Lasting. (A Confession of Want.)

To my . . .

I never noticed before how exquisite it was, at least that is until I tried it with you. The way my tongue became more and more coated with every sliding over and around. Something so unique and one of a kind, truly like no other, so worth the waiting. Even as I closed my eyes the enjoyment spread through me. There was warmth only ylastingou could give me. I had little idea what had been in store for me as I stripped away your barriers. As I moved in, your scent brought those first reactions I could not control.

I thought my mouth would give out and lose strength but no, it would not betray me that way. With each moment the enjoyment built upon the last. Pleasure intensified. Again. Another. More. My lips covered, my tongue aching, but I cannot, do not want to stop. As long as you last, so will I.

With the greatest want,


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12 thoughts on “Lasting. (A Confession of Want.)

    • Tell you secret my friend. Eat a heart shaped Dove dark chocolate candy and let it melt in your mouth and you would find the words. 🙂 Shhh. The reveal that it’s about eating chocolate will come out soon.

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