Smiles are medicine and more.

How often do you hear the phrase “live life like it’s your last day on earth” as a motivational gimmick?

Um, yeah, that sure motivates me. Think I’ll go write that book I always wanted to, or go and get married and have a kid. People have different reasons for using that expression above but hopefully you’ll never read those words from me as a way to attempt to get you to do something.

Instead, I want you to live each day to be the best possible person you can be on that day of your life. Today, smile at people—it freaks them out. Here in the South we expect smiles. It’s a cultural thing. A “nod and a smile” is what I’ve called it in the past. No, we’re not flirting, we’re saying you’re good, we’re good, just don’t either of us mess it up. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like, or what economic level you are “a nod and a smile” is expected.

I imagine there are things like that all over the world. Maybe in some places a nod and a smile is the equivalent of “let’s throw down and kick some hind parts”. When you wake up each day do so with the plan to nod and smile to some people you meet. No, I’m not giving you a number of people. That’s self-help mumbo jumbo and although I like to help people, I avoid things like that as much as possible.

You can’t help but feel something good when you smile. There is something scientific about it. Smiling actually releases dopamine.

“Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s reward and pleasure centers. Dopamine also helps regulate movement and emotional responses, and it enables us not only to see rewards, but to take action to move toward them. Dopamine deficiency results in Parkinson’s Disease, and people with low dopamine activity may be more prone to addiction. The presence of a certain kind of dopamine receptor is also associated with sensation-seeking people, more commonly known as “risk takers.”~Psychology Today

Not only will you increase your social network and reputation as a nice person but you will be making yourself healthier as well. I watched a Ted Talk not like ago which stated one smile is like eating 1000 bars of chocolate. Give a smile a try right now, a big one and notice that feeling you get. There is a change. Crazy as it seems, smiles are medicine and more.

Much Love, Success, and Respect


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Confession Revealed.

On Valentine’s Day I wrote something titled Lasting. (A Confession of Want.)  There were a couple of comments left and the reaction was fairly nice for a Saturday post. I thought those who enjoyed reading that confession of tongue exhausting pleasure would like to know the inspiration for said Confession. Admittedly chocolate might not have come to mind when reading my post and I will further admit that I now understand why chocolate is a substitute for some regarding other delightful pleasures. There is a feeling that spreads through every part of your body as the chocolate melts slowly in your mouth, coats your tongue and then travels down. If one lets their mind and imagination run away and closes their eyes other thoughts do come to mind. I greatly enjoy chocolate, the real kind or the kind it replaces. Both are delightful tastes and satisfying.




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Harsh Pleasure. (Poetry)

haiku-ronovan-writesI thought I would go a bit of a different route with this one. As with all poetry, the reader should take what they will from it.

haiku poetry

Some may call them harsh,

Moments you give me pleasure,

Are rare in failure.



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Lasting. (A Confession of Want.)

To my . . .

I never noticed before how exquisite it was, at least that is until I tried it with you. The way my tongue became more and more coated with every sliding over and around. Something so unique and one of a kind, truly like no other, so worth the waiting. Even as I closed my eyes the enjoyment spread through me. There was warmth only ylastingou could give me. I had little idea what had been in store for me as I stripped away your barriers. As I moved in, your scent brought those first reactions I could not control.

I thought my mouth would give out and lose strength but no, it would not betray me that way. With each moment the enjoyment built upon the last. Pleasure intensified. Again. Another. More. My lips covered, my tongue aching, but I cannot, do not want to stop. As long as you last, so will I.

With the greatest want,


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No Barriers (My own Week 10 Prompt Offering)

Destroy barriers

To bring to her true pleasure

Create trust with her


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Velvet kisses down your spineasian_woman_rose_petals

Halting breaths encourage me more

Your body quivers

As I glide to further explore


My hand in your hair

As my teeth take hold

Your hips begin to move

As I become more bold


Skin so soft to my touch

As my fingertips feel along delicately

My own voice sounds

And I become engulfed in waves of your sexuality


Your hips do move

My body does glide

With one swift move

I have arrived . . .



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Takes Over

Takes Over


Soft fingertips play,

Gently along the spine,

Desire takes over.



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