How can I be allergic to healthy?

I write about some strange things at times.

You ever get sick and just wonder what the heck is going on? I mean, you eat right, you do everything the doctor tells you, and you even take your medications and vitamins and still . . . blah.

There is a food allergy in the house. Well a couple really or more now that I am thinking about it.  But imagine you are doing everything possible to be healthy and you start feeling not healthy. No, not shin splints. Although those are a bear. Ice down, then heat, ice down then heat. Yeah whatever. How do you stop shin splints? Don’t jog! Ha! No that’s not what this article is about.

MSG is a big, humongoso, major allergy in the house. I mean it is Epinephrine autoinjector major. For those of you not aware of what an Epinephrine autoinjector is, it’s one of those pens that you can give yourself an emergency shot with.

“Anaphylaxis is a severe, potentially life-threatening allergic reaction. It can occur within seconds or minutes of exposure to something you’re allergic to, such as a peanut or the venom from a bee sting.”

Allergen people should keep them with them at all times. It’s really an auto injector that you stab yourself in the thigh with. Then you head to the hospital. There is another common name for it, but it’s an actual brand name so you an click the link to find out what all they are.

I have to make pretty much everything homemade, when I am allowed to cook. No, I am not a bad cook. Fact is I am a great cook, I will admit it freely. It’s just that this past year has taken a toll and I tend to burn my hands because they work right any longer or I forget and do something silly.

Soy is another allergen in the house. It’s actually related to MSG because of being a sort of naturally occurring thing of sorts or like an imitator or MSG, but not quite as bad.

Now think of this; you are low in Vitamin D and you take a popular Multivitamin Suppliment. Guess what the Vitamin D’s raw material contains. Yes, highly refined soy. And guess what that company take a vitamin One A Day says about that refined soy. It is exempt from allergen labeling.

Imagine if the Vitamin had been taken and the allergen was as bad as it is to MSG? What can an allergen cause?

You know being allergic to something can make you sick or die, so I won’t go into that, but here is something you may not know.

Did you know an allergen can cause weight gain?

You eat right, are reasonably active, and you just can’t lose the pounds. You also just don’t feel great. Check your diet. Soy is in everything. I’m not saying it’s bad for everyone. In fact it is good for some people, but if you are allergic to it check everything you eat, or even if you are don’t know you are allergic to it and want to test out things, try cutting out things containing soy.

One thing they evilly put soy in to help thicken it and harden it is . . .  dun dun dun . . . chocolate. Look at your breads. Soy, soy, soy! It’s EVERYWHERE!

Am I soy bashing? No. I am bashing an industry that doesn’t want to put all of the ingredients on the labels. Did you know that some nuts are sprayed with an MSG formula BEFORE being sent to the nut companies? That’s right. The company may not even be aware of that. But it should. Especially in this day.

A bit of an odd post today, but that’s where the head is at. Food allergies can turn your world upside down. You even have to be careful of bagged salads because guess what they spray that with as a preservative?

Your favorite fast food place has MSG and Soy free food you can order. Then someone cross contaminates and you are in the hospital. Or they change the oil they use for something and you end up sick.

Okay, RonovanRants is over.

See Y’all Next Time,

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