I am tired.

I am tired.

And I am not just talking about my Chronic Fatigue as part of my Fibromyalgia. For that I just instantly shutdown the laptop and lie down.

No I am tired of other things.

I am tired of not knowing for certain if I say the right things at times.

I am tired of things I say maybe being interpreted the wrong way because that’s how everyone else means it.

I am tired of worrying about a 10 year old’s Home Work and Test grades because of whatever reasons. (My son has good grades, just to clarify.)

I am tired of not having time to write my books.

I am tired of worrying if my next post is going to come across as negative or as a downer.

I am tired of worrying if I am going to lose another friend for an unknown reason.

I am tired of worrying if I am going to lose a friend because of just not saying things the right way.

And yes . . .

I am tired of having migraines every second of my life now.

I am tired of the pain through my back, neck, arms and hands every time I type or even breathe.

I am tired of every time I walk past a TV all I see or hear is something negative and another death or another threat.

I am tired of politicians without . . . well I was going to say a bit of crudeness but instead I will say . . . without a back bone to actually say what needs to be said and stand up and do what needs to be done.

I am tired of the US of A trying to take care of the world when it can’t take care of itself.

I am tired of people judging people.

I am tired.


I am tired of my mind thinking of the dread.

A dread of what will come, what is ahead.

What is ahead is something I have no control.

A control that I lack and is slowly taking its toll.

What are you tired of?


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10 thoughts on “I am tired.

  1. I am tired of being used. Of being treated like a piece of meat. I’m tired of the demons that plague my mind.
    I’m tired of not knowing what the hell I did wrong and why people treat me the way they do.
    I’m tired of judgements people haul at me.
    I’m tried of the headaches, the heartaches……

    I’m tired of trying my utermost best to be kind and careing and nothing but uderstanding. Forging of a connection and then just have it being thrown in my face.

    I’m tried of life and just living……

    But I will keep on trying. I’m here Ron. I’m your friend.


  2. I’m tired of a lot of the same things. I’m tired of drifting around looking for my direction (at my age!). I’m tired of waiting for people that do bad things to get their due. I’m tired of waiting for my health to improve.

    I’m longing for the peace that surpasses all understanding.


  3. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

    Tired of knowing what I need to do, and finding some excuse not to do it.

    Tired of waiting for someone else to do something to fix things

    Tired of waiting for the right moment

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  4. I am tired from the weight of expectations; I am tired of making things right, I am tired of waiting.

    And in my tiredness and near resignation, I realise the expectations are not mine but theirs; what is ‘right’ is temporal and subjective; waiting is sometimes necessary or I can choose to take action.

    Self care is a self-ish act. No judgment here 🙂 Wishing you well!

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