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at Dandelion Fuzz and her Virtual Blog Tour where she has tagged me as one of the next participants. Also Follow her BLOG!!! I swear I had and I go there and it showed I hadn’t. Once again Ronovan is ticked and might have to Rant. And yes, I do have a blog for that I haven’t posted on. I just don’t rant that much. And yes, it is called RonovanRants. Gotta love me, right?
Much Respect

Dandelion Fuzz

I would like to start by thanking Adrienne at greatsnaps, goodtimes and me for inviting me to take part in this tour. My participation was delayed by jury duty, life…..but I’m happy to be participating now.

Here are my answers to the Virtual Blog Tour questions:

What am I working on?

Since I began this blog, I have struggled with finding focus. That remains an issue for me. While my blog generally centers on my family’s journey with my transgender son, I try not to make that the only topic. We are so much more than that. I am working on the right balance and developing variety in my posts by trying out different things. imagesJC1T2POF

I am in the first week of Writing 101- Round 2! 2 days, 2 assignments completed. This time I WILL finish!

In addition to working on Writing 101, I have been brainstorming possible new features…

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3 thoughts on “Virtual Blog Tour

  1. Is it totally weird two like a reblogging of my own post? And you weren’t following me? I know- you stopped over the Sex and Hell mix up, right? (Just kidding) although I thought you were following me but hey, it’s all good! A few weeks ago I realized I had accidentally unfollowed some folks myself.

    Do you really have a rant blog? I was toying with having a pet peeve feature myself. I threaten my kids that I don’t have a list- I would need a wall. ( I honestly only pile up peeves in small groups- I doubt the feature would last…..

    Thank you for reblogging my post! 🙂

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