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Lemon Squares and Stupid Boys

Lemon Squares and Stupid Boys

by: Ronovan

 Lemon Squares

“What’s wrong, Becky?”

“I don’t get it, Jonesy.” I kept my eyes on the people across the street. “Why would Old Chubs kick Mrs. P out? She’s lived here longer than anyone else.” 

“Your dad said her sons won’t help her pay the rent since Mr. P died.”

“Ugh! Boys are so stupid and mean!” 

“Really?” Jonesy asked. 

I glared at him. “You don’t count. You know what I mean.” 

Brown eyes stared at me.

“Besides, who is going to make us lemon squares now? Mom can’t make them. She pretty much sucks at those.” I thought for a moment. I thought so hard my brain hurt. “Wait! Maybe she could sell lemon squares and make money for rent.” I jumped up.

“Sit down, Becky,” Jonesy said. “It’s too late. They’re bringing her out now.” 

I watched a policeman help Mrs. P down the steps. Chubs stood on the sidewalk, and looked up at the window of the apartment. The flowerbox was full and overflowing with purple and yellow somethings. 

“I hate him,” I said. 

“Hate’s one of the biggest little words there is.” 

“Hush up, Jonesy.” I wasn’t in the mood to hear what was right and wrong. I knew people had to pay bills and stuff, I just hated that her sons were so stupid. Six sons and they couldn’t put in a little each to help her with bills? “She did all the nasty stuff for them when they were babies. They should do something.” 

The door opened behind us. “Becky, it’s time for lunch.” I looked up at Mom. She glanced at Chubs and frowned. “Make sure to clean Jonesy’s feet off before he comes in and hang his leash up. You keep throwing it on the floor. He’s yours remember, so you have to do things right.” Mom closed the door.

I looked down and scratched Jonesy’s golden head. “You better take care of me when I get older, Jonesy or no more hotdogs for snacks when Mom isn’t looking.” 

Jonesy licked my face. “Eww … Jonesy, I know where that tongues been!”


© Copyright-All rights reserved-RonovanWrites© 25, 2014.



Ronovan Hester is an author, with a debut historical adventure novel Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling now on available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle. "5.0 out of 5 stars: Now, I want to warn you… this is not your typical pirate tale! It’s BETTER!" "5.0 out of 5 stars: Totally unpredictable and a real gem of a discovery - Highly Recommended" "5.0 out of 5 stars: An action packed journey to piracy and revenge – all in the name of the crown, queen and county – set in 1705." He shares his life of problems and triumphs through his blog His love of writing, authors and community through his online world has led to a growing Weekly Haiku Challenge, Weekly Fiction Prompt Challenge, and the creation of a site dedicated to book reviews, interviews and author resources known as

34 thoughts on “Lemon Squares and Stupid Boys

    1. Well I thought a 12 year old doesn’t WANT to know the grown up stuff but these days does. Jonesy is kind of her way to put that side of herself onto him. 🙂 Better than talking to herself. 🙂


      1. Oh yes 12 year olds know and understand more that the adults give them credit for but lack in wisdom which comes from experience which as you said Jonesy can well make up for..


    1. Thank you! The lemon squares seem to be a hit. 🙂 And thank you very much for the like and Follow. I went to your page and definitely keep writing. Every article you write has a reader needing to find it and read it. Plus I WANT AN ABOUT YOU PAGE!!! Did I shout? Basically I want to know about you. 😀
      Much Respect


      1. I wouldn’t say that at all. I had to read it twice because there was nothing to suggest Jonesy was a dog. It was a great twist – unpredictable in every sense. Keep it up!


  1. I love the name Jonesy! And I was under the impression he was an elder brother, hehe. Love it! There better be a follow up…
    PS Can you believe I’ve never tried a lemon square?!


  2. The whole story I thought Jonesy was another person… A boy perhaps – LOL. Sure was a surprise a the end. Have to agree that the son’s should have all gotten together to help out. If they have the means, they should have.


    1. 🙂 Twelve year old girls know a lot but don’t want to. Jonesy was the way for her to hear the other side without having to admit to it or agree with it.
      Plus it was a way to show how she would change from serious to another direction at a lick from her best friend.
      I hope I channeled my inner 12 year old girl well enough.
      Much Respect


  3. I love the title, so clever. Good job incorporating the six sons in the story. It’s always a risk writing as a child of the opposite gender. Good job!


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