Wordless Wednesday: Stone Mountain Face From Tram Front



Wordless Wednesday: Stone Mountain From the Tram


Wordless Wednesday: Before Mount Rushmore Gutzon Borglum did this.

Before Mount Rushmore

High above the world.

I helped out a friend today as she is overloaded with real world life. Teacher, Mother, and so many other things. Her photography in My Home state atop the mountain that I used for my Perseverance photo last week. So her photo and my Haiku. Please visit her and follower her. She has amazing photography! I kid you not. (I’ve never typed that phrase before. Kinda weird.)

Dazzling Whimsy


High above the world,

My heart soars with a beauty,

Everlasting love.

by Ronovan

Helping out today, I was given this photograph as inspiration. Kate picked it intentionally as it is one of her daughters standing atop Stone Mountain, oddly enough the subject of my wordless Wednesday photograph. To achieve the quality of shot Kate did here considering the haze one can obviously get from the atmosphere is exceptional. The richness of the coloring of her daughter is amazing. I know the rock that girl is standing on. These days I wouldn’t do it, but then again she is the one that was a flyer for competitive cheer for most her life.

My Haiku was an easy one to write when you take everything into account. You have a mother taking a photograph of her daughter high above the world. It took me only a very few moments to write…

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Wordless Wednesday: Perseverance