Get Positive: Sorting Your Junk.

People comment often wondering how I stay positive, how I keep doing all I do in the face of what I live with. How can I stay positive through the life I have been given?

Practice. I know that sounds a little odd but as with anything in your life practice needs to happen. I didn’t just wake up and say, I’m good. Okay, perhaps I did, but then I had to do something about it. And by ‘I’m good’ I mean I was not letting my health issues control every aspect of my life.

Deciding to change does have an instant affect. Your view of things does change. You actually begin to see MORE of the negative things of the world. But you have to learn what to do about that view. And that’s where the practice comes in.

You will change but those around you may still be those negative and less than wonderful thinking people. Therefore you need to strengthen your positive muscle.

To begin with you as you go through your day you file things into mental folders.

  • Awesome
  • Needs Work
  • So Not Worth It

You can add as many folders as you need to, but those are three that are useful. Awesome and Needs Work are fairly simple to be positive through. But how about the So Not Worth It moments? This SNWI mental folder is where you put those things that happen that are basically useless uses of oxygen. Unfortunately. most of what you experience each day will fall in to that folder. At least it will until you realize you can do something about those moments.

You will instantly recognize them and not dwell on them. They might be insults at you or your favorite celebrity. But insults are words that people use who have nothing else going for them. Insecurities are a bear to live with. And bears lash out at times.

Just let it flow. Let it flow past you, let it flow in to that mental So Not Worth It folder. You have better things to do with your mental energy.

And let me tell you, mental energy exists. Don’t believe me? Think of the first crush you had and the devastation after your heart was broken. How exhausted were you? Were you so tired you thought you had the flu? That’s mental/emotional energy that is drained from you by these positivity vampires. That drain can get you down and keep you down. Avoid it at all cost.

Once you recognize things for what they really are you can then keep them from affecting you.

Start today by being positive with yourself and not LET others affect you. Is it easy? No. Will you achieve it in one day? No. Is that being positive? Yes. I’m positive you won’t be 100% positive in your first day of trying. Humor? No.

I can tell you what helps me, but you need to find what helps you. You need that go to that place in your mind that will make things okay for you. Is it a vacation spot, a favorite book, a TV show? Are you writing a book? Work on that in your mind each time something comes up. When that negative hits, think of that positive place. Eventually you will be able to process the negativity and turn it around. But that’s for a future discussion. For today, find that positive place for yourself and practice going there. Don’t ALLOW other people to CONTROL YOU.

The road to positivity begins today.

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30 thoughts on “Get Positive: Sorting Your Junk.

  1. Wonderful, positive and very encouraging and uplifting! Thank you so much for sharing. You know, I watched a show once that dealt with evil entities, they called these negative entities, vampires, capable of inflicting so much negative energy towards a person that it makes them sick, so I hear ya!! LOL! It’s not just ghosts, but people really do have that affect on people.. it’s very real! Thanks again, for sharing!

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  2. Reblogged this on Dandelion Fuzz and commented:
    I have been trying to focus on being positive. It’s work for me because I’m not naturally optimistic and looking on the bright side. Ronovan does a great job of sharing how to stay positive!

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  3. Hi Ronovan,
    Thanks or this post. Interesting timing. I am reading this after taking part in Clean Up Australia Day on the weekend and have been looking at getting rid of physical junk.
    Like yourself, I have had some pretty grueling medical battles and through all of this I have become stronger,developing resilience. Through the years, I have also developed my “happy place” which is where I go during nasties. When I used to have blood transfusions and they had a lot of trouble finding a vein, I used to focus on two little flags which sit on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge which were within view. I didn’t realise at the time that this was “focusing on a point”, which is a relaxation technique.
    After having severe trauma after a bad diagnosis, I visited my brother-in-law who was a baby health nurse working with new Mums with post-natal depression. His advice was to change something…anything. What can you change, even when you feel you can’t change anything at all? Once you have changed, anything, your world and your view has changed. .
    I experienced this again this week. I have had a sense of despair when it comes to getting our house and garden presentable. Then a friend offered to pay me to drive her daughter to school. I couldn’t accept payment but asked if her husband would mow our lawn. My husband loathes mowing the lawn and has a lot on his plate with all my medical stuff. We arrived home on Sunday, front lawn mowed and I got in there and pull out some weeds and bought some pansies and sweetpeas, red Salvia and planted them out the front and reorganised my neglected pot plants. Next, I made some impact on the flotsam and jetsam in the lounge room. I really believe taking these small actions really makes a huge difference.
    I am also a huge believer in the power of brain plasticity and what is possible when you change your thinking. You actually change the physical structure of your brain. The more you exercise the synapses in your brain, the more connections they make and the more powerful they become, which can work for you and against you. When people talk about positivity or negativity being a muscle, they’re right. The more you exercise it,m the bigger it gets.
    I am currently reading: Norman Doidge: “The Brain’s Way of Healing” . He wrote the enormously successful “The Brain which Changes Itself”. It isn’t light reading but he does translate brain plasticity well into layperson’s terms. Hope you don’t mind me writing an essay but after what I have been through myself, I try to do anything I can do reduce the trauma and isolation of others and these techniques shouldn’t be kept in books or motivational seminars but need to get out to people who are desperate for change but perhaps are paralysed and have no idea where to start. Just doing something…anything….and gaining strength by visiting your happy place and recharging your batteries and putting mind over matter, will transform your life. It’s not rocket science. It is that simple. xx Rowena

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