Football “strikes” Out.


For my American friends who have been following the NFL Draft, you might get this. Who knew “never ever” meant “until we needed a good pick”?

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The Beast or The Bean

poetry I had some menacing words this week but I thought about it and decided, yes they are menacing. At what could be more menacing than this? For those who may be looking at the Dead Things Taste Good on the fridge? That means all foods. Not just meat. Someone said vegans might get offended. I actually considered that before I wrote those words. I thought it out. I don’t believe we eat anything that is alive. At least I hope I don’t. coffee haiku cartoon

A Beast Among Us

Until sated by the bean

Our day is unsafe.


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Long Song Medley.


Here is a treat for you all. A student from long ago can really hit some high notes, and I’m not talking about the woman.



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Monday Morning Humor-Shortened Songs for ADD. Tim can say that.

This could alternately be called Shortened Songs for Today’s kids. I mean seriously, the attention span of kids today is about as long as it takes Mario to die from one of those freaking little turtles…tortoises, whatever the things with shells that walk on land. You tell the video game people they are wrong! Sorry, I had a moment there. Conniptions happen, you know? (You know people really shouldn’t use words they don’t know the meanings of. I am not sure really what a conniption is. Okay I just looked it up. I used it correctly. We’re good to go.)

Snack Attack

Snack Attack


I like Cheetos

And Doritos

But most of all

Tacos and Burritos


You take me out

To get a little bitty snack

I walk out the door

With a grocery sack


Give me ice cream

And apple pie

Either ala mode

Or two scoops on the side


Oh yeah ice cream

I like candy

A DQ Blizzard

Would be just dandy


I want some Oreos

And some Chips Ahoy

With a big glass of milk

You got a happy boy


Strawberry cheesecake

Homemade apple strudel

Fresh chocolate ganache

Too much more and  I’ll need a stomach pump removalJim Carey Plunger face



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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly… of being Attractive

This is my Collaboration


Amanda of insidethelifeofmoi.


We worked on this for quite a bit so please go and check it out.

Don’t let the word count fool you, it’s a quicker read than you think.

Much Respect

When Ronovan Met Miss Maple (On Skype) Part 1 – A Response to Ronovan at Ronovan Writes

This is Hugh’s response to a response of a response . . . well you get where I’m going. But his is why I called in Rose & Ghun to take care of him!