Is it a privilege too . . .

Is it a privilege too . . .

Straight Talk with Ronovan

I’m white.

You know for some that would be enough about an article with a title about ‘privilege’. But oh no. This is me after all. Have you ever seen me end a post after only five words? Not ever. So that’s how they came up with never. Some Southern person in Southern Britain said n’ever instead of not ever and there you have it.

It’s kind of like monback here in the States. We aren’t talking about some one humped backed man, nah, we’re telling people to come on back as in when they are backing up a car, “How much farther?” “Monback.”

I just proved my whiteness. Yes. If you ever doubted before, that just did it.

Am I about to tip toe through the garden of political correctness? Is PC land the ruler of Blog World? Do I pass by Taco Bell without salivating?

Ah, heck no!

I started this ‘privilege’ run on Obscured Dreamer where I help out. But here I am going to go another route. That’s right. I am taking a detour, the off ramp. I’m going through funky town, down electric avenue. Hey, it’s Friday and I have the 80s on the brain. And yeah, it’s randomness time too. And I am totally unedited right now.

You know why there is even a discussion about ‘white privilege’ in the U.S. of A. these days? I got two reasons for you. If I have more and it still says two here, that means I just got creative along the way and I didn’t make it back to change the number.

Okay, the reasons:

  • The Generational Responsibility-You see this is how I see it.

    And before I begin, remember I have some of my own unique ideas about things. Don’t judge my thoughts based on what you think I must be coming from. Word!

  • Okay back to  the GR thing-Before you think I mean that everyone in a generation is to be included in this . . . no. Stop, recognize and listen. You see what I am saying is that some people in a family teach the next generation there is either ‘privilege’ or perhaps ‘limitations’. Oh, yes. I went there. And guess what, people. It goes for every skin tone. “Oh, you can’t make it. Just don’t even try. You just follow up in the same way that I do. No one is going to give you a chance.” Say what? This is the U.S. of A., you got a chance if you make a chance. This country is so big that you can go anywhere and become anything. You are not tied down because of where you are from or who you are related to. oooooo I can hear it now. “Oh no he di’nt.” Oh yes I di’id. People in the U.S. of A. have a problem at times if you say they have a chance, especially if they have not ‘made it’ yet. In your face time-You ain’t makin’ it where you at, then move somewhere else. “Where am I going to get the money to go somewhere else?” Heck if I know. I just know people do it all the time. But you know one problem? People let themselves get so deep that they find it impossible to get out. Uh huh, I said it. We keep digging our hole and then we are so deep in it that we can’t climb out.
  • So another reason for the whole ‘white privilege’ discussion is dun dun dun politics-Yep, the politicos like to say the black problem or we need to work on black this or women’s that.Knock Knock, excuse me. Why don’t you just like freaking do stuff instead of talking about stuff and just generating even more divisions, huh? Seriously, dudes. Yeah, politics. You know the guys that live and die by divisions cause they can’t see their commonalities for their vocal differences.

“Ronovan’s on a rampage today. Watch out folks, please call 911 we think he hasn’t taken all of his medications or perhaps he’s taken too many.”

Nah, I’m good. As good as I get. Scary thought there, huh? But seriously, politicians like to make divisions because divide and concur. If they keep people apart then they keep people from realizing there are a lot more similarities than differences. If you are reading this and you have some type of skin tone issue, or a ‘we’re being held down’ issue, get the freak over it and help yourself and the next generation by getting your head straight.

“This educated white man is talking crazy”

This educated white man had to live with his grandmother in the projects behind the school in Mississippi. This educated white man used be taken to bars as a small child and put on pool tables to shoot pool as entertainment while his dreamer singer of a bio-father was on stage.

This educated white man was the first educated in his family . . . period. HELLO! Do you know why? Do you really want to know why? Because my mother and step father didn’t hold me to a generation thing. They wanted better for me, and you know what. Guess who paid for his own college education, at a major university? This educated white man. After busting his tail unloading trucks for several years and developing some of the physical problems that haunt him today.

Yeah, I’m straight talking today.  So if you have an issue with what I say, comment. I’m good with it. I like hearing other sides. It’s how we learn. But one thing to remember, these are my opinions.

Much Respect


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11 thoughts on “Is it a privilege too . . .

  1. Maybe I’m oversimplifying but I think that some people, regardless of skin color or income level or family history, prefer to make excuses rathe than taking action. It’s so much easier to blame others. I know that some people have it really hard but I also know that some people have it worse.

    Last night I sat at an important event in my son’s life- something he has worked his ass off to achieve and I’m so incredibly proud of him. This same evening I watched a 7 year old boy get sworn in as an honorary police officer for the day. He has cancer. He is here on limited time.

    If s person is alive, they need to make the best of their life and work for what they want. There are so many others who would give anything to have the time to do that. It’s all in the choices you make.

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  2. There are two key factors here – Education and Attitude.
    Education will give you the means – but you’ve got to WANT it and WORK for it.
    Attitude will give you the nerve – but it’s got to be the ‘I CAN do it’ type, not the aggressive type.

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  3. I’ve always believed in order to open the mind you need to broaden the landscape. I think the reason geography plays such a key role in how people learn is because so many children in these perpetually poor situations feel penned in by their surroundings. Field trips are a good start but I’d love to see what would happen if you take a group of children out to a ranch or anywhere where the world is bigger and more colorful than anything they’ve ever experienced. Someplace where they can see and touch life outside of their usual environment.
    By opening the physical world to them, they experience, not hear about or read about or watch on television, what’s really beyond their reach and like magic, they’ll reach for it.

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  4. I do not claim to speak of or refer to the US of A and its social politics. I am not there.
    I do agree a victim mentality, especially an inherited one, is an impediment to individual achievement. Yet, to put the ‘generational responsibility’ on an individual can be rather overwhelming? Just as society (of the past) played a part in creating this ‘generational responsibility’, perhaps there is a need for society’s support and encouragement to overcome this great barrier.
    Working collaboratively, the result could be a positive one…? We are one. The discourse of ‘white privilege’ is polarising. The less attention paid to it the better, I think the media has done more than enough. 🙂

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  5. Reblogged this on Jo Robinson and commented:
    Ronovan tackles contentious. I don’t know about any other country, but I’ve watched the children of Africa work really hard for their educations. 12 Year olds spending their days (and weekends) working snake infested tea fields in exchange for schooling. They’re badly fed so generally hungry, always tired, and still they hang in there and study in the few waking hours they have left – not forgetting to find time for a smile or a joke too. Sense of entitlement is zero.

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  6. You told my life story (with some natural variations, of course). I think I’m still close enough to my impoverished and oppressed white immigrant ancestors (some of whom I knew), who said, “Merde!” or “Psów, krew, cholerę!” and “There has to be something better than this!” and then acted on it: The result has been three college degrees that took me 38 years to earn, plus four children who know how to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, and are busy doing it successfully.

    But I will say this about victimization: There can come a time when nothing you know or can do can help you. It doesn’t matter what color your skin is, if you’re disabled and your hair is gray, in the USA, nobody wants you around to remind them of their own mortality (or to constitute what they fear may be an expensive “pre-existing condition” cost to the benefit plan they’re offering).

    So, the only way left for me to take foot in hand was to move to Etherworld. Like most immigrants, I’m still working hard to find The Dream there, but it’s still enough like the Wild West to help me feel excited about each new day at the keyboard. And I’ve been privileged to rub virtual shoulders with some other mighty fine expatriates from Realworld, along the way.

    Thanks for the loan of the soapbox. You can have it back, now. 😉

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