Pain from the Ignorant

Pain from the Ignorant

Cover _Red


I don’t care about government

I don’t care about race

All we’ve done since we’ve been here

Is corrupt the whole freakin’ place


I say let’s erase all the borders

Forget the religious rift

But it’ll never work–know why

Because God created peace and man destroyed it


I don’t know the story

Our facts are far from complete

But why can’t we all agree

To not kill each other and our babies in the street


Oh, don’t blame your neighbor

So what if they look like the bad guys

Their grandparents built the store

Where you eat your yummy to die for fries


But you say they’re the same people

Okay, so what do you mean

Have you noticed my bigoted brother

Every culture has some whacked out extreme


Talk to one another

You’ll be somewhat surprised

That not to deep down

We’re all the same . . . just in disguise




2014 © Copyright-All rights

18 thoughts on “Pain from the Ignorant

  1. Good poem. 🙂 Unfortunately I don’t know why people of the world can not just talk to each other and why they keep on killing. 😦


  2. Love this… Why can’t we focus on our sameness, instead of our difference…? Let it begin with me, and you, and each of your readers/friends 🙂 one person at a time, one step at the time…

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  3. Love the poem it is so true that is what is so sad. Man has destroyed what God had created not protect it. I agree why cant everyone get along because if you go from the Christian religion we are all brothers and sisters some how since the only two people created first was Adam and Eve. But wait brothers and sisters cant even get along so maybe that is are problem. And I really liked the part about bigoted brother and whacked out extreme cause just like every family has a bad apple so does every culture some are just to afraid to admit it. Great post.

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