Confession Revealed.

On Valentine’s Day I wrote something titled Lasting. (A Confession of Want.)  There were a couple of comments left and the reaction was fairly nice for a Saturday post. I thought those who enjoyed reading that confession of tongue exhausting pleasure would like to know the inspiration for said Confession. Admittedly chocolate might not have come to mind when reading my post and I will further admit that I now understand why chocolate is a substitute for some regarding other delightful pleasures. There is a feeling that spreads through every part of your body as the chocolate melts slowly in your mouth, coats your tongue and then travels down. If one lets their mind and imagination run away and closes their eyes other thoughts do come to mind. I greatly enjoy chocolate, the real kind or the kind it replaces. Both are delightful tastes and satisfying.




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And I enjoy people following me here and wherever else you may find me. May your thoughts be filled with pleasure of every kind as mine are of you.


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9 thoughts on “Confession Revealed.

  1. Hm. Now I don’t know what I want 😉 Delightful post, Ronovan! (I must confess, when I read the first one I was having a wicked ice cream craving, which is weird, because I don’t eat ice cream in the winter… but that’s what I actually pictured! lol I suppose it depends on your current head-space 😉 )

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  2. 🙂 It is what I’ve been saying for a long while. hmmm chocolate. Everyone who reads my blog knows, I’m practically in love with chocolate. 🙂


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