Ardent Nights. My Haiku for my Challenge this Week.



Velvet kisses down your spineasian_woman_rose_petals

Halting breaths encourage me more

Your body quivers

As I glide to further explore


My hand in your hair

As my teeth take hold

Your hips begin to move

As I become more bold


Skin so soft to my touch

As my fingertips feel along delicately

My own voice sounds

And I become engulfed in waves of your sexuality


Your hips do move

My body does glide

With one swift move

I have arrived . . .



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Female Focus Friday: One Q&A from Allison of Long&Luxe.

Yes everyone. You can assume correctly. A full interview is coming with Allison from Long&Luxe. One of her answers was worth an article of its own. Really several were, but I decided to give everyone a look at this one today since it’s Female Focus Friday. Look for her interview next week. You don’t want to miss it. Not because of my questions but because of her answers.


Now for the question and the answer for today.


RW: I mentioned spirituality earlier, many people are hesitant to group spirituality along with sexy, but that’s part of your blog, part of your bio page. How do you connect the two?


ALLISON: I LOVE this question! How cool that you bring this up, Ron. I hope you don’t mind my using this interview as the chance for me to finally say something publicly that I’ve been wanting to say to our society in general for a long time: I am so over your sexy. I am so over a cultural view that distorts our sexuality to the point where we internalize and degrade our very beings as measureable commodities. I am over the nonsense – wherever it comes from– that brainwashes us into thinking that our most sexy goods are body parts. Trust, I dig a good-looking person as much as the next hot blooded 35 year old blogger but we have got to stop the body dimorphic insanity that is crushing spirits the world over.

Here’s my humbly ferocious feeling on this: spirituality IS sexy. And sexiness IS spiritual. Show me a person who is deeply in touch with her soul and her personal goodness; with his authentic power and strength; with her deeply divine-rooted loving potential; and I will stand up and applaud their sex appeal. Doing things from your soul with grit and determination is damn sexy. Watch someone painting lost in the artistic expression of the moment, watch someone dancing with intricate skill, read someone’s clever poetry or soul creations, listen to someone telling the hard but necessary truth without apology, feel your heart race when you listen to the ethereal voice of your favorite singer and tell me that stuff isn’t the definition of sexy.

Sexy is a spark – it’s the spark of daring to own the space where your humanity meets your divinity. It’s visceral, it’s creative, it’s about beauty and emotion and pleasure. “I’m so over your sexy” means you will not make me feel ashamed about myself for wanting to rock out with the beautiful creature I am. It’s who we are. I can be sexy in a swimsuit or a track suit. It’s not up to anyone else. And it’s not measurable in numbers. And if we have to take any more clothing off just to feed the manic media machine we’ll have to start putting up our x-rays. I’m over it. Whew – thanks for letting me get that out!


Remember to look for her interview next week. Some great answers for you all.

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Much Respect


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