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Support for Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling by @RonovanWrites & @PSBartlett is growing!

Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling Supporters.

The Support Page, Now Open. Click HERE to see it. eMail you holding the book or like the kindle one here, it can even  be just your hand holding it in the picture, and I’ll share it as one of my supporters. No name need be provided, unless you say you want it included. If you do and you have a blog, I’ll link to it. I am so excited with the ones who have shared so far!

email ronovanwrites (at) gmail (dot) com

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Merry Christmas!

Santa Ronovan Writes

Ardent Nights. My Haiku for my Challenge this Week.


#Wordless Wednesday: Spunky is the Pumpkin.


#Wordless Wednesday: “Pumpkin say what?!” Spunky.


#Wordless Wednesday: Spunky is curious about the Pumpkin.


Wordless Wednesday: Spunky and the Pumpkin


Wordless Wednesday: Spunky Chilling in HIS Chair.


Wordless Wednesday: A Gift of a Picture beats just about anything.



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Wordless Wednesday: Stone Mountain Face From Tram Front


Wordless Wednesday: Stone Mountain From the Tram


Wordless Wednesday: Before Mount Rushmore Gutzon Borglum did this.

Before Mount Rushmore

Wordless Wednesday: Perseverance


Throwback Thursday: The College Years.

Not even I can explain the hair or shirt. But I thought it would be funny to see the young me.

Ron_CollegeRon River - Copy












Hope you enjoy. Laugh a little. Go ahead. It’s Okay.

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Wordless Wednesday: B and I find out how big a dinosaur can be.


Silence Has Entered The World

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Wordless Wednesday: Tram Ride With B


Wordless Wednesday: Day out with B. A Tree (Can You Name this Tree? Plant? I have no idea.)

UGA Tree

Wordless Wednesday: B’s Bubbles