions are simple

Based deeper than either

Could ever admit

Time is not that gentle

The sun is a jealous lover

Always hiding one from the other

But from the mind jealousy cannot control

The thoughts belong to no one

But the one whose mind in which they are caged

Thoughts transcend moments

And move across time without hesitate

No words ever spoken

Mere emotions shared across voids

Words never spoken

Infinite images enjoyed

No matter the sun

No matter the time or space

The mind is a device to convey

Between two emotions

A world apart

Bus Stop Stories: Society Killin’ Villain (A Poem And Commentary)

Bus Stop

You think you know it

What is this neighborhood

But the truth is for real

A truth you’ve never understood


There isn’t any violence

We got no old age attacks

Young men wear jeans

And old ones Armani slacks


You keep just keep on talking

About crime you don’t know

Bring all your cameras in here

Faking like a reality show


You’re not from here

Don’t talk like you know me

Your style is so weak

You have to steal creativity


Take no offense

At what I’m deliverin’

Cause you’re just the most recent

Of society killin’ villain


You come in here

Trying to make us look bad

When all you ever do

Is play up to some cheap trending fad


Who’s the real big man

When it comes to society

The man who spreads lies

Or the one with integrity


We may not all have

All the things that you’ve got

But where I’m from

We choose what we’ve not


See those two oldies

Those walking over there

When I was born

They gave my mom a high chair


That man over there

He just lost his wife

But you know what

We keep helping him with life


This is our home

Not some TV stereotypes

It takes all kinds

Even some like you lowlifes


So take your cameras

And your promises

Then move your behinds

Off our premises


The film crew didn’t really know what to do at that point as Rod finished. The crowd that had gathered was cheering and that seemed to give the crew a clue. They and their slum dressed star slipped away as the bus started to slow down. Rod was a hero. A hero in our small block of the town.