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What is this Beauty?

My offering on Dazzling Whimsy’s site today. I can sympathize with a teacher starting a new year, so helping as I can.
Much Respect

Dazzling Whimsy

Blossom - Copy

There is beauty in the unknown

But there is also danger

What is this that I have found

I should know you but you are a stranger

Your brilliance brought me to a stop

And I had to have you for my own

But I dare not touch you lest I be locked

But memento of our tryst to be shown

Now I long to know who you are

I share your beauty with others

For I cannot go another day

Or else my heart smothers

Yes a bit of my own photography. (Scary I know, and not good, but I love this photo. It was taken on an outing with my son ‘B’.)

Much Respect


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Southern Magnolia Desire



Southern Magnolia Desire

by: Ronovan

Southern Magnolia

Some women of the South are called Southern Magnolias

Their smiles are more dazzling than any snow

Foliage gathers round them setting off smiles

All working together to make all the men to desire to know

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