Could of been Cut! one choice-my life

Could of been Cut! one choice-my Life

by: Ronovan

 I love you so much

Testify to a travesty that happened from birth

You don’t even know it but you were given worth

All these hooplahs laying down their monkey laws

Let me tell you test tube lovers I ain’t got a tail in my draws


You say kill ‘em and let ‘em just die on the floor

But I say that life is worth the living and the dying for

Am I making a statement of opinion and of my facts

You betcha bottom dollar and I’m not holding any back


The big guy came down and he walked up that hill

He let them lay him down and drive spikes to kill

You think he did that so we could throw it all away

No, uh uh, not to my way of thinking no way


I was unintentional at 17 and a decision was made

Fruit picking in the groves near the everglades

I should of could of and would of been cut

But something spoke out and said no, that’s enough


Wait a minute, you ain’t got a right to say nothin’

Your body ain’t the one made for this discussion

I know what I know and I say what I love

And what I do know is…God gave life from above.



Respect for you and Your Choices

As I wish for you to have for Me and Mine

Much Love


© Copyright-All rights 11, 2014.


Bus Stop Stories: Society Killin’ Villain (A Poem And Commentary)

Bus Stop

You think you know it

What is this neighborhood

But the truth is for real

A truth you’ve never understood


There isn’t any violence

We got no old age attacks

Young men were jeans

And old ones Armani slacks


You keep just keep on talking

About crime you don’t know

Bring all your cameras in here

Faking like a reality show


You’re not from here

Don’t talk like you know me

You’re style is so weak

You have to steal creativity


Take no offense

At what I’m deliverin’

Cause you’re just the most recent

Of society killin’ villain


You come in here

Trying to make us look bad

When all you ever do

Is play up to some cheap trending fad


Who’s the real big man

When it comes to society

The man who spreads lies

Or the one with integrity


We may not all have

All the things that you’ve got

But where I’m from

We choose what we’ve not


See those two oldies

Those walking over there

When I was born

They gave my mom a high chair


That man over there

He just lost his wife

But you know what

We keep helping him with life


This is our home

Not some TV stereotypes

It takes all kinds

Even some like you lowlifes


So take your cameras

And your promises

Then move your behinds

Off our premises


The film crew didn’t really know what to do at that point as Rod finished. The crowd that had gathered was cheering and that seemed to give the crew a clue. They and their slum dressed star slipped away as the bus started to slow down. Rod was a hero. A hero in our small block of the town.