Wordless Wednesday: A Gift of a Picture beats just about anything.



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Sian the Haiku Prompt Girl’s Haiku this week.

It was only fair that Sian, the 10 year old girl that came up with last weeks prompts and this weeks do a Haiku with this weeks words. Little did she know that you all would come up with great work. So here is her Haiku, and check out the presentation.

Fluffy unicorn,

Pink and dancing on rainbow,

Happy as can be.

Sian's Pink Unicorn
Original Image from Tumblr Rainbow Tale

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High above the world.

I helped out a friend today as she is overloaded with real world life. Teacher, Mother, and so many other things. Her photography in My Home state atop the mountain that I used for my Perseverance photo last week. So her photo and my Haiku. Please visit her and follower her. She has amazing photography! I kid you not. (I’ve never typed that phrase before. Kinda weird.)

Dazzling Whimsy


High above the world,

My heart soars with a beauty,

Everlasting love.

by Ronovan

Helping out today, I was given this photograph as inspiration. Kate picked it intentionally as it is one of her daughters standing atop Stone Mountain, oddly enough the subject of my wordless Wednesday photograph. To achieve the quality of shot Kate did here considering the haze one can obviously get from the atmosphere is exceptional. The richness of the coloring of her daughter is amazing. I know the rock that girl is standing on. These days I wouldn’t do it, but then again she is the one that was a flyer for competitive cheer for most her life.

My Haiku was an easy one to write when you take everything into account. You have a mother taking a photograph of her daughter high above the world. It took me only a very few moments to write…

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Lemon Squares and Stupid Boys

Lemon Squares and Stupid Boys

by: Ronovan

 Lemon Squares

“What’s wrong, Becky?”

“I don’t get it, Jonesy.” I kept my eyes on the people across the street. “Why would Old Chubs kick Mrs. P out? She’s lived here longer than anyone else.” 

“Your dad said her sons won’t help her pay the rent since Mr. P died.”

“Ugh! Boys are so stupid and mean!” 

“Really?” Jonesy asked. 

I glared at him. “You don’t count. You know what I mean.” 

Brown eyes stared at me.

“Besides, who is going to make us lemon squares now? Mom can’t make them. She pretty much sucks at those.” I thought for a moment. I thought so hard my brain hurt. “Wait! Maybe she could sell lemon squares and make money for rent.” I jumped up.

“Sit down, Becky,” Jonesy said. “It’s too late. They’re bringing her out now.” 

I watched a policeman help Mrs. P down the steps. Chubs stood on the sidewalk, and looked up at the window of the apartment. The flowerbox was full and overflowing with purple and yellow somethings. 

“I hate him,” I said. 

“Hate’s one of the biggest little words there is.” 

“Hush up, Jonesy.” I wasn’t in the mood to hear what was right and wrong. I knew people had to pay bills and stuff, I just hated that her sons were so stupid. Six sons and they couldn’t put in a little each to help her with bills? “She did all the nasty stuff for them when they were babies. They should do something.” 

The door opened behind us. “Becky, it’s time for lunch.” I looked up at Mom. She glanced at Chubs and frowned. “Make sure to clean Jonesy’s feet off before he comes in and hang his leash up. You keep throwing it on the floor. He’s yours remember, so you have to do things right.” Mom closed the door.

I looked down and scratched Jonesy’s golden head. “You better take care of me when I get older, Jonesy or no more hotdogs for snacks when Mom isn’t looking.” 

Jonesy licked my face. “Eww … Jonesy, I know where that tongues been!”


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‘My Best Friend’

What a wonderful story. It makes me wonder the source of the story. Is it just made up, the story of a daughter, friends, or did Nishi change the names to protect the tender hearted? You really must read this story and if your hear isn’t aching for the little girl by the end then you are heartless.
Much Admiration for This

The Showcase

twopups.jpg (425×319)

“Ann and Florence BFFs forever”

Ann loved Florence..they went to school together, she shared the chewy brown sugar cookies and peanut butter sandwiches her mother used to lovingly pack for her with Florence. Everyday after school she would reserve a seat on the bus for Florence so they could sit together on the way home back from school and all this while they would chat and laugh..They were only in the first grade but they had so much to say to each other..Little girls learn the art of gossip pretty early so that by the time they are adults they become expert architects of the grapevine. Once home Ann would do her homework, watch TV have her dinner and go to bed all the while looking forward to meeting her best friend in school.

Night gave way to morning and Ann woke up to yet another school day. The first…

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