Fearfully Quiet!

I crept quietly

Past the spooky haunted house,

I raced in terror.

My Halloween offering in concordance with the Haiku Challenge.

Bag O’bones-Biddle

black cat transparent
Ticky tocky ricky rocky
The cat hummed its favorite tune
Watching from overhead
All snug in its rafter bedLarge-Cat-Paw-Transparent-left-down
It knew dinner would be coming soon.

Pebbles rittled and rattled
Night mice skittled and skedaddled
The man skipped to the beat of his head
Though the house up ahead was in gloomLarge-Cat-Paw-Transparent-right-down
And the beaten head needed a bed.
Bag O’bones-Biddle
Watched the skipping man’s skediddle
A smile spread across his big shroom
He turned to stoke the cooling fire
And swept up ashes with a broom.
“Greetings  my good dear friend,”
The man said to O’Bones-Biddle as if kin.
“Might I partake of a spare piece of floor?
As the night has come on quickly
And I find myself without safety of a door.”
The answer was yes,
O’bones-Biddle was quick to confess.
“Pardon the house it’s not as I wish.
My keeper has all but left.
But he makes a delicious dish.”
The night’s dinner was thin
“Too much is a sin.”
The skipping man said in fun.
“Or so the saying goes”Large-Cat-Paw-Transparent-left-down
O’bones-Biddle nodded. “It’s a good one.”
“I wonder this night,
If by chance you just might,
Help an old man such as me?”
Bag’s spoke in a voice
To bring pity upon one such as he.
“Of course I may,
Anything you might say,
Of this grateful stranger.”
The man did smile
Not the least aware his danger.
“I hope it’s not much trouble.
With two we may carry double,
And the fire will be stocked up as could be.”
Bag O’bones-Biddle went out the door.Large-Cat-Paw-Transparent-left-down
The man belched, sated and hunger free.
“Pardon me, your dinner was divine,
It was the best I’ve had in quite some time.”
“Thank you, kind sir. It was the last in my larder.”
But to fill it once again,
I need not look much farther or harder.”
Ticky tocky ricky rocky
The cat hummed its favorite tune
Watching from overhead
From its rafter bed
Shaking its head at the buffoon.
First one load then two
Back and forth the men flew.
Wood stacking up higher.
“What all of this
You could build a bonfire.”
“Oh no, dear me,
I am no one for a party.
But I like to be prepared for a dish.”
Bag O’bones-Biddle took up is fiddle,
“I’ll play whatever you wish.”
“Oh, I don’t think so.
It’s time for bed, you know.”
And the man looked about for a way.
O’bones-Biddle, ignored the denialLarge-Cat-Paw-Transparent-right-down
And with a drawing he began to play.
“Ticky Tocky Ricky Rocky
That was what me Mum sung.
Ticky Tocky Ricky Rocky
Until the day she was hung.”
Bag O’bones-Biddle played and hummed.
The man danced and danced,
Though the music was un-balanced.
“What are you doing to me, you’re mad?
I can’t do this much more,
Or me heart will burst and I’ll be had.”
Bag O’bones Biddle stepped to the man,
His hands fiddled as fast as a fan.
The man backed his back away,
Toward the rolling boil,
Whose fire had helped stoke to stay.
The cat sat and it watched through the pane.
Seeing nothing as wrong but all for its gain.
For it knew it would not be too long,
Once the fiddle began,
And heard Bag O’bones-Biddles’ mum’s song.



Ronovan Hester is an author, with his debut historical adventure novel Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling due out in December of 2015. He shares his life as an amnesiac and Chronic Pain sufferer through his blog RonovanWrites.WordPress.com. His love of poetry, authors and community through his online world has lead to a growing Weekly Haiku Challenge and the creation of a site dedicated to book reviews, interviews and author resources known as LitWorldInterviews.com.

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Day of a Dream

Darkness has fallen and the doors no longer shake.

Jack O Lanterns have been brought in and witches pulled up by the stake.

Sugar has filled every hollow of child and man.

Excited minds and heartbeats are falling to sleep if they can.


But have you wondered what happens next,

In the world minutes after that night of eve?

Did you think this all came about,

Just to practice trickery for treats to deceive?


The spirits form from wisps of smoke.

Their cackle calls pulled from a drunkards choke.

Why do they come on this night back to earth?

And are they the kindly or those of no worth?


They stagger about through the streets and the paths.

They venture into the quiet to hide their vengeful wrath.

Some wonder why there are those who go missing.

And some wonder just before at the sound of that hissing.


The rustle of a leaf, the wind blowing of course.

As shoulders are driven to earth by inhumanly force.

Bodies try to scream as skin is ripped to shreds.

Last thoughts of how they wished they had returned to their beds.


Feet pass by the darkened garden spot,

The sniffling wet nose drawn to a certain spot.

The master pulls with force to move them on their way.

Perhaps next time on the next All Hallows Day.




The sound of a distant whimpering and a terrible scream,

And the smoke formed spirit knows, for those two, there will be no next Halloween.

The sound comes to its ears at the approach of another  present for its once per year day of a dream.





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The Spunky & The Pumpkin Meet.

For those of you who have never met My Pal Spunky, let me introduce you to him.

My little white tiger.Spunky, the little white tiger was the first of his siblings to do everything and without a fear in his snowy pure heart. And thus was born a name.

He learned many things along the way, one of which was taught him by his mother Kitty.

Gray cat with glow in the dark green eyes.You know what you taught him Kitty. Kitty helped me during my early months after my fall in my home. I assure you, she is much more intelligent than this picture would imply.

What did she teach Spunky?

Kat-fuThe art of Cat-Fu.

Kitty In ReposeMomma did not say knock her out, Spunky. but Spunky was trained to face any challenge or surprise encounter that came before him.

Then one day Spunky was roused from his resting slumber.

Spunky_In_Chair.jpgSpunky had never seen the inside of a pumpkin before, let alone one with a light emitting from it. And Spunky, having earned his name decided to investigate.

spunky_pumpkin1 A simple touch and glimpse did not suffice his cattious curiosity. Therefore, he decided to investigate further.

spunky_pumpkin2Exactly what he saw or heard that day no one knows, but from the expression on his face, it must have been something eye opening.

spunky_pumpkin3Not long afterwards, later that evening a mysterious image appeared on the carved tree of the pumpkin, looking oddly enough like a cat with a wizards hat. Striped tail and all.


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#Wordless Wednesday: Spunky is the Pumpkin.


#Wordless Wednesday: “Pumpkin say what?!” Spunky.


#Wordless Wednesday: Spunky is curious about the Pumpkin.


Wordless Wednesday: Spunky and the Pumpkin


Ode to the Eternally Dwelling

An ode to a thing that is so wrong is an ode to a thing that has lasted so long.
What could this thing be that cannot be ever broken?
Eternally dwelling in the crevices of a million dark moments like a token.
Yet no one having taken notice will ever to give a word, never to be spoken.
Is it a wish, a delight, or some type of torturous device?
Does it take hold of you and seizing you like a vice?
Cemented indefinitely as though planted by a plan.
What can one do but settle in and give in to the man.
A cyclical trace has been tracked through time.
Like a 19th Century unsolved London crime.
It does not deny what it is, no it admits.
Still we find ourselves tangled up in it’s enchantment in fits.
No, not I, I still remain and resist.
For I have never been one to give into this midnight tryst.
I alone stand forth ready to sound the horn.
As evil ones pass out last year’s uneaten devil spawned candy corn.


Respectfully Much


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2014 © Copyright-All rights reserved by ronovanwrites.wordpress.com